2012 Q&A: Sherron Dorsey-Walker Recaps U-M Visit

Dylan Burkhardt

Sherron Dorsey-Walker picked up a Michigan offer last October but most wiped him off the radar after Michigan landed a commitment from wing guard Nick Stauskas. The 2012 guard has played well this spring with the REACH Legends, lighting up the Mac Irvin Fire for over 30 points when we saw him play at Spiece, and is apparently back on the radar with a twist: the Michigan staff wants him to play point guard.

Dorsey-Walker recently took an unofficial visit to Michigan and we caught up with him to discuss his visit and his feelings on potentially playing the point guard position.

On the main schools recruiting him: Michigan, Baylor, Indiana, Florida State, Iowa State, Minnesota, Tennessee, Xavier, Temple, Dayton, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Central Michigan and Oakland.

On which schools have offered: All of them have offered except for Tennessee and Temple.

On his visit to Michigan: Yes [I did visit]. It was good. I went around the campus… I’d say everything stood out about the campus. Everything was good. Good facilities and I got to see the practice facility.

On how it differed from previous trips to Ann Arbor: I had only been up there for games or football games before. I’ve never come up for a full unofficial visit to see the whole school.

On what the Michigan staff is telling him: They are trying to recruit me as a point guard. I’d be comfortable playing the point guard. They want me to be like Darius Morris, they showed me a lot of clips of the way Darius Morris played.

On whether he thinks he can play the one: Yeah I can, I’ve played on the ball in high school and I think I can play the one at the next level.

On his recent trip to Florida State: It went good. I went to the Elite Camp and got to tour their campus. It was good.

On what elements of his game he’s working to improve: Being able to take contact and be a better dribbler, ball handling.

On how he’s played this spring: I think I’ve played good. Some days I didn’t play so well. Some days I did.

On when he wants to make a decision:  August.

On what other visits he has planned: I’m going to Iowa State this weekend and I might try to come back up to Michigan and play with their guys on the 30th.

On whether any schools stand out: I’m open right now. I don’t have any top group.

  • Detroitbry

    He would look real good as a point especially with all the ballhandlers UM has on the roster going forward. Who would you check on a break with SDW, Stauskas, Burke and Robinson coming down on a break?

  • sane1

    If SDW works on his game as hard as Darius has, he could be a good PG. Not sure I’d use the scholarship on a PG in 2012, though, if we’re going to sign a good one in the 2013 class.

  • I wonder if the coaches are thinking about finishing the scholarships in the 2012 class instead of the 2013 class.  They could be thinking Tim Jr. won’t be attending the University after next season.  We are starting to build quite a talent group of recruits in the guard position.  It’s starting to look like first come first serve with the last 2 scholarships the next 2 years.  It would be a pleasure to have another player from our lovely state commit to us.  It keeps the Michigan kids interested in Michigan.  That’s a whole different topic of damage control with recruits from Michigan.

    • Bluebufoon

       Surprised more teams haven’t fallen in love with SDW’s scoring potential. He will be instant offense in college.  At Pershing, SDW frequently tries to do to much, which leads to turn-overs and a low shooting percentage but at U-M that shouldn’t be a problem. Though SDW can handle the ball, he’s not a true PG, but with Burke as your primary ball-handler, that wouldn’t be a problem. With that scenario Stauskas would be the back-up PG but what happens if Burke gets hurt or leaves early ? That would also give U-M an opportunity to sell Drake Harris, in 2014 that U-M is wide-open at PG after Burke leaves. Plus it helps U-M that we continue to reach out to the in-state players and their respective constituencies.Ultimately the last scholarship should go to best PG/ defender, which I think would be Monte Morris, then either Walton or Jackson.

      • Anonymous

        Did you not read the interview? They are recruiting him as a PG. He wouldn’t be playing along side Trey he would be playing behind him.

      • The Fan

        PG/defender  Walton is not a bad on ball defender you selling this kid very short but thats ur opinion ask Wake Forest,and other schools who want his service

  • Billiam

    That video really is a good one.  I’d have to echo the surprise that bigger schools aren’t in on him.

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting idea from beilein and his staff to recruit sdw as a PG.

    • sane1

      I feel like this is a contingency plan in the event that neither Walton, Morris or Jackson commit and carry their recruitments out to the fall. Seems unlikely, but it’s nice to have a back-up plan. SDW could be moved to 2 or even 3 if we did land another PG in 2013.

      • MHoops1

        That’s exactly my take. It’s similar to their recruitment of him as a back-up plan to Stauskas on the wing. He’s not deciding until August, which gives  Morris, Walton and Jackson time to decide.

  • ChidyExpress

    I think it’s a great idea by Michigan’s staff to look at SDW as a PG.  A ballhandler with size and big-time range can help any program… 

  • Wayman Britt

    We need Monte Morris to commit, he is the point guard of the future.  SDW at PG is a back up plan.

    • Bluebufoon

      There’s no way SDW can defend quick water-bug PG’s,  nor does he handle the ball well enough to play against big time pressure, plus his decision making needs to improve, thats why his stock dropped over the winter. U-M also told Stauskas that he could play multiple positions, including PG, depending on how he develops.

      • And Stauskas could defend water-bug PGs? SDW makes some sense as a better complement to Trey Burke because he would add size to the back court.