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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • I noticed on mgoblue website that Jordan Morgan and Blake McLimans have had there Red-Shirt taken off of their year.  Any thoughts?

    • SamGoBlue

      Wow, nice find. That is very interesting, but I have no idea what it means. Logic would seem to dictate that McLimans will be gone after the 2012 season but that the coaches would want JMo to take a 5th year.

  • ColinNer

    I like coach BA’s recruiting focus on Detroit. I feel like you could field a pretty competitive team year in and year out just from players in the Detroit (and Flint) areas. Think Kalen Lucas, Manny Harris, Peedi, Chris D. Roberts, the Crawford brothers, etc. This kind of goes back to the Fab 5 when rose and webber decided to play close to home and in the mid 1980s when a whole bunch of Miami HS football players decided to go to school at U of Miami.

    • SamGoBlue

      I agree somewhat with you Colin, but unfortunately with the massive population losses being experienced in those areas, I’m not sure Detroit is going to be quite as rich a hotbed as it was even 5 years ago.

      • Mattski

        There are conflicting opinions about this, but I think that continuing to recruit Detroit is important from a symbolic as well as talent standpoint. Just maintaining a presence in and around the city helps buoy up beleaguered programs there–which sometimes have to beg for money, and buys a heap of goodwill. If you care about Michigan–if you are the state’s flagship U–you need to care about Detroit.

        • SamGoBlue

          Oh, I completely agree that recruiting Detroit is still very important for Michigan to do, from both a symbolic and a talent standpoint. I was just saying that I think those years when Detroit was producing 5 or 6 blue chip recruits are probably a thing of the past. Nowadays you would be lucky to find 2 or 3 really highly-rated guys from there. And I wouldn’t consider Derrick Walton a Detroit guy, by the way, as he plays for Chandler Park. I’m talking mostly PSL guys.

          • ColinNer

            To my defense, I am talking about the Detroit Metro area, not just the PSL. I agree that there is not enough talent solely out of the PSL, but if you expand your hot bed to all the leagues from flint to detroit you will find enough talent year-in year-out to have a good program.

  • DetroitRob

    That’s Chris Singletary in that pic with JB and Townsend.  Michigan LB on ’97 title team.  He’s a recruiter now.  He could hoop, too. Good rebounder.  Detroit DePorres.

    • Guest

      I was under the impression that he was the director of basketball operations? has that changed? regardless, great guy…

      • sane1

        Travis Conlan is Dir. of Basketball Operations. Singletary is recruiting coordinator for football, IIRC.

  • SamGoBlue

    Also, Rivals has updated their 2012 Top 150 again. Of note, Tre Robinson climbs to #35, Nick Stauskas to #80, and Mitch McGary to #4. At this point, both of our recruits are rated higher than any of Michigan State’s (Valentine 81, Costello 83, Kaminski 85).

  • Grey

    Can someone post what the rivals article says about McGary visiting on labor day? The Umhoops twitter posted something about McGary coming back to us next weekend!

  • JBlair52

    Bacari:  I thought we were going on a recruiting trip?
    Beilein:  We are; we need a PG depth.
    Bacari:  Then why are we at football practice?
    Beilein:  See that #19 that just ran by?  He could be a PG for us!

    Sorry, just had to – seeing as #19 is in the photo…too ironic…

  • Paul F.

    Just read that MSU recruit Duane Anderson will not join Izzo’s team this fall. Here’s the link.