Zak Irvin Down to Two

Dylan Burkhardt

Team-Gordon_0465-500x724[1]2013 wing forward Zak Irvin holds offers from Michigan, Butler, Baylor, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Tennessee and Xavier among others but confirmed today that he’s narrowed his list to two schools: Michigan and Butler. The Indiana native has impressed this July on the AAU circuit where many have noted that he appears to be a different player, playing with a new level of confidence and offensive aggression.

Most recently Irvin impressed ESPN’s Joel Francisco while leading the Eric Gordon All-Stars to the championship game at the adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas:

Irvin is a prototypical 3-man for the high-major level. He has a terrific frame and he’s very athletic, but it’s his ball skills that really caught our eye. He has a knack to score in a variety of ways from the 3-point line as well as off the dribble. He had a couple of notable drives to the basket and he converted a few legitimate pull-up jump shots with a defender right on him. Irvin is a top-30 prospect for his class with continued improvement.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Michigan and Butler, two of Irvin’s most recent offers, were at the front of his list and the rising junior confirmed via text that he has narrowed his school list. When asked when he hoped to make a decision, Irvin said he’d like to decide “before the summer ends”.

For video and previous scouting reports on Irvin, make sure to view his recruiting profile page.

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  • Chris

    Potential Top 30 Player is some serious high praise. Where do you think you’d have him, Dylan? Regardless, I hope Irvin picks us.

    • Top 30 player is probably a bit much but I love his skill set and thought he turned it up a level when I saw him last at the Michigan Elite camp. 

  • As a Boilermaker I figured he wouldn’t be at Purdue seeing as we are already full up for 2013. I am betting he goes to Michigan. Either way he is one heck of a player and will do great where ever he goes.

  • MGoTweeter

    Love it.  Zak is another perfect wing for the Beilein offense.  Hopefully he goes blue

  • Flwolve

    Top 30, heh?  That could explain why Irvin has an offer while Steve Haney does not.  When the ratings shake out, I think Irvin is going to end up well ahead of Haney (not that ratings mean anything).

  • Drew

    If we pull an upset and are able to pull McGary, does that mean no Irvin? While I of course would be elated to get the big man, I would be disappointed if that meant we were no longer able to take Irvin. Watching him play, I cannot help but be reminded of William Buford. Don’t know if I’m the only one who sees that, but I’d take a William Buford on Michigan any day.

    • ddr3434

      Michigan is not going to beat UNC, Duke, Kentucky, and all the others for McGary.  Just isn’t going to happen.  McGary’s star has risen too quickly-he is going to one of the elites.

      • Mattski

        I’m not sold on McGary, but I’d like to think that in another year or two we may be contending for the very best players.   

      • Dgray

        Trust me when I say this, I know from a reliable source that McGary, although he does not talk much about recruiting trips likes Michigan a lot.  Just don’t be surprise that when he narrows his list down, that you don’t see Michigan on his list.

        • ddr3434

          I don’t doubt that he likes Michigan a lot.  But there’s work to do before Michigan beats North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, and Kentucky for a player.  Kids like lots of places.  Doesn’t mean they go there. The schools above are basketball-first factories where it’s a disappointment when you don’t make the Final Four and players are treated as gods.  Michigan has a ways to go before they get there, regardless of how many of a player’s friends go to school there.  

          • MGoTweeter

            i dont think this is nearly as simple as you make it out to be. McGary very well might go to one traditional basketball powers, but that does not mean that Michigan has no shot at a kid like that.  There are a several guys every year that have offers from all the top schools yet choose to go somewhere that is not regarded as an elite basketball school.  

            Michigan is not in a position right now to consistently land five star players, but there is no reason they couldnt land a particular five star player at any given time.  

      • maxwell’s demon

        Why not? Gunner Kiel just chose Indiana.

  • umjb

    Isn’t there a lot of talk about Butler’s coach leaving for a bigger contract?

    • Guest

      Not going to happen anytime soon.

    • ddr3434

      Stevens will only leave Butler if the Indiana job comes open.

  • Steve2081

    Hope we land him!

  • Colby84

    Dylan, any gut feeling on who Irvin picks? Hope we get him but would be interesting who they offer if we don’t. Also can we expect the PG situation to wrap up in August, read that Walton is less likely to pick us now?

    • Bluebufoon

       Multiple recruiting analysts have predicted U-M is in good shape but until Mr Irvin publically states it, we’re all just speculating. It has to be killing Tom Crean and Matt Painter for U-M to be making so much recruiting noise in the state of Indiana.

      • sane1

        Painter and Crean have been loading up, too. They didn’t offer GRIII or Hatch. Irvin has not been a priority. What will kill them is when the guys they passed on come back to beat them.

      • JBlair52

        The state of Indiana is loaded with talent in the past few classes…IU and Purdue could load up and the leftovers would still be considered loaded

        • KRN

          Agreed. In 2012 alone, the state of Indiana has 4 five star caliber players (Harris, Ferrell, Hollowell, Perea). 5 if you think Robinson will get there. Heck, 7 if you count McGary and D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera as state of Indiana players.

      • b_side

        Sorry man, not buying that losing out on Irvin is a big deal to Crean.  As an IU fan, we’d love to have him.  But Irvin is smart enough to know that he’d be playing behind Jeremy Hollowell.  Crean’s 2012 class (currently #1 in the nation) is loaded with 4 Indiana natives, plus Peter Jurkin.  There’s even a chance Gary Harris commits.  2013 is likely meant for role players followed by another banner class in 2014 of stud Indiana natives (Trey Lyles and James Blackmon Jr. have already committed). 

        As far as Purdue goes, their 2013 class full of Indiana talent is nearly as strong Crean’s 2012 class.  

        Irvin wants to go to a program where he can be the star, and I don’t blame him one bit.  He can do that at either Mich or Butler. 

        • Bluebufoon

           Sorry friend, I guarentee Crean and Painter both realize Beilein has established a (recruiting) beach-head in the state of Indiana. Every player U-M recruits from the state of Indiana that succeeds in Maize-N-Blue makes it easier for Beilein to come back in years to come and recruit the nxt great high school player from the Hoosier state. I contend that Zack Novak has made it easier for U-M to land G-III, Austin Hatch and hopefully Irvin. Plus it gives U-M added ammunition in the recruitment of Demetrius Jackson and Mitch McGary along wth the next Zellar, Yogi Ferrell, Russell Byrd, Plumlee etc; etc; etc;

  • Will be surprised if Irvin isn’t a Wolverine.

  • KRN

    Don’t know if this has already been posted but here’s a highlight video of Zak created about a week ago.

    The same youtube channel also posted a new McGary video yesterday.

  • Wayman Britt

    Would love Zak to become a Wolverine.  Then it’s time for one of the three point guard candidates to pull the trigger before it’s too late.  (Mr. Morris are you listening)

  • Hey Everyone, the updated roster for next season is up on for the boys.

    • Brian indicating that a commitment from Irvin could be coming soon….

      • Bluebufoon

        Plus real positive vibes from everyone regarding U-M and Mitch McGary. Wow Coach Beilein and his staff, really have had a very productive year, restocking  and molding the roster and shaping the perception of Michigan basketball. What a difference a year makes, last year at this time folks were bailing on this program but U-M now is lining up quality recruit, on top of quality recruit ,  Go Blue !!! 

      • GregGoBlue

        Jon Horford: 6’9 250 lbs. Up from 220 lbs on last season’s roster.

        • gpsimms

          ya, i saw that.  unfortunately smot is still 225.  hopefully that means he redistributed his weight, in an awesome way. 

          • kennyYe

            Smot needs quickness more than weight.