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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Flwolve

    JMO, but the decline in talent correlates with the decline in the overall population in Detroit and Michigan.  All of those other factors are really secondary to the fact that there is a smaller pool of players.

    • James

      I don’t think the decline in population alone explains the drop off in talent, especially over the last 5 years. Even going forward, only 5 of the 14 current Michigan and Michigan State commits that are not yet on campus are from the state of Michigan. Only 1 of those recruits is from Detroit proper. And I cannot think of any other big time Michigan recruits going to out of state schools.

      • James

        “And I cannot think of any other big time Michigan recruits going to out of state schools”
        Looks like I missed Amir Williams, but otherwise…not too many other Michigan kids going to big time B-Ball programs.

        • SBell

          Lazily researched, myopic story. Wilson Chandler from Benton Harbor was a first-round draft pick, not mentioned. Al Horford from Grand Ledge won two NCAA championships — at a school not in Michigan — and was a Lottery pick … yet wasn’t mentioned. Other draft picks like Corey Hightower from Flint, Robert Whaley from Benton Harbor and Chris Crawford from Comstock aren’t listed (yet Eric Riley is .. he’s from Cleveland). Javale McGee played three years of high school ball in Michigan and was a first-round pick.

          What wasn’t pursued here is that perhaps the three of the four best actual talents to come out of the state in the last 15 years have been slackers (Hightower) to outright sociopaths (Whaley and Winfred Walton … Whaley is the most talented high school player I’ve seen in Michigan).  Jason Richardson being the one who realized his talent. There are only so many gifted, athletic 6-9 guys. Webber, Coleman made it through, Whaley and Walton didn’t, but that’s an indictment of their criminality not the “system” at large.

          Because most of the sources were Detroit has-beens, they wouldn’t know or understand that the depth and quality of basketball being played in the state as a whole — the talent that gets Oakland to the NCAA tournament, that makes many GLIAC schools the equivalent of low-major D1s, that gives Cornerstone NAIA national championships, that gives Mott juco national championships, that gets Grace Bible championships in their division (Allen Durham is better than Durrell Summers) — is at a very high level right now.

          • SBell

            Whoops, forgot the addendum to Whaley most talented “besides Webber.”

          • Peterklima2003

            You are right.  Lazy story that is based on perception of population “going down.”  In addition to the errors you mention, Foster also misses a major point. 

            Around the time Mich talent stopped showing up in the NBA draft, foreign-born players started getting looked at and drafted.  20 to 30% of the spots in the draft go to international players now.  In the old days, kids in Michigan and the US got drafted, who wouldn’t get drafted now.

            That is a HUGE factor, but Foster is a terrible writer. (I am surprised it made it past the editor.)

  • Am I punchy?  If Hardaway and Appling are sophomores, aren’t we talking the 2012 NBA Draft next year?  They’d both be juniors in ’13. 

    • Nevermind, I get it.  It’s their current status, not when drafted. 

  • A2JD

    Thanks for the Austin Hatch update!

  • SamGoBlue
  • JBlair52

    Jordan Morgan was on that list with Hardaway – #92

    (also interesting – McCallum and Zeigler…both playing for their fathers)

  • Rkw

    when u fellas get a chance check out aquille carr on you tube. c/o 2013 guard,electrifying! only 5’6 but has 40inch vert. dude is insane! out of baltimore,scored 56 on josh shelby squad in h.s. gettin love from all the big dog programs.quickness is ridiculous!Lol

  • Wayman Britt

    Good article by T Fost.  The quantity of D1 high school basketball players from Michigan has significantly declined.  I think it mainly has to do with the decline of population in the state and our poor economy.

    Shoot, the PSL itself used to graduate 12 to 18 D1 players a year.  It’s a good strategy for Beilein to keep building recruiting ties to the state of IN, FL and others.  Not enough quality instate players to field a roster for both Big Ten teams.

    • Mattski

      I think it has a little to do with our nation’s priorities, and really unequal schooling. In this country districts can spend from two thousand to eleven and twelve thousand dollars a year per student. If the inner city schools are cutting programs because they’re broke, as the story says, that means more kids on the street, not in gymnasiums. The country is becoming more and more unequal. 

      Such cuts are eating into middle class school systems, too, of course, if not in the same degree. Here in Leon County, FL they cut 30 million from the budget over 3 years–my teacher friends are in mourning. The nation is not only going to have fewer great basketball players, but fewer great musicians, too; they’re killing off music, art, and other programs all over the country.

      It’s a question of politics, in some ways; but everyone can agree that it’s sad as heck.  

    • SBell

      Where are the statistics to back that D1 players have declined? The story’s headline said Michigan, not Detroit. Obviously, everything in Detroit will have declined by this time. It’s an easy piece to write “Detroit’s failed” — just fill in different characters. Poorly researched, Poorly edited.

    • Peterklima

      Horrible story by Foster…unless you like reporting based on emotions and not facts.

      • Mattski

        Curious response here to Foster’s story. If Izzo says youth programs are being cut–and he IS speaking to a state-wide phenomenon–that it’s cutting down on talent, people here know better? I doubt it. 

        Classic “shooting the messenger” scenario. I for one, as a born Detroiter and former Flint resident, find it painful. We never had Ohio’s football talent, but we were always proud that we matched anyone in hoops.

  • Colby84

    Here is a a new big man target for 13 Goodluck Okonoboh, ranked highly by Espn and Scout. Athletic big man, sounds like a player whose best basketball is ahead of him.


    • SamGoBlue

      plays for Tilton if I’m not mistaken, same league as St. Mark’s but they send a lot of guys to UConn and the Big East I think. I’d be very surprised if we are on his radar.