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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Chris B.

    2013 Scout 100 came out today. Derrick Walton is #57. Zac Irvin and Mark Donnal are unranked.

    • That Scout and ESPN are so far off just shows how wildly unpredictable the rankings are and how actual coaches’ evaluations are much more telling.

      I was just reading Bob Knight’s book from a few years back and he thought the whole ranking system was ridiculous and it should be given very little attention.

  • Dgray

    Interesting how he responded to the question about Darius Morris departure.  He spoke about his two freshmen guards Carlton Brundidge and Trey Burke filling that role.  I would have thought he would have mentioned Stu Douglass growth and development as a point guard to fulfill that role initially.  Although the two freshmen lacks Darius stature, I think they are equally as good as ballhandlers and definitely better shooters-people will be surprised on
    the improvement of Brundidge’s outside shooting.  The excessive dribbling Darius did in the offense was an anormaly.  Beilein offense is not designed to have a player dominate the ball.
    When CJ Lee and David Merritt were playing, there was less PG creativity and more structured offense.

    There are not many big point guards (6′ 3″ or 6′ 4″) point guards in the big ten with the graduation of Demetri Mc. and the departure of Darius Morris.  So going against big point guards should not be an issue. Duke’s current line up on their tour in China includes 3 guards: Andre Dawkins, Curry and Austin  Rivers.

    It was nice to see that Michigan was represented on ESPNU.

    • Erob

      Darius may have “dominated” the ball, but in doing so he successfully created a lot of opportunities for other players.  I think his passing game will be missed this year. 

  • MaizeSombrero

    I have an issue with

  • MaizeSombrero

    I have an issue with Kevin Stalling’s opinion that college kids need to “go without”. What about all the kids from poor areas who have “gone without” their entire lives? Just silly.

    • Dgray

      I agree.  If you look at UM current roster or observe what kind of car they drive around campus, you would have no problem saying our athletes don’t don’t need any money.
      Its a common joke about how much money some of the player’s parents have.
      I am sure at an institution such as Vanderbilt, many or most of their kids are in similiar situations.  Beilein even admitted that he gave his son, who was a player at West Virginia around $200.00 a month for living expenses. That is so wonderful that his $500,000+ annual salary could spare such change.  He undoubtedly is the exception instead of the norm.  To think that most of these athlete’s parents can do likewise is thinking foolhardly.

      These young men can not get summer jobs because they are required to go to summer school and participate in strength and conditioning.  I believe that where there is a will, there is a way. 

      • JayRich

        But like Beilein said, those kids can get the Pell Grant money.  That is $2750  per semester.  For a student that doesn’t pay for meals, books or tuition, that is a lot of money.  Not to mention if you live off campus you receive a $1000 living expense check that is supposed to pay your rent.  I don’t know about you guys, but my rent and bills never even sniffed that amount.  

        • sane1

          I’d like to see the NCAA allow reimbursement for one tattoo per semester.

  • Flwolve

    Dylan, have you heard anything about how open gyms are going?  Is Burke impressing or does he need a little more seasoning before he takes over the PG duties?