The Latest on Austin Hatch

Dylan Burkhardt

austinhatch[1]Both the Detroit Free Press and Greg Jones of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette posted updates on Austin Hatch’s current condition. (Photo: National Hoops Report)

Greg Jones tweeted that the plan is to bring Hatch out of his medically induced coma on Monday. Mark Snyder added this quote from Hatch’s high school coach:

“Everything’s kind of the same,” Kline said. “Today’s an important day. This is the 48-hour range and they’re trying to keep the stimulation down (on the brain) to see if the swelling goes down. The plan right now is to bring him out of the medicine (Monday.)”

“They’re optimistic and pulling for him,” Kline said. “They said he looks like the same Austin.”

Snyder has several other quotes from Hatch’s coach which emphasize just how much support he’s received from around the country. Coaches and athletic directors from around the country have reached out and even tweeted support. Michigan State forward Russell Byrd made to trip up to Traverse City and is visiting Hatch at the hospital.

Perhaps one of the most unfortunate and painful aspects of the situation is the lack of support that the University of Michigan is able to provide to Hatch, per NCAA rules. Make no mistake about it, the Michigan staff will do all that’s allowed but NCAA rules surrounding contact and support of prospective student athletes still apply in this situation.

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  • Mattski

    Can’t imagine how difficult it would be to have to emerge from an unconscious state to the realization of what has befallen him.  I will be eager to hear if people come up with ways that we can help. 

    I’m not sure hypocritical is the right word here or–further–that if they prevent UM coaches from acting in this instance that means they are bad rules (could be). Frustrating? Inflexible? Over-zealous?

    • Mattski

      Sorry, just re-read that–sounds legalistic. Who cares? Thanks for the updates anyway, Dylan.

    • Kevin in GR

      I’m also anxious to hear how we can help…What about a “card shower”? If we can get the address, we could all mail a card with an inspirational or uplifting message to Austin to give him support and feel part of the “UM family”, especially since the university/coaches have limited contact.

      • Jhvargovick

        Yeah most definitely. I’m his age and quite frankly I cannot image what that would be like. Has he been unconcious since the impact of the crash so he doesn’t know what happened to his parents?? If so that is just so sad. To wake up in a hospital with an IV and all these machines hooked up to you that are keeping you alive and then have someone tell you that your parents died- that’s just unimaginable.

        And the card idea sounds great.

  • A2JD

    The NCAA should have something written in their rules about extenuating circumstances.  They need to wake up.

    I’m still hoping for the best for Austin in this terrible situation.

  • Forever Blue

    I really hope and pray that the MIchigan coaching staff and/or players are able to reach out to him.  Having the Wolverine family put their collective arms around Austin and show him the love and support that awaits, basketball or no basketball, could bring him an enormous amount of comfort on his road to recovery.

    • Kevin in GR

      Reminds me a lot of the Mealer family situation in football…..Dylan, would you be able to create a topic with the contact information for Austin for those of us who want to send cards and notes to him? I’ve read that he’s at Munson Hospital in TC. It’d be great if we could somehow share that info with the other Big 10 hoops and UM bloggers (ie MGoBlog, etc)

  • DingoBlue

    News bit from ESPN on Austin.  One thing I found interesting is that the NCAA says they are working with Michigan to try and support Austin right now.  Hopefully something good comes of that.

  • Kevin in GR

    For those interested in sending cards, here is the mailing information:

    Munson Medical Center
    Patient Name: Austin Hatch
    1105 Sixth St
    Traverse City  MI  49684

  • Tom Too

    Austin moving all four limbs….
    But there’s at least some good news, now. After the doctors induced a coma to stabilize him,the Associated Press reports the youngest Hatch is showing signs of improvement:[His doctor] said Austin’s brain swelling was going down and he had been moving all four limbs when doctors reduce the coma-inducing drugs they placed him on after Friday’s crash.

  • Kevin in GR

    Austin’s dog (Brady) also survived the crash…..apparently there were two dogs on board,0,6017794.story

  • Godsend724

    Austin…I live in FL with two sons your age.  I read your story and I want you to know that I pray for you each day…for your health physically, emotionally and spiritually as well.  Be strong Austin.  You are a survivor.  I am so sorry for your losses.  I could not even imagine what you must be feeling.  But strangers have hearts too, and just know they love you and are wishing you well. My sincere condolences and a hug for a very brave young man.  God Bless you.

  • Austin, I don’t know if you will ever read this but so many of us are devastated thinking about your loss and we feel so sad for you and just hope that you can somehow “still live” after such bad things happen, like the closing lines of the movie super 8. It will be so hard but you just have to go on. There is a reason you are alive. You may be a hero to many Love going out to you, massive love from all over this country.  And especially from the basketball community.