Tuesday Links: Glenn Robinson Invited to NBA Top 100 Camp

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Here’s a link to add to the list.  A scouting breakdown of Darius Morris’s game with video:

    • Anonymous

      They could’ve pulled some better clips of Darius’s passing — I feel like they kinda sold him short on that front.

  • Mattski

    Wonder–if Darius ends up going in the second round–do some people end up looking on it as a mistake. I imagine HE just takes it from there, but. . . Long term, I could see him working out better in the NBA than a much shorter guy like Kemba Walker. 

    I think Rivals has us ranked FIFTH, Dylan. 

  • Jeff Smith

    Not sure if anyone mentioned it but I was at New York Coaches tour yesterday and Beilein says the team will be returning to the Garden over thanksgiving for the Preseason NIT Next season (2012-2013).

  • BlueRoses

    I noticed GR3 is on a team with Jordan Hare — what is his recruiting status?  I was hoping we could get a big in 2012.

    • Not sure Hare has played in an AAU tournament this spring so, not too sure.

      • Dgray11

        You are correct, he has not played in any AAU tournaments.  He had a chance to play in the Nike EBYL league with a Michigan AAU team that played in Los Angeles during Memorial Day and decline the invitation to play against the best in the Country.

    • Dgray11

      Jordan Hare and his hanger-on are looking for benefits.  This will be an high maintenance get–for sure. There will be suitors who will bite, but Michigan and Beilein will not sucumb.

      • BlueRoses

        Ok – I’ll pin my hopes on Mitch McGary.

  • Kenny

    Zack Banner, the 6’9, 305lb ROL who also wants to play basketball in college just narrowed down his list to nine. Although he said “In no order”, having Michigan coming out first on the list from a west coast prospect is encouraging. “In no order, my final nine are Michigan, Notre Dame, Washington, Oregon, Alabama, LSU, Florida State, Oklahoma and USC. All nine schools have great football programs, great coaching staffs and I’m very comfortable with each of them and that’s why they made my final cut.

  • Wettin 3’s

    I say we get James Young and EC Matthews and call it a day with the 2013 recruiting class…