Wednesday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Mattski

    These Burke vids are interesting documents. My first impulse is to note a certain irony in Darius urging him to avoid the hype (if these videos aren’t hype!) But they’re also an expression of his commitment, a kind of note to fans, maybe Beilein, too. And they’re impressive. He has bulked up quite a bit. They quell a little of my anxiety about the loss of Morris.

    Suppose they sell his trainer a little bit, too. . . 

    • It’s worth pointing out that they are being developed by his trainer so I am betting that is the primary function. They’ve racked up quite a few views so people might be familiar with We are God’s Image.

  • Justin Sedlecky

    This last one was the first that got unbearable to me.  We get it now, and i’m kinda sick of them