Video: Demetrius Jackson at Adidas Invitational


Demetrius Jackson recently picked up a Michigan offer and was back in action in Indianapolis last week. The 2013 point guard has offers from Michigan and Xavier as well as interest from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State and Notre Dame. Here’s over two minutes of footage from a pool play game last week:

Jackson also took the time to discuss his recruitment in an interview which you can read or watch here. You can find all of our content from the 2011 Adidas Invitational on this page.

  • matt d

    From the limited amount of film I’ve seen of Jackson, Morris, and Walton, I’m having a hard time believing that either Morris or Walton have more natural talent or athleticism than Jackson. Jackson reminds me of a smaller Jamal Crawford, has the ability to get to the rim at will. The question is if he can run a team better than Morris and/or Morris? If this kid develops a decent shot, he would simply be unstoppable. No doubt in my mind that he has the most upside of all our PG recruits.

    • YpsiTuckyBoy

      He’s got all the tools, but that left hand dribble needs some help. He drove left about 1.5x in that entire video. That being said, defenders still couldn’t stop him, even though it was clear that he was gonna go right every time.

      • Billiam

        That didn’t stop Morris.

        I like that this kid is a pass-first PG.  Although, all the hype I’m hearing about Monte Morris is really making me unsure on who I would like to get more.

    • SamGoBlue

      Clearly as you noticed his shot needs some major work as well. He may be very athletic and talented, but shooting cannot be under-stated, especially in Beilein’s offense.

      • guest

        thing is, his shot looks fundamentally ok…he just seems to rush it/not concentrate/over think it….he could be quite good if beilein can even get a week or two with it…

        • GregGoBlue

          Plus this kid won’t see the court in college for another 2 years. 

        • Dgray

          Beilein had two years to make Darius Morris into a better shooter.  I wonder if he was successful in that endeavor.  Point is, Beilein is not the savior.  If he were the Shot doctor that you alledgely think he is, we should see the fruit of his effort.  To date I would bet that he can be a shot changer.

          • guest

            so one player who didn’t shoot end up being a threat from outside cancels out the success Beilein’s teams have historically had shooting the 3? At a certain point, you gotta give the man his due…

  • GregGoBlue

    Very impressive his athleticism and ability to get to the rim. All three of these 2013 PG prospects are great players. 

    • Steve2081

      Yeah at this point I really have no preference. I will be very happy with which ever one commits first because that will be the kid who wants to wear the Maize and Blue the most.

      • Billiam

        you mean “wants to wear the Maize and Blue  FIRST” right? 

        • Steve2081

          Nope. The second someone commits the other two will automatically become enemies who never wanted to to play for us in the first place. :D

  • Mattski

    Hardaway 21 points and high scorer in the U19’s closing win (for fifth place) against Australia:

    • Bluebufoon

      I love Demetrius Jackson’s story and I think he’s the best scorer of the three but unfortunately he’s not the best playmaker, matter a-fact he’s probably, the worst of the three. Walton and Morris are both big time playmakers, who could both go to their left or right, Jackson seems to not be quite in that league as a PG, mainly ball-handling and passing. Jackson would probably be serviceable at PG offensively and a terror on the defensive end, but I would prefer one of the other two as a PG. 

      • Flwolve

        That’s why I like Jackson.  He’s a serviceable PG as a playmaker but he’s a big time scorer.  When he hits campus, Trey Burke will already be manning the PG spot so we only need a backup PG to play a few minutes here and there.  Jackson can fill that backup PG spot plus he could play some 2G as well and be that spark plug as a freshman.

        By the time that Burke graduates, Jackson will then have a couple of years in the system and will be ready to take over the PG duties full time.