2011-12 Big Ten Single Plays Announced

Dylan Burkhardt
big-ten-logo-pentagram[1]The Big Ten conference announced the single plays for the upcoming season and the Wolverines will play Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska just once next season.

It’s not a bad draw for Michigan, who will avoid a dreaded trip to the Kohl Center in Madison. Iowa and Nebraska will likely be near the bottom of the league, but playing them on the road should help boost the strength of schedule. Minnesota should be solid next season, but with the Wolverines recent success in Minneapolis, it’s a bit disappointing to miss that opportunity for a quality road win.

Home: Minnesota, Wisconsin
Away: Iowa, Nebraska

For all updates on the 2010-11 schedule, including non-conference dates, check out the future schedule page. You can find the conference-wide single play information after the jump.

Home: Iowa, Michigan State
Away: Indiana, Penn State

Home: Illinois, Northwestern
Away: Nebraska, Wisconsin

Home: Michigan, Ohio State
Away: Illinois, Michigan State

Michigan State
Home: Iowa, Penn State
Away: Illinois, Northwestern

Home: Ohio State, Purdue
Away: Michigan, Penn State

Home: Indiana, Michigan
Away: Northwestern, Purdue

Home: Michigan State, Nebraska
Away: Indiana, Wisconsin

Ohio State
Home: Penn State, Purdue
Away: Iowa, Minnesota

Penn State
Home: Illinois, Minnesota
Away: Michigan State, Ohio State

Home: Nebraska, Wisconsin
Away: Minnesota, Ohio State

Home: Indiana, Northwestern
Away: Michigan, Purdue

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  • Anonymous

    I hope the game in Champaign is on a weekend this season.

  • Just curious here, Dylan…any idea how the do this “draw”? It is purely random? On a rotation, I would assume?

    On a side note, sure seems like Iowa got the best draw here! Not having to play @ Crisler or at Ohio State and only play Illinois and MSU once….must be nice! :/

    • Musket Rebellion

      Iowa definitely has the easiest road to something less than mediocre this year. 

  • Anonymous

    I really like our draw here. While there is no denying that we have had great success at the Barn in Beilein’s tenure, I’m not huge into trends at different venues.

    On another note, Michigan State really got a tough draw as well, playing two bottom feeders only at home and only playing playing Northwestern once and Illinois at Assembly Hall.

  • gooter9

    Could be worse.  On a different scheduling note, any idea when the Maui bracket will be announced?  

  • Brian_W_97
  • Wayman Britt

    Dear Mr. Monte Morris:

    I know you are evaluating your recent invitations to play college basketball, please keep these reasons in mind as to why you should choose the University of Michigan:

    1. Best academic school in the Big Ten and one of the top in the nation
    2. Opportunity to learn from one of the best teachers/coaches in Division 1
    3. The UM coach will elevate and prepare you for the next level
    4. Brand new practice facility and renovated arena  (Be one of the first to break it in)
    5. Rising basketball power in the Big Ten and the nation

  • Mattski

    Hey, Dylan–I know it’s crazy early and can only be speculative, but would love to hear how you see Hatch and Donnal fitting in down the road. Planning anything like that?

  • Andy

    Coach B’s Michigan teams are known for performing better against an opponent when playing them for a second time during a season.  Duke in 2009, Illinois in 2011, and Minnesota in 2011 are some of the better examples since those improvements cannot simply be chalked up to the fact that Michigan got the second matchup at home (granted, Al Nolen’s injury certainly played a major role when it comes to the Minnesota series).  This being the case, it sucks that Michigan will not get a second chance at a quality win against Minnesota and Wisconsin–two teams Michigan usually improves against the second time around.  I also don’t like that both of our two road game single-plays come against what are likely to be two tough, scrappy teams but yet may nonetheless still be games that are looked upon as “bad losses” should we stub our toes.  Anyways, GO BLUE!