Class of 2012: Where Things Stand

Dylan Burkhardt

Last week we detailed how momentum around the program was building, on the court, the recruiting trail and even the construction that’s taking place on campus. Now it’s time to take a more focused look at where Michigan will look to utilize this momentum on the recruiting trail.

Michigan has one scholarship remaining in the class of 2012. The math becomes dicey when the class of 2013 arrives but that’s a problem that you deal with at the time. Schools that don’t continue to recruit fall behind and it appears that Michigan has the intention of pursuing further options for the final class of 2012 scholarship. The most likely position to be added to the class, which currently consists of wings Glenn Robinson III and Nick Stauskas, appears to be a big man.

Mitch McGary is the big fish left on the board. He’s a consensus top-10 player that plays the game with a refreshing sense of energy, unselfishness and reckless abandon. In an era of one-and-done players, it’s tough to say that any one player would change the face of a program but McGary could have that influence in Ann Arbor. McGary would take Michigan’s 2012 class from very good to top-10 and his commitment would make it all too clear that Beilein can recruit the nation’s top talent.

While Michigan continues to make progress in McGary’s recruitment, working tirelessly to secure a fall visit, the Wolverines still have their work cut out for them as his list includes North Carolina, Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Connecticut, Kansas, Michigan, Illinois, Purdue, Marquette, Louisville, Texas and Indiana.. Word has leaked out that McGary could be considering a Labor Day trip to Ann Arbor but McGary himself admits that he doesn’t know where he’ll visit:

And then when asked about visits, McGary said “I’m not sure where I will visit yet.”

More recently, another option has developed in the class as 2012 big man Marshall Wood is now considering Michigan. Reports are that Wood has a Michigan offer ($), but that would obviously have to be finalized with a visit to Ann Arbor.

Wood is entering his senior year at just 16-years old but possesses a great combination of skill and athleticism. He was valued as more of a mid-major level prospect before this summer but has opened some eyes this summer drawing interest from schools such as Michigan, Virginia, Wake Forest and Richmond. His highlights are impressive:

Michigan’s plans for the class of 2012 should become much more focused throughout the month of September as official visits become solidified.

  • Justin

    Wow, hard to believe Wood is a mid-major prospect based on that highlight reel, but I’m guessing he has some holes in his game.  Reminds me of Antonio Lang in terms of his length and athleticism.  Not a bad backup plan if McGary heads elsewhere.

    • SamGoBlue

      Yeah, if you go on YouTube you can actually watch just about every HS game Wood played in last year (same youtube user posts them as the highlight video). I watched about a quarter of one game to evaluate him really quickly.

      Strengths: He really can shoot the ball. You don’t see a lot of it in the highlight video, but he shows range out to the three-point line and a very good looking jumper for a big man. He is also obviously very athletic and showed a couple nice spin moves.

      Weaknesses: His footwork could use some work. He seems to start a move without really knowing what he wants to do and then will be stuck throwing the ball somewhere an instant before he’d be called for a travel, sometimes resulting in turnovers. He also doesn’t look to be the fastest guy on the court, and I question the competition level that he plays against based off his offer list.

  • Wfsamons_1980

    McGary is the prospect needed to push the program to a different level… A must get!

    • Steve2081

      He is not a must get. He is a really nice bonus.

  • Cubsfan87

    McGary would be a huge get!!!

  • CB

    Alright. So say THJ doesn’t leave for the NBA this year, and we land either Wood or McGary.  Given the continued recruiting, you’ve unfortunately got to assume that McLimans and Hatch are considered open spots, but I don’t see where that last scholly is going to come from. Are there any guys who have a year-to-year scholarship deal? Just seems weird to go forward offering more scholarships when, even in the most attrition-ey scenario, there isn’t a spot for them yet.

    • MGoTweeter

      this team is still two years away from any sort of scholarship issue, a lot can and probably will happen between now and then.  I am one hundred percent positive that a coach like Beilein, knows exactly what the situation is and what the situation is going to be.  

      In terms of year-to-year scholarships, every athletic scholarship is year-to-year.

      • CB

        I guess that’s what I was wondering about. Still though, it seems awkward to potentially ‘force’ a kid into walk-on status.

      • YpsiTuckyBoy

        You just never know unless you’re on the inside. What if a player already told Beilein that he’d like to leave in a year for whatever reason?

        • CB

          Looking at our roster, I guess I can definitely see some guys who are going to get shafted in terms of PT. Really weird that Michigan basketball now might end up having “too much talent” to satisfy minutes-wise.

    • Swinawer

      Isn’t that really the least attrition scenario?

  • GoBlueorGoHome

    A word of warning on Marshall Wood, word around Chapel Hill is that Roy Williams is planing to swing by Rustburg High School.  It might be a good idea if Michigan grabs this kid and quick.  Roy is starting to panic over the bigs.