2010-11 Season Highlights: Evan Smotrycz

Dylan Burkhardt

Our final individual season highlight film features forward Evan Smotrycz. Expectations are high for Smotrycz to make a jump in production next season, but here’s a look at his roller coaster of a freshmen season.

We’ll conclude the highlight series with a final video chronicling the entire 2010-11 season, you can find previous individual highlight reels here or on individual player pages. For more on Smotrycz, make sure to read his report card from April.

  • SamGoBlue

    Can you say BREAKOUT year? I think it’s coming…

    • mstein23

      I agree.  I think Evan’s development and Trey Burke’s adjustment to the college game are the two biggest keys to next season.  

  • Mattski

    Makes him look like a superstar. Okay, Evan–do this all the time!

  • Adam

    Smotrycz just oozes with potential.. the sky’s the limit for him.. I’m hoping he emerges as the solid #2 with D-Mo gone.. Timmy and Evan need to lead this team next year

  • Flwolve

    Did Smote have any dunks last season?  

    • KRN

      He had a half-dunk/half-layup against USC Upstate. I think that was it though.

      • DingoBlue

        I’m hoping that what I heard about him getting a higher vertical from standing still, we’ll maybe see some dunk action and see Evan have a more authoritative role at the 4. (fingers crossed)

  • Wayman Britt

    Love his pump fake and drive.  Definitely good three point shooter.  Hope he picks up a little more foot speed and hops over the summer.

  • Rkwboo

    kid needs to incorperate the dunk in his game next yr.

    • sane1

      I’m not in the dunking is necessarily better school. Smotrycz is a Robby Hummel type player who can score on the perimeter and put the ball on the floor and take it to the hoop. Hummel did not finish with dunks but was a great scorer before his injuries.

  • gpsimms

    i think somehow my favorite smot highlight did not make the cut…i think it was harvard?  dribbles towards the key from the wing, then goes around his back left for an easy finish…

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    No player has the potential to help this team more than Evan IMO. If he can be the 6-10 4 man who can stretch the defense Jordan Morgan and Jon Horford will have room in the post all day. If he can play the 4 that means that Novak can play the 2. I think more rides on Evan becoming a good to great player than any other individual on the team.

  • Billiam

    Think about the potential line-up in two years.  Think about the SIZE:
    1- Burke
    2- THJ
    3- GRIII
    4- Smot
    5- Morgan/Horford


  • Anton

    E has put on 25 lbs of muscle since the season ended. That isn’t just Bacari hype. It’s legit. Gonna be a big year for him.

    • Brian

      No, that is not legit.  I have no doubt that Smote packed on some muscle since the end of the season, but he certainly has not packed on 25 pounds worth. 

      • KRN

        How do you know it is not legit. If Horford can add 40+ pounds, Smot can add 25. Keep in mind that he came into Michigan weighing only 215-220.

        • Brian

          I don’t think you are aware of how difficult it is for a player who already weighs 200+ pounds to gain 25 pounds of muscle.  You can add 25 pounds in that time sure, but not a legit 25 pounds of muscle while maintaining your athleticism.  That takes much longer to do.  Not a point worth having a big argument about, just trying to tell people that these gains are a tad exaggerated is all.  

  • PO13

    Besides a breakout year statistically for Evan, I am hoping for a killer playoff hockey style Boston beard from #23.  I think that would add a little BA factor to his game.