Video: Nik Stauskas vs. Baylor University

Dylan Burkhardt

Baylor’s basketball program is currently in the middle of the foreign trip to Canada this summer and the Bears faced off against a Canadian youth squad that featured 2012 Michigan commitment Nik Stauskas. Baylor won the game easily, 104-78, but Stauskas put together a solid performance, tallying 27 points and seven rebounds. Here’s some footage of Stauskas from the exhibition:

  • sane1

    One thing of note is that it looked like they were using the college 3 point line.

  • Goblue2426326346

    so he is dropping 27 on college teams as a high school senior to be, yeah he is underrated

  • FGCU Maize Rage

    He seems like the perfect Beilein player. Pure shooter. Solid all-around game. And extremely underrated.

  • DB
  • A2JD

    I wonder if that was his mom’s voice?  I like the reactions!  Nice game as well.

    • Bluebufoon

      Not bad for the No. 85 player in ESPN’s high school rankings for the class of 2012.

      Offensively this young man is as good as it gets.

    • CB

      video uploader was ‘stauskasbasketball’ or something like that. it was probably mom. she takes better film than a lot of other people do though, you have to say.

    • SamGoBlue

      Yes, it is his mom. He said she’s his biggest fan.

  • Steve2081

    Pretty good for a kid playing against a bunch of semi-pro paid players from Scumbag U,

  • CB

    I was about to post something about Stauskas’ potential to break UM’s all time 3 pointers made record, which stands at 339, until i saw that it stood at 339. Definitely could get close, but seeing that even Novak and Douglas are only in the 150’s…. maybe that’s a record that wont get touched for a while.

    • Steve2081

      Forget the Michigan record. He is coming for YOU DIEBLER!

  • Bballkdp

    Really like how the this team is being put together with the incoming class, 2012 and 2013.  Have a good combo of wings, a PG to hopefully back up a all B10 player in Burke, and if possible a stud Big man to finish 2012.  That roster would be sick!!!

  • gpsimms

    wow, they dont have stauskus in their top 100, highest ranked 3* small forward.  i wonder if maybe nik has pissed some people off with his incessant “the only reason i’m not ranked higher is because of politics.”  otherwise, unless he sits down every defensive possession, it’s pretty hard to look at his offensive game and have him higher.

    also, sam webb is reporting that mitch mcgary has planned a visit for next month, and continues to insist that M is still in the mix for gary harris and zak irvin is working on him.

    “prominently in the mix for mcgary…”  “relevant for gary harris”

    • gpsimms

      *and not have him higher

    • Guest

      Problem is we’re watching highlight tapes, not full game tapes.  We may have a different opinion if we do have a whole game tapes to watch on Stauskas.  We don’t know how good of a defender he really is, or how good of an athlete he really is or how well he does in a game in general. We only have snippets of his good offensive game.

      Everything that I’ve read has consistently stated that he doesn’t have outstanding athleticism, nor is an explosive player and isn’t a great defender.  That may be reasons why he is not ranked in top 100 despite his offensive talent as a shooter.

      • Detroitbry

        There is plenty of full game footage available of Stauskas on youtube.

        • Dgray

          Are You sure they are FULL GAMES?  Help me, I have not seen any-maybe that is why I wear glasses!

        • Guest

          I don’t see any full game footage of Stauskas? Mostly highlights?!?

      • A2JD

        Who’s Top 100?  ESPN has him at #85 and I think Rivals has him at #99.

        • Dgray

          Before the Spring and Summer, ESPN had Stauskas below the two Michigan State recruits Matt Costello and Valentine.  Now, based on his summer body of work, Stauskas has passed both.  Costello was like #38 at the beginning of Spring.  Now he is around #88.  All Stauskas has to do this winter is perform at the major tournaments his team will participate in and his evaluation will change.  With stellar performances I can see him in the top #50.


    • kennyYe

      it is true that Nik’s defense is not as polished as his offensive game, but he is not a lazy defender nor he is particularly a liability on defense. On the other hand, he can easily be the best shooter of his class and has a handle that tops most wings. I think that he is underrated just like THJr, for some different reasons.   

      • bftn

        Has anyone ever played one on one? If you’re playing someone of equal calibre, then regardless of how good a defender you are, every second possesion or so you’re getting beat to the basket. That’s why teams learn to hedge and play help defence.

        From what I’ve seen, Stauskas is as good on the defensive end as most players at his position. Hardly a liability.

  • bftn

    First half of NEPSAC AA Finals agains Tilton.

    Second Half:

  • Elshark81

    Check out this video of Stauskas hitting 102 3s in 5 minutes…..impressive!

    • BlueRev

      I think he missed 15… that 87% is consistent with that other amazing youtube of a couple months ago. Based on 48% that last tourney as a HS Jr I see him 40-50% during his UM career as he plays tough competition but continues to improve too.