Austin Hatch Makes Improvements, Remains Stable

Dylan Burkhardt

austinhatch[1]Ed: Updated Saturday.

Austin Hatch’s family released an update on his condition through his CaringBridge page this afternoon. The update is encouraging, indicating that Austin continues to progress and that doctors are slowly reducing his medications to bring him out of the medically induced coma.

Update 7/2/11:

Austin had another good and restful night.  The concern regarding brain swelling has subsided and his condition continues to improve. We are encouraged by Austin’s response to the excellent medical care he is receiving, a testament to his prior athletic training regimen.  We will keep all of you posted with any meaningful changes in his condition.God bless you all.

Here’s the full update from Friday:

First of all, we would like to thank all of the press who have given the family space and time to rest and focus on Austin.  We are encouraged by the progress Austin has made in this first week.  He has remained stable, and notable improvements include movement to withdraw from pain and improved breathing function.  Doctors have begun the gradual process of reducing his medications.  As he slowly begins the “waking up” process, we ask for your continued prayers, and are grateful for the outpouring of love and support for Austin and the entire extended Hatch Family.

A remarkable 43,772 people have visited Austin’s CaringBridge page and 880 have posted words of support. The memorial service for Austin’s parents has been scheduled for next Wednesday at 4 p.m in Fort Wayne.

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  • A2JD

    Thanks for the update, Dylan. I’ve been wondering how he’s doing.

  • Kevin in GR

    Good to hear!

  • MSU Fan

    Great news, hoping and praying for a full and fast recovery

  • Kevin
  • It’s good to hear that he is doing better.  I got a bad concussion while playing basketball by hitting my head on the gym floor in high school and was in the induced coma for 1 week in the hospital.  It took a long time to get my brain working again with memory and comprehension.  Give Austin plenty of time to get back 100%.  Side note:  Austin probably still doesn’t know that he is the only person to survive and probably has memory loss of what happened and why he’s where he is at.  The parents funeral might be way to much for him to digest emotionally and mentally.  Hope he does ok with it!