Mitch McGary Trims List to Six

Dylan Burkhardt

Dave Telep is reporting that 2012 big man Mitch McGary has narrowed his list to just six schools: Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Michigan, Duke and Kentucky.

Here’s McGary on his choices:

“I stayed low in July but I talked to coaches on Facebook and stuff like that,” said McGary. “Some of the schools like Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky, they’ve got great coaches there. I like Michigan and Maryland in the rebuilding stage and they gave me good vibes. Florida’s pretty good and they do a lot of similar things with guys like me who are versatile.”

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  • maxwell’s demon

    Maryland is not in rebuilding mode. They peaked about 10 years ago. Good program but I think Gary Williams’ glory days are behind him.

    • Cubsfan87

      Gary Williams retired.

      • maxwell’s demon

        Haha, ah yes. Rebuilding then.

  • Cubsfan87

    If he chooses Maize and Blue we will be loaded in 2012!!!

  • Elshark81

    Looks like a tough battle, but I like that he grouped us with Maryland in having a good vibe. If he decides he does not want to be just another “guy” at a power program (UNC, Duke, UK) he could pick between us and Maryland. Hopefully GR3 and Novak are good salesmen.

  • ScottGoBlue

    Making this kind of cut is a pleasant surprise.  How ’bout our coaches?  Can they recruit?  I mean, can they recruit the big time prospects?  You know, like top-10 guys …

    It’s great … to be … a Michigan Wolverine

  • gpsimms

    he only gets 5 officials, right?

  • Cmdtopher10

    i cant decide if its encouraging or discouraging that we are the only big ten school on his list….good for michigan, bad for the conference? what do u all think?

  • This would be a game changer if Mitch made a verbal commitment to us.  This is exciting news for us.  Hip Hip Hooray!!

  • ERob

    Any word on when he plans on making his decision?

    • Late September, early October. Before prep hoops season. He plans to take some officials and also some unofficials starting with Florida in the next week.

      • MTung

        Need McGary in town for the Notre Dame game…

  • FGCU Maize Rage

    I dunno why, but I’ve had a great feeling about McGary for awhile… I sure hope it all comes true in a few months

    • Bluebufoon

      Here’s a link from Zagsblog where Mr McGary, Mitch’s father mentions the up-coming vists that have been scheduled and U-M is not listed, which contradicts what many of the local Wolverine sites have been implying that McGary is coming back to Ann Arbor for the Western Michigan football game on the first weekend of September.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    Anybody know how many official visits a recruit can take? It’s five for football so maybe it’s the same?

    • SamGoBlue

      Yes, I believe the same number applies

  • SamGoBlue

    OT, but here is another video of Nick Stauskas, this time trying to break his 96 threes-in-five minutes record:

  • AdamVO

    ESPN has their updated Top 100 for 2012.  GRIII is at 53 and Stauskas at 85.

    • Bluebufoon

      Each recruit gets five official visits. There is no way Stauskas is just the No. 85 prospect in the class of 2012. Thats what is wrong wth these rankings,  obviously who ever did ESPN’s rankings, probably Telep, never watched Stauskas in action this summer.

      • Guest

        When it comes to basketball, ESPN is better than both Rivals and Scout.  They’re usually very good when it comes to it.  Beside, Stauskas highlights are highlights of good plays.  We dont’ see full game to fully judge on how good of a player he really is.

      • SamGoBlue

        Pretty sure one guy doesn’t just sit down for ESPN and make a list of their top 100. Telep is a very good evaluator, and I would be very surprised if he didn’t see Stauskas play at least once this summer, but I’m sure a number of their scouts sit down together and compile a list.

        • I know for a fact that Telep saw Stauskas play in Philly at the RBK camp. He praised him on twitter and in one of his reports. I believe someone else from ESPN saw Stauskas in Vegas because he got some love there as well.

  • section13row15

    People can have their rankings all they want but games aren’t played on paper. THJ outperformed his rankings and showed he was one of the best players in his class last year. Rankings are nice but don’t mean much when the kid steps on campus.

  • Dgray

    Anyone noticed how Matt Costello who was ranked #34, I believe, is now #87 in the ESPN rankings and Denzell Valentine is now #85.  It seems the MSU recruits have slipped while the Michigan recruits gained momentum during the spring and summer months.

    • Dgray

      I meant Denzell is #89 because Strakaus jump from #100 to #85.