Video: Nick Stauskas at Hall Of Fame Invitational

Dylan Burkhardt

Nick Stauskas is back in action this July after battling injuries throughout the spring AAU period. Stauskas was impressive at the RBK Breakout Challenge to start the live period and also impressed at the Hall Of Fame National Invitational in Springfield, MA. Here’s a recent compilation of footage from the Hall of Fame Invitational:

  • Grandchamp21

    Nick is the man, his shots go in so easy.

  • Billiam

    Kid has range beyond the 3.  Would be interesting to see a shooting competition between him and Vogrich.

    The most impressive part though had to be the driving.  That was the one real knock on him; good to see it isn’t an issue.  

    • Trevor

      I agree that he was very impressive getting to the lane and finishing in this video, but I think this is a skill he’s shown for a while.  To my mind, the one main knock on his game has been, and continues to be, that he’s only an okay athlete.  That said, I think his combination of size and ball skills more than compensates for any athletic deficiencies.

  • Chris B.


  • Sood

    Can’t remember the last time I saw a HS player drive and finish right or left with such ease. So smooth.

    • mitch

      Im liking this kid more and more.  I think we may have something special here.

  • Flwolve

    His ballhandling is very impressive.  This kid is going to be a great one for Michigan.

    • DingoBlue

      I can see why Dylan said he wouldn’t be surprised to see Stauskas cameo as PG down the line.

      • Bluebufoon

        I feel in love with this kid, the first video that we saw of him. This kid is big -time. I said it before and Dylan said what ?, Stauskas has All-American written all over him.

        • DingoBlue

          As I recall it was made as a comment to a post a few days back.  Can’t remember exactly where though.  Regardless, really stoked for Nick.

  • Adam

    Love this kid’s game.. can’t wait for him to suit up in Ann Arbor