2013 Q&A: Wing Guard Malcolm Hill

Dylan Burkhardt

226937_208372909203082_100000911230911_568771_1683767_nBelleville (IL) wing guard Malcolm Hill is one of the fastest rising prospects in the class of 2013. Strong performances on the spring AAU circuit led to the talented guard transforming from an unranked prospect to a consensus top-50 player. Hill recently took an unofficial visit to Michigan before attending Michigan’s College Practice Camp on Saturday. The Illinois-native took the time to discuss his visit to Michigan this evening:

On his game: I’m a slasher and I get to the basket very well. I play hard on the defensive end, I get to the free throw line a lot and I can hit the mid-range shot.

On what he’s working to improve: I’m working on rebounding and my three point shot.

On the other schools recruiting him: Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Xavier, Ohio State, Providence, UCLA and Wisconsin.

On current scholarship offers: Illinois, Missouri and SIU-Carbondale.

On his visit to Ann Arbor: It was good. I talked to the coaches, visited the campus and went to their camp. They showed me some great drills that can help me out on my game.

On what stood out: The coaches talked about how they can develop NBA players. We talked about Darius Morris and Tim Hardaway Jr. and how they did this season. That and the style of play, fast pace, is what stood out to me.

On if he discussed a potential offer with the Michigan staff: Yes, they told me the earliest they’ll probably offer me is June 15th and we’ll go from there.

On future visits: I’m going to Ohio State this weekend and Xavier the day after.

On how the visit to Michigan compared to previous trips: This was one of my favorite visits so far this summer.

On the criteria going into his decision: Education for one and then how I get along with the players and coaches. What my role would be on the team and also their playing style.

On cutting down his list:  No, I’m still just open.

On when he’d like to decide: Maybe sometime by next summer.

Here’s some video that our friends at Inside the Hall filmed during the Adidas May Classic:

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  • Wayman Britt

    Mr. Zak Irvin, Mr. Monte Morris & Mr. Mark Donnal:

    Tomorrow you are going to get an invitation to attend one of the best academic institutions in the nation for free.  You will also get the opportunity to be coached by one of the best fundamental teachers in the nation, who has a history of developing players for the next level.  I encourage you to accept your invitation as soon as possible. Don’t wait.  It may not be there long.

    • Bluebufoon

      I hope you’re right about Zak Irvin getting an offer tomorrow from U-M. I’m guessing Morris does get an offer but if he doesn’t bite by June 30, U-M then turns up the pressure on Demetrius Jackson, when DJ returns to Ann Arbor for an unofficial visit.

      Austin Hatch and Donnal are locks to get offered tomorrow by U-M.

      • Kenny

        What about Walton? i think that the 4 PGs (Morris, James, Jackson and Walton) are about even at this point. We will find out how Beilein sees different tomorrow. 

        • Vigo

          I don’t think they’re even based on play at camp.  Morris and Jackson stood out and Morris bested Jackson in the final game.  I think Morris and Jackson both receive offers before the others.  

          • Anonymous

            Completely agree with Kenny here, Walton is easily on the same level as Morris and Jackson, if not better. He will be offered tomorrow (today). As for Hatch and Donnal, I’d be willing to bet that at least one of them (if not both) will not be offered on the first day.

    • Vigo

      Think I’d rather have this kid than Irvin.  Hill actually passes the ball and seems to score points in the flow of the offense.  Saw Irvin at camp and he held the ball too long and seemed to look for his shot most of the time.  Same with Javontae Hawkins.  Brought back memories of how stagnant the offense looked when Manny was at his worst in Beilein’s offense.

      • Anonymous

        Since you were at the camp, any insights into Malcolm Hill’s play?

        • Vigo

          At camp he definitely looked the part of a slasher, with either shots or passes to the corner or vacated wing.  He has a very good mid-range game but it wasn’t evident at camp b/c there wasn’t a lot passing to the wings.  The wings that stood out were those who were going one on one.  Hill had a few moments, missed a few chip shots, passed the ball well and seemed to stay within himself.  I’ve seen him on the AAU circuit and he definitely is a guy who scores without taking a lot of shots b/c he gets to the line a lot.  Also, might have a growth spurt left…he’s a year younger than other juniors b/c he skipped a grade.

          • The Fan

            mr vigo your  comment on  morris and jackson stood out what were you watching walton stood his ground and played well giving the other guards something your opinion was your to me walton and morris stood out and played the michigan tough basketball,the others you could see played out of state ball the four were paired up in one on one drills walton and morris stood at a draw but when they faced jackson and james straight lock up ! t

          • Anonymous


          • Vigo

            The Fan-
            They may be equal players generally, but Morris looked much better at camp, in my opinion. First time I’ve seen either guy in person, so I limit my comments to camp. Sounds like you’ve seen both guys play more, so I defer to you on their abilities over the course of a season or in non-camp environment.

  • Anonymous

    The pros: I love his slashing ability and his understanding of the game.  I always love seeing guys get a pass from the top and immediately make a good pass to  baseline to a post player who has his man sealed high.  He also seems to have a very good handle and decent touch around the rim/mid-range.   

    The cons: His shot needs a good amount of work.  He seems to short arm a lot of shots instead of fully following through.  He also does not get a lot of lift on his jump shot.  He seems to be about an average athlete and he does not have great length. 

    At this point, I have been more impressed with the film on Irvin, Beachum and Young.  But this is the first time I have seen Hill.  None of them are bad players and it probably comes down to who the coaches think fits best in the system.  Perhaps the fact that we already have an long, athletic wing in the fold for 2012 will mean that the coaches look for more of a play making wing in 2012.  If that is the case, then Hill is probably the best fit. 

  • bilbo

    The one positive about Darius going pro is that it allows Beilein to sell these kids on the idea that he can develop them for the NBA.

    • Anonymous

      Beilein has sent many kids to the NBA over his tenure, D. Mo is just the most recent example.

      • Beilein’s Swish

        Pretty sure Manny was his first NBA player.

        • DingoBlue

          At Michigan perhaps.  Pittsnogle and Gansey had stints in the NBA I believe.

          Regardless, Darius Morris is a Michigan success story that is helpful for recruiting.

          • Anonymous

            Joe Alexander. First round pick, 8th overall (Granted after Beilein left, but Beilein’s player).

          • Beilein’s Swish

            Pittsnogle and Gansey never played a minute in the NBA so they don’t count.  He could get partial credit for Joe Alexander, but Huggins pretty much gets most of the credit for that one as he really blossomed under him.  Manny is the first player he’s developed that actually has played minutes in the NBA, and Darius will be the second major notch that he can claim.