Austin Hatch Makes Slow Progress

Dylan Burkhardt

Elizabeth Merrill wrote a tremendous story for ESPN on the Hatch family, tragedy and the massive outpouring of support that they’ve received. If you read one article today, or even this week, it should be Merrill’s piece and please continue to keep Austin in your thoughts and prayers.

Austin’s family updated his Caring Bridge page, which has now been viewed over 130,000 times, this afternoon:

We continue to be optimistic that Austin will make steady ( but slow) progress. Most days bring new and positive evidence. We are engaging close family members in the therapy process. We are extremely grateful for all of the prayers and support of so many wonderful people through this website and by other means. Through you all, the Lord has and is providing great strength to Austin and us.

Friends, family and supporters are purchasing wrist bands (pictured above) to support Austin which you can find at

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  • MGoTweeter

    what an amazing family.  The tragedy is incredibly sad, but at the same time you can not help but be inspired by all of them.  I can see how Beilein fell in love with Austin as a recruit so quick.  He is going to be a part of the Michigan basketball family for life and beyond, regardless of if he ever plays a game at Crisler.  But judging by his family and his own past, I am not going to be surprised at all if we see him out there in a few years.  God Bless Austin

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    I would hope that whether or not Mr. Hatch is able to play at Michigan that the University would follow through and still provide him with his 4-year scholarship.

    • I don’t think there’s much doubt that this will happen. The University will provide Austin with all of the support that he needs. 

      • God Speed to Austin

        The problem is whether or not Austin will be able to regain brain function at the level he was at prior to his crash. The info coming out does not paint a pretty picture about his cognitive functions, sad to say. Severe brain trauma typically does not end well.