Video: More from 2013 U-M Commits Mark Donnal and Austin Hatch

Dylan Burkhardt

Yesterday was a busy day with phone calls, offers and a pair of commitments so we have a couple of videos to add to the fray that are either new or may have been overlooked yesterday.

First, Some additional footage of big man Mark Donnal courtesy of our friends at Indiana Prep Spotlight:

After the jump we have TV video interviews with Donnal and fellow commitment Austin Hatch as well as some footage from Hatch’s sophomore season that we added late to his commitment post.

For more video, background and scouting on both of Michigan’s commitments make sure to read back into our commitment posts from Wednesday: Mark Donnal / Austin Hatch

  • Mattski

    Donnal may be a huge, huge get. He is already very sturdy looking for a high school junior. 

    • Anonymous

      Indeed. And a rising junior at that. 

    • Anonymous

      And he’s not even a Junior until September!

  • Kenny

    Although I was not impressed when Donnal videos first showed up a couple of month ago, I start to like this kids more and more. He is potentially a more complete post player than any bigs on our roster right now. 

  • KJay

    Anyone know how Austin Hatch compares with where Russell Byrd was at the same stage? 

    • Anonymous

      hopefully not equally injury-prone.

  • Paul

    Exciting days for Michigan basketball!  Go Blue

  • Paul

    How tall are Donnal’s and Hatch’s parents?  Since they are both still so young, here’s hoping Donnal reaches 6’11 and Hatch 6’9  

    • Billiam

      I don’t have a link, just a vague memory, but I believe there was a quote somewhere that Hatch was still growing.  If I’m not wrong he grew 2′ this past year.

  • Flwolve

    How does Hatch compare to Steve Haney?

    • Hatch is better than Haney. He’s stronger and from what I’ve seen a more consistent shooter.

  • gpsimms

    how does hatch compare to gsimms, the ’02 out of southeast michigan?  you remember him: he was unathletic, but made up for it with his lack of outside shot.  he did have a pretty mean floater, though.

    • Mattski

      Irvin has a nice floater, actually. Love the seemingly effortless way he just seems to be dropping it off from all angles. Hadn’t heard about your game, but it’s good to know. 

  • Pinche Borracho

    Neither of these guys appear to have a left hand at the rim…like the size, though.

    • sane1

      Good point on the left hand. Two years to work on that. 

      • Yeah that was the first thing I noticed on the drop steps he always uses his right hand. He’s got a lot of time to work on that though I’m not too worried. 

  • Mitchigan

    Anyone know the birthday of Mark Donnal? I know Hatch was born in October of 1994, making him very old for his grade.  

    • Bluebufoon

       Hatch is 16 years old, he will be 17 this fall and 18 years old as a senior. How is that very old for his age group ?

      • gpsimms

        it’s older than i was when i was his age.

      • Anonymous

        depending on the cut-ff set by school districts, kids born in the same month could be one grade ahead of him.  

    • Go blue

      Its older, but doesn’t constitute as “Very” old for his age. 

  • Go blue

    They both obviously have great talent and potential to get a offer so early in the process, but to all you recruiting guru’s out there, who looks more polished as a player so far? (I know they have 2 more seasons and this all could change, and will likely change)