Video: Nik Stauskas at Las Vegas Fab 48 Invitational

Dylan Burkhardt

2012 Michigan commitment Nik Stauskas put together one of his best tournaments of the summer at the Fab 48 Invitational in Las Vegas. Stauskas led his Grassroots Canada AAU team to the semifinals before they were bounced by the eventual champions, the Kansas City 76ers. Stauskas  averaged 22 points per game while knocking down 47% of his threes through seven contests. Here’s a highlight film of Stauskas’s performance throughout the event:

  • DingoBlue

    I’ve seen his youtube videos of the three point shooting.  Still, he looks scary fast at releasing his 3 pt shot.  Maybe I’m seeing what I want to see though.  Regardless looking forward to him at UM!

    • Mattski

      That was my first thought too: wow, does he get that thing off quickly. Great motion. 

  • sane1

    Two words: Real deal.

    • kennyYe

      two more words: total package  

      • sane1

        Two best words: Michigan Wolverine.

  • MGoTweeter

    I really want to see a full game of his because from his highlights he just looks unguardable.  Several times in there, the defender did a good job of cutting him off and getting a hand in his face, yet he still just drilled the shot.  You combine that shooting with his playmaking ability, and I just do not understand his recruiting ranking unless the nonhighlights are really bad.  

    The versatility that is going to be on this roster in two years is unreal.  You could potentially see the team go super big with Stauskas running the point or small and unguardable with Robinson at the 4 and Stauskas at the 3.  

    • gpsimms

      i was thinking the exact same thing.  i want to see a umhoops made video where it shows his whole game, misses and all.  either way, every video i see he just looks better.

      i’m going to sound like fred jackson here, but man, he’s got some darius like passing in there on top of showing he can score in every way.

      • Ben

        If you go on you tube there is video of about 20 min of highlights from his state championship game and you can get a better sense for how he plays not just highlights but it doesn’t matter because in that video he is on the floor with two 5 star players and he looks better then both…

        These videos make Alex Murphy look horrible…lol check out his passing ability

        • gpsimms

          thanks.  that tilton team looked like it had a few 5 star types.  no doubt nik was the best player on his team, though.

    • GregGoBlue

      Not to mention junior J-Mo at the 5 and/or a junior Smotrycz at the 4… *drool*

      Think of the year AFTER that too when GRIII and Stauskas are sophomores, those 2 are seniors and Brundidge and Burke are juniors. Now THAT is some versatility.

  • Anon

    Wow. 47% on threes… with a majority of his 3PA with a hand in his face (at least in the highlights). Not to mention what looks to be an innate passing ability. This kid is going to jump through the recruiting rankings, no doubt about it. If scouts were at this tourney, I’m sure that his play opened up their eyes.

  • JBlair52

    He’s got a fast release!

    I always wondered what Dirk Nowitski would look like as a wing-guard…

  • SamGoBlue

    As everyone has been saying, this is obviously some tremendous video. The only qualm I have with his shot is that he has almost no air under his feet. Yes, it is a very quick and consistent release with pretty good form, but he is going to want to have a bit higher release point at the college level. Not a big issue though.

    • sane1

      I don’t have a prob with the release point – it’s above his head. He doesn’t elevate the way THJ does, but he has a very quick release, and can fire off the jab step before the defender can recover. The opponents in the video were all around his height, and he had no trouble getting his shot off. 

    • rblackie

      Damn, kids got some nice game…. he’s more athletic that i had thought/heard.   He looks comfortable with the rock in his hands, putitng it on the floor, dishing it to teamates, shooting from deep, has  nice touch from inside the arc…..    he’s long too, can you say mismatch?

    • guest

      if it’s quick enough (which it appears to be), a shooter can get away with the lower release point…best example of this? Steph Curry…one of the lowest release points I have seen, but also the most prolific shooter I’ve seen…

  • TMurda

    Can you say: Dirk Stauskas?

    Are we SURE he still has one more year of high school?  Can’t wait for him to be on campus.

    • ddr3434

      That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.  Thank you.

  • Adam

    This kid is a total stud.. I can’t WAIT for him to get to Ann Arbor

  • Wayman Britt

    Wow!! I  know the video was just highlights, but he looks extremely good offensively.  He can shoot as well as drive and finish. If his defense is as equally good the coaching staff must be down right giddy about him and Robinson.

  • Detroitbry2

    What is making Stauskas so effective is his size, if you follow his videos you see clearly that he is getting bigger. Also, there is plenty of footage out there to shaw that he isnt just some highlight flash in the pan. What makes him so good is that he isnt looking just to shoot threes, he drives relentlessly, I think he shoots the 3s for fun.

  • ColinNer

    I love his game. He can do it all and I was really impressed by his driving ability. He made some really nice dump off passes down low. I hate the high black socks though.

    • SamGoBlue

      Gotta love the high socks Colin.

  • ml

    We finally picked up a Bo Ryan-caliber shooter. We’re going to sweep Wisconsin this year.