Wednesday Quick Hitters

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Tim Hardaway Jr. scored in double figures as Team USA scrimmaged Air Force. He discussed the try-outs with the Free Press here. (Photo: USA Basketball)
  • Sherron Dorsey-Walker took an unofficial visit to Michigan yesterday, which he discussed with Heard this Blog. Sherron plans to take the next step in his recruitment after the July period, we’ll have more with him later. The last time we saw Sherron, he was knocking down threes from all over the court in a terrific performance at Spiece.
  • Derrick Walton and Steve Haney both visited Notre Dame yesterday but the Irish did not extend a scholarship offer to Walton. Demetrius Jackson was also on the move, visiting Michigan State yesterday with upcoming trips to Michigan and Indiana.
  • Tomorrow is the big day for Darius Morris, who’s stock has fluctuated significantly on draft boards, as he will find out his NBA fate. Seth Davis solicited scouting reports on the top-40 draft prospects and here’s a snippet of D-Mo’s report: “Shoot, he’s not bad at all. In my mind, he’s better than Nolan Smith or Shelvin Mack.” Adrian Wojnarowski notes that Morris’s name is picking up buzz in NBA circles, on the other hand he’s been falling on the popular mock drafts.
  • The internet has been buzzing with news that 2013 wing Zak Irvin could be close to making a decision. We reported back at Spiece that Irvin was high on the Wolverines and don’t have any reason to believe that’s changed. Will the youngster make his decision before July? We’ll just have to see.
  • Zak Irvin and Austin Hatch will participate in the IBCA Showcase this July, a camp featuring the top prospects in Indiana during the live evaluation period.

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  • gpsimms

    seth davis goes on to say about darius: “in that offense at michigan, you don’t get to see a whole lot of facilitating, but he’s still pretty good.”

    i don’t really expect national dudes to know as much about M and M players as we do here, since we see every game, and then rewatch some, and read analysis, etc.  but statements like that make me wonder if he’s even seen a game.

    • SBell

      That’s what one of the NBA scouts or coaches said, as reiterated by Davis.

      • Yep. Still seems like an odd comment, considering how much Darius had the ball in his hands and the fact that he accounted for so much of the offense.

        • Mattski

          Dumb, let’s be blunt.

      • gpsimms

        oops, should have read better, but still such a weird/inaccurate thing to say

        it’s funny because it’s not like darius doesn’t have holes a scout can pick on, i just think it’s so bizarre when i see things like “can’t finish” or “doesn’t facilitate”

        on a side note, has anyone read or heard a scout saying he can’t go left?  i actually thought he improved on that during the year more than most around here said, but he still had work to do. if no one is mentioning it, it means he’s taken more strides in just the past few months.  i really think he could be the steal of the draft (of course, you always overrate the dudes you watch all the time), i would love for the pistons to trade down for him

  • DingoBlue

    Liking that pic of Tim.  Glad to see he’s still representing Blue well.

  • Mattski

    Was scrutinizing the list of potential draftees and knew only a few of the names. But Kemba Walker is near the head of the list, why? Because he was only one of the best teams? DMo has more upside. Anyway, I noticed he’s been slipping, too. Keeping my fingers crossed for him–first round means more money, right? Some kind of guarantees?

    • Billiam

       guarantees is the big thing.

    • KJay

      Kemba Walker is a legit scorer and winner.  He will be an effective NBA player.

      Darius has a lot of potential, but he’s not an elite athlete nor is he a great shooter or defender. 

      • gpsimms

        i’m really curious about DMo on the defensive end.  i definitely remember he couldn’t really keep up with the super fast big ten guards (kalin lucas), so i imagine guarding derrick rose or any point with elite speed will be tough for him.

        however, i also remember he couldn’t guard kalin at the end of the game at state because he was literally falling over from exhaustion.  he played all 40 minutes in that game, and did EVERYTHING on the offensive end.  i really think he’s probably faster than we think defensively, he just burned so much energy on offense on our team.

        i do agree that kemba is legit…im not sure the supporting cast at uconn was much better than ours (bigger names of course, but that team was nothing special throughout the year)

        • Stu generally guarded the opponents’ quickest defender. Morris has strength and length, and should be able to develop into a good defender though.

          Still, any notion that Kemba isn’t a better prospect than Morris is silly.

          • gpsimms

            yeah, i know he did.  but with switches/stu on the bench, etc. darius still guarded kalin a fair amount in the first msu game, and largely, couldn’t keep up.  also, when he wasn’t guarding the other team’s quickest, was that because stu is that much better, or because it’s a better use of the team’s resources, so to speak, to let darius save himself for the other end?

            like i said, i dont think he is a great defender, but as you say he has the tools…i think he can be better than people think

          • Mattski

            All 5 11 of Walker. With luck, I hope that I can say Walker washed out in a few years, and Darius is having a solid career. 

  • Jalen James just committed to Illinois.

    • Anonymous

      You’re fast. I was just coming to post that.

      Dylan do you know if Max bielfeldt is playing in the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association’s all-star game this weekend?

      • Anonymous

        Their page is working now. He’s not playing. Damn I was hoping to see him and Chasson Randle go up against the 4 Illini signees.

        • Not surprised because freshmen report to campus this weekend.

  • Trevor

    In the SI draft write-up, I especially liked the review of Jimmer Fredette.  In half a paragraph, they managed to compare him to Steve Nash, J.J. Redick, and Dan Dickau.  I personally think he plays more like Wes Welker.

    • sane1

      Yep. Not afraid to go over middle.

    • Mattski

      I think he will tank.

  • Lyn

    Little snippet about DeShawn getting invited to a Chicago Bulls workout. They have 9 guaranteed contracts to give out.