2011 Maui Invitational Bracket Announced, Michigan to Open Versus Memphis

Dylan Burkhardt

The 2011 Maui Invitational Bracket was released by ESPN this weekend and Michigan will open the tournament against Memphis on November 21st at 3 p.m. ET on ESPN2.

Should Michigan win, the Wolverines will face the winner of the Duke vs. Tennessee game. Here’s the full bracket:


Memphis returns a very talented team and is ranked in the top 15 of most preseason top 25 rankings. Joe Jackson (USA U19) and Will Barton highlight the returning players while 5-star wing Adonis Thomas and big man Stan Simpson highlight the Tigers’ incoming class. Beyond the players on the floor, Memphis and Michigan play a dramatically different brand of basketball. Josh Pastner’s team likes to play an uptempo, sometimes turnover heavy, style of basketball compared to John Beilein’s more deliberate pace.

Video of John Beilein discussing the Maui Invitational Field after the jump.

What do you think of Michigan’s draw in the tournament and how do you think the Wolverines will fare?

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You can find Michigan’s entire non-conference schedule, and Big Ten single plays, on our future schedule page.

  • MGoTweeter

    Interesting first round matchup.  Very difficult to know how that game is going to go, but there seem to be two comparisons from last season that are relevant.  One, Tennessee.  A talented and athletic team like Memphis, that Michigan handled with ease in the tournament.  Two, UTEP.  Not nearly as talented as Memphis, but certainly a very athletic that played a wild style like Memphis.  Michigan really struggled against UTEP on both ends of the floor, but that game was played very early in the year before the team developed into the team they were at the end.  

    Big keys will be rebounding on the defensive end, mixing in the 1-3-1 against this turnover prone team, and limiting our own turnovers.  I feel pretty good about the first two parts of this since those are areas that a veteran returning front court should really help out.  The last is a great unknown.  Great early test for Trey/Carlton.

    • ColinNer

      Agree with you on the UTEP and Tennessee comparisons. I would also like to point out that 3-point shooting will play a big(ger) role. Against UTEP, Michigan did not shoot well from 3 early and could never get going. Against Tennessee, Michigan shot well enough from 3 early to stay in the game in the first 10 minutes and then took over in the 2nd half.

      Also want to point out if Michigan struggles in the first game, I think the tournament might get a little painful to watch from a Michigan fan standpoint. However, a win against Memphis will really get the team going (a la the preseason NIT in 2008-09).

  • I think we’re gonna win this thing.

    • Dbo

      I think not…@SoufMemphz

      • Hasbro

        At least Memphis went down easily.

  • gpsimms

    I’ll be satisfied with just one win in this tournament, as long is it’s not against chaminade in the last place game.

    i just think it’s such a tall order for the freshman expected to play major minutes this early in the year.

    • gpsimms

      though it may really help that we have 4 game type things in november before this tournament starts.  hope trey and carlton learn fast.

  • Mikebainbridge20

    bad matchup against memphis

    • Bluebufoon

       Reports are Joe Jackson Memphis Sophomore PG really was struggling on the US U19 team that Tim Hardaway played on this summer. Almost guarentee that U-M’s 1-3-1 or some variation will be used early and often against Josh Pastner who is not known as a great x and o coach, his rep is as more of a recruiter.

    • South Florida Maize Rage

      I think it’s a great matchup. Reminds me of the Tennessee matchup although Pastner has got to have his team better prepared than Pearl did. I think Memphis’ high tempo (high turnover) offense is susceptible to the 1-3-1 should Coach B use it. Hopefully at this time Michigan will have Evan and Jordan starting and Zack at the 2. Those are three suitable rebounders to keep their athletes off the glass. Evan is a matchup problem and so is THJ. I like our chances.

      • Goblue2426326346

        Agree their also a really bad outside shooting team, they will really struggle against the 1-3-1 IMO

    • Belldemarcus31

      So true

  • Mattski

    Tall order. Depends how quickly everyone gels, and coach gets a solid rotation.

  • jemblue

    I’m a homer.  I’ve got to predict a 3-0 record.

  • Brian_W_97

    Not sure if anyone else saw this or not, but Eric Katenda’s string of back luck continues.  He was permanently blinded in one eye during a pickup basketball game, and his career may be in doubt.  Poor kid.


    • MGoTweeter

      wow that is awful news.  I hope that he can continue to play, but if not, he is going to get a great education from Notre Dame.  

    • JBlair52

      wow…can’t believe if he’s permanently blind in one eye that he could ever play again

      Glad to hear he’ll at least get a good education at Notre Dame

  • Justin Sedlecky

    If we don’t beat Memphis, we’re not going to get much in the way of SOS. (Likely opponents are Tennessee and Georgetown-low RPIs.)

  • litwild1

    A dream matchup.  Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian_W_97
    • ToBlav

      Thanks, good read.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    According to Rivals, UM has offered a really young 2012 6’8″ prospect. He’s a 16 year old senior, I think, named Marshall Wood.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Here are some Marshall Wood highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48CFxIOvp_Q

    • Flwolve

      Brent Petway with dribbling skills?  Love the highlights but I wonder why he’s not ranked higher.

      • UMJB

        he’s 16 years old. 

    • MGoTweeter

      Pretty good highlights, I have no idea what level of competition he is going against.  Sounds like a lot of teams are getting in on this kid late, perhaps he grew four or five inches in the past year or something.  The offer is interesting.

      • GregGoBlue

        Man is that kid athletic for his size! Why would Beilein offer a 2012 prospect who is not a likely one-and-done candidate?

        • Kenny

          Hatch likely reclassified.

          • Flwolve

            Hatch almost has to reclassify because school’s getting ready to start and it sounds like he’s going to miss a significant portion of the school year.

    • guest

      wow….he must have been a really late bloomer…and a 16 yr old senior? gotta be pretty bright.

  • anton

    new offer out.. Marshall Wood. 6’8 VA PF.

  • A2JD

    I haven’t been able to find where it says Wood is only 16.  Link?

  • Bbuck5

    i would like to know how michigan can offer another player in marshall wood?

    • Dgray

      Although Rival prematurely proclaimed an offer was extended, my source states that this is not true.  The plan has not changed in the full court press for Mitch McGary.
      I am told that Marshall is a very likeable kid and an impressive athlete based on the Youtube highlight, but is not a program changer at this stage like a Mitch McGary.
      Would love to see him in Maize and blue nevertheless.

      • Goblue2426326346

        Yeah and if an offer was extended, i would think they maybe now think they will have room for him and Mcgary somehow. Just cant seem them passing up the opportunity with Mcgary, especially with the visit news that has surfaced today.

        • Steve2081

           McGary isn’t a program changer either if he is only gonna be here one year. If that is the plan for him I hope he chooses another school.

          • allogic

            Steve, I think that we’re a final four contender in ’12-’13 with a kid like McGary.

          • Guest

            Um yes, he’s a program changer. He’s a top 10 player and would make Michigan into a legitimate national championship contender even if it’s only for one year.  It’s going to help recruiting tremendously on luring top players to Michigan.

          • kennyYe

            Agree 100%

        • JRose5

          Goblue, what was the news that surfaced about McGary’s visit.

      • YpsiTuckyBoy

        Your source? Lots of anonymous posters on the internet have sources.

        It’s well-known that Beilein doesn’t give committable offers until a player visits, so I doubt that Woods got him one. It’s probably more of a “come and visit and you’ll probably get one” type deal.

  • Serenda

    I have a 2011 Maui Invitational Ticket for all 3 Michigan Games (1 ticket for each game). Bought on the http://www.mauiinvitational.com website for $333.00 will sell for $300.00. You can confirm the price on the website. This year is the BEST field of teams in the history of the tourney! Michigan, Memphis, Duke, Tennessee, Kansas, UCLA, Georgetown and Chaminade. Game #1: v. Memphis     Game #2: Duke or Tennessee    
    Game #3: Kansas, UCLA, Georgetown or Chaminade.

  • Debo

    Memphis is going to kill michigan..I guarantee it…I promise yall have know idea whats coming yall way..and then we will slaughter duke..@SoufMemphz