Michigan Announces 2011-12 Non-Conference Schedule

Dylan Burkhardt

The University of Michigan announced the 2011-12 non-conference basketball schedule this afternoon. Many opponents and dates had been previously reported but now the schedule is official. The non-conference slate is highlighted by a trip to Maui (brackets should be out shortly) as well as trips to Virginia and Arkansas and a home game versus Iowa State. The Big Ten schedule is expected to be released later this month but the Wolverines will play Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa (away) and Nebraska (away) once and all other teams twice.

University of Michigan Men’s Basketball 2011-12 Non-Conference Schedule

  • Friday, Nov. 4 – Wayne State (Exh.)
  • Friday, Nov. 11 – Ferris State (D2)
  • Monday, Nov. 14 – Towson (Maui mainland game) (292)
  • Thursday, Nov. 17 – Western Illinois (336)
  • Monday, Nov. 21-23  – Maui TBD [Tournament features Duke, Kansas, Memphis, Georgetown, Tennessee, UCLA and Chaminade]
  • Wednesday, Nov. 30 – at Virginia (B10/ACC Challenge) (138)
  • Saturday, Dec. 3 – Iowa State (140)
  • Saturday, Dec. 10  – vs. Oakland (Palace of Auburn Hills) (57)
  • Tuesday, Dec. 13  – Arkansas-Pine Bluff (327)
  • Saturday, Dec. 17 – Alabama A&M (307)
  • Thursday, Dec. 22 –  Bradley (229)
  • Saturday, Jan. 21 – at Arkansas (130)

2010-11 RPI in parentheses

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  • Kevin

    Easiest non-conference schedule in recent memory, regardless of who we play in Maui.

    • A lot depends on how the chips fall in Maui. If you play Duke, Kansas and UCLA on neutral floors the schedule is going to be pretty tough. The other HM teams on the schedule are middle of the pack or lower for the most part but road games against HM aren’t going to hurt. Bradley and Oakland are decent for MM schools. Towson, Western Illinois, Pine Bluff and AM give you four games that will likely hurt RPI.

  • Steve2081

     Man we play Western too? We should really make a return trip to Macomb next year too so I can see 3 games. :D Not holding my breathe on that one though.

  • kennyYe

    Arkansas-Pine Bluff again, and Alabama A&M. We should stop scheduling teams nobody heard of, there are enough mid-major school in midwest and in the state of michigan that might be more interesting to fans.  

    • Like it or not, guarantee games are a part of college basketball.

      • Andy

        Regarding guarantee games, is there a kind of “sliding scale” of how much you have to pay to get teams in?  As a season ticket holder, I’d rather see a Horizon, Ivy, or bad CUSA team come in than the ones they’ve been bringing in lately.  I realize there might be more to it, but I don’t get bringing in teams that have no local connection or name appeal at all.  Also, I’d like to see teams with RPIs in the 200s rather than 300s.

        • Higher profile mid-majors don’t want to just play road games, they want to play home-and-homes like Michigan is doing against Bradley. 

          • jemblue

            Would it be possible to put together a schedule without any 300+ RPI teams, though?  I know they’re in a bind, especially right before Christmas, but I feel like there’s got to be some teams in the 200-250 RPI range that are willing to come.  Oh well.

          • That’s always a good goal but it’s also not a perfect science. SOS isn’t based on last year’s schedule but next year’s schedule obviously. Everyone will probably play 1-2 top300 games but minimizing them is a great goal.

  • Fielding_yost

    If going to tournaments (i.e. Maui) are going to lead to wholly uninteresting home non-conference schedules, I would prefer the program not play in these tournaments anymore.  I’m not opposed to guarantee games and fully understand why they exist, but when the best team coming to Crisler has an RPI of 140, that’s not what you want.

    • UM Hoops Fan

      I hear you, but next year we’ll get at least an ACC team (probably top-half, potentially top two or three, depending on how this year plays out) and Arkansas.  Meanwhile, in the last three years we’ve played Duke, Kansas, and UConn at home (in addition to playing in tournaments).  And it’s not particularly easy to schedule marquee home games in the non-conference anyway, so I don’t think it’s much of an either-or here.  And ISU will likely be top 100 this year.  But, all that being said, it’s not the most exciting home slate we’ve had or will have.  

    • Mo

      Good Lord, dont you remember the Amaker days?  This schedule is perfect for positioning our team for the tournament.  RPI wise road and neutral court wins count more than home wins.

      • Mo

        Also these tournaments put us on a national stage, to avoid them would be a terrible move IMO

    • jemblue

      Keep in mind that Arkansas and an ACC team will be coming to Crisler in 2012-13.  It just happens that both are away this year. 

      • Also that Michigan fully expected to have a HOME game in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge this season. That threw a wrench into a lot of plans I think.

        I think the original plan was to play a home game vs a top half ACC team through the challenge this year and then travel to Texas with a return trip to Ann Arbor next year.

  • Jeff

    The Ferris St. game is not an exhibition?

    • Michigan has generally played one D-II game the last couple seasons. This helps the D2 schools quite a bit and doesn’t hurt Michigan’s RPI like playing a 300+ level team.