Zak Irvin Sets Decision Date, Will Announce Tomorrow

Dylan Burkhardt

irvinprofile021711[1]Zak Irvin officially trimmed his list to just two schools, Michigan and Butler, earlier this week and now he’s set a date to make his decision. The 2013 wing forward confirmed this afternoon that he will announce his college choice tomorrow (Sunday, July 31st).

Irvin’s decision comes on the heels of a great month of July featuring strong performances at several high profile AAU tournaments. The multi-dimensional wing forward holds offers from Butler, Baylor, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Miami (FL), Purdue, Tennessee and Xavier.

Stay tuned to for the latest on Zak Irvin and Michigan basketball recruiting. You can also view previous scouting reports and video of Irvin on his recruiting profile page.

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  • Goblue8888

    Would be a huge pickup, heard several recently say he is now a top 30 type prospect in 2013

  • Implications for a possible McGary commitment? Would there be room if Irvin picks Michigan? If yes, does this assume THJR won’t be in the fold in 2013 or that McLimans won’t receive a 5th year?

    • Steve2081

      We’ll need 3 people to leave early to open the spots.

      • Ben

        He would be getting the last scholly right now, but I not sure what the future outlook of Austin Hatch’s health is??? I have a hard time believing Michigan would have Irvin if Hatch’s future was not in question. I hope Hatch makes a full recovery. I say we go all in with McGary now and let Stauskas be our PG. Kid has a great handle and really good vision.

        • jBdub

          Given that UM offered Irvin After Austin Hatch committed and before the tragedy, I think there’s room for both of them and Austin’s status has nothing to do with whether there’s room for Zak.

  • Mith

    I could be wrong of course, but I’m optimistic we’re going to get him.  I hope I’m right!

  • Maizeandblue11

    Everything points to him being blue.  would be a great pickup.  mclimans wont get a 5th so the other spot will have to come from attrition

    • goblue8888

      Or Hatch not coming in until later or not coming in at all on a basketball schollie, which sadly looks likely

      • KRN

        And you know this how?

        • kennyYe

          this is common sense. As much I wish the young man the best. His basketball is at the best uncertain at this point. I hope that he will eventually dress up in Maize and Blue but it is unlikely still in the class of 2013. 

  • scott

    Rivals says Butler coaches have conceded it’s UM.  We’ll see shortly if their sources are correct.

    • Bluebufoon

      Welcome Zak Irvin– good job LaVall Jordan. Who’s next Mitch McGary ? Stefan Jankovic ? or one of the three amigo’s at PG ?

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    McLimans won’t be given a 5th year, nor should he. Seems like a nice guy, but 4 years of free school is a good tradeoff I think.

  • Mattski

    Another great, long player who can dribble and pass. Fantastic if he is coming Michigan’s way. If any CALM people care to engage the question of whether Beilein is adequately recruiting the state of Michigan, I would love to hear opinions. Mine has always been that Michigan has way more nationwide cache and should take advantage of the fact, especially in bball. I don’t think that Coach K worries for a second if a player is from N. Carolina. And (where M. State is concerned) turning back around and plucking the great Michigan players out of Tom Izzo’s hands from time to time makes for wonderful p.r. and pyschology–a psychology built on that national reputation. 

    What do others think?

    P.S.  I understand if you follow state of Michigan high school hoop and feel frustrated. But the group of assistants we’ve got–and their in- and out-of-state connections–does not suggest to me that Coach B. would cut of his nose to spite his face. . . It would be VERY hard to argue that the quality of recruiting is declining. 

    • It’s an interesting debate… It’s also an argument that has to be made by a very small sample size of recruiting decisions.

      I think that Beilein made a deliberate effort to narrow the recruiting base when he revamped the staff last summer. The entire staff has very strong midwestern ties including Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and to some degree Ohio. Beilein had tried for a more national approach before with targets like Morris, Thompson, Prather, etc. 

      Michigan has taken guys like Brundidge, Horford and Morgan in recent classes and just missed on others. Valentine, Costello, Zeigler were all in-state priorities, they just didn’t want to come. It’s tough to criticize anyone for recruiting Indiana recently because that state is so talent rich. Beilein has put together a staff that is extremely connected there with Meyer and Jordan so it’s great to see some returns — Robinson, Hatch and maybe Irvin. 

      I’d love to round out the class with an in-state point guard but if Demetrius Jackson jumps can you really criticize Beilein?

      • sane1

        Yep. Beilein has offered just about every Michigan kid worth an offer. Not his fault if they go elsewhere, and you have to recruit the midwest in any event. Tons of high D1 talent within 300 miles of campus. 

        • Maizeandblue11

          Bottom line is the amount of Big 10 calibre players in the state of michigan is declining.  If Beilein keeps getting guys like THJ, Smotrycz, Burke, Brundidge, GR3, Stauskas, Donnal, Irvin.  I don’t think anyone should care.  Those guys are all top 100.  You throw in McGary and Walton/Jackson/morris.  We have a top 15 team with a great coaching staff

  • Johnnybgood

    Do you like Irvin better than Beachum?

    • Hmm. Beachem is a good player in his own right, a bit taller and more athletic than Irvin with better potential. I do think that Irvin has a bit more of a motor at this point, especially offensively. I could see Beachem ending up a better player but right now I have no problem taking Irvin.

  • Rkw

    that would be an excellent pickup for the maize and blue if he commits! new pics of crisler on team facebook page! man it looks totaly diffrent in there! GO BLUE

  • lavell99

    Man I hope we get this kid.  Would be huge!!!

    • Bluebufoon

      Could there be two U-M basketball commitments today ? Sherron Dorsey-Walker, from Detroit is also supposed to commit in the next 24-48 hours and the kid has always had Michigan as his leader, does U-M still have a spot for him ? Is SDW viable for the available PG scholarship ?

      • Bluebufoon

        I read the report wrong, SDW will commit in the next week, not next 48 hours. Still raises the question, is U-M still viable option for SDW ?

        • Ben

          I say no to SDW. We need to save schollies for bigger fish at this point. SDW can play but I think if we get Irvin then there is no reason to take SDW. Lets focus our energy on McGary and 2013 PG and call it a day.

  • redman345

    sherron dorsey walker will be a wolverine….i told u will be a few days before its all said and done but trust me.he will be in ann much as i love nick,he is better than staukas.

    • TKWolverine

      I think that you are wrong on two counts:

      1. SDW will NOT be a Wolverine
      2. He is NOT better than Stauskus

      IMHO, of course…

      • Bluebufoon

        Not so fast my friend. I agree SDW isn’t better than Stauskas but I do think SDW, really likes U-M and is close to Manny Harris, Peedi and Coach Alexander . Plus Beilein likes tall PG’s and U-M favors players that can shoot the basketball. Additionally, Coach said he wants kids that were willing to walk or crawl to Ann Arbor to play for U-M. Plus he plays at Pershing, which is very important– I wouldn’t put it past U-M to take SDW over the three amigo’s in 2013.

        • Ben

          I hope you know that if we get SDW you can kiss McGary goodbye because there would be for sure no room. Stauskas would be a way better option then SDW at point.

        • kennyYe

          I doubt that the coaches would take him at this moment if they think that they has chance in McGary.

          SDW would be a good addition, but not essential. We are in good shape with 3 2013 PG, and Stauskas can play 1 if needed. 

    • Ben

      Your on glue if you think SDW is close to the talent of Stauskas.

  • Dan

    What time will he be announcing his decision?

    • His mom told reporters last night that it would be after he went to church today. He told me earlier yesterday that there wasn’t really a set time. We’ll just have to play it by ear.

      • gpsimms

        well, im home from church, and would like to announce i’m having a leftover hot n ready for lunch.

        • Dirtgrain

          I so thought it was going to be a burger; everything is changed now.  Of course, hot n readies are better than burgers and will contribute more.

  • Justingerstung

    How possible is MItch mcgary? He looks like a great Michigan fit!