Wednesday Links: Vogrich, Beachem and More

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • SBell

    Interesting EC Matthews footage, because at that tournament what he did best was pass.

  • Anonymous

    I am excited for your 2013 recruiting breakdowns, Dylan. So many top names are swirling about with interest in Meech that I can’t make heads or tails of it. 

  • Anonymous

    Very nice to see about Vogrich.

    • Bluebufoon

      Wow– U-M basketball recruiting has really taken off. If U-M can land Stefan Jankovic, in the class of 2012 with Stauskas and G-III, Michigan basketball is going to be fat and happy !!!!/StefanJ33/status/76026138694131719

      • Anonymous

        he is the guy that played with Bhullar right?  I remember his name coming up before when Michigan was recruiting someone else.  He can definitely play and he has some pretty big offers according to one site.  I did not know UM was even recruiting him, but he would fit perfectly in this offense.

        • Bluebufoon

          Correct on Jankovic. Originally from Serbia, now calls Canada home. I believe he plays wth Stauskas on their summer league team. He finished the season at Huntington Prep, which is where JaVonte Hawkins and Ray Lee are transferring. Very similar player to Breunig, though might not pass the ball as well as the German.

  • Im a huge Vogrich fan, an I believe he is due for a big season this appears to be a confidence thing with him an i believe he’s ready for regards to elite camp june 11th I cant wait to hear all the new…

  • Trevor

    Interesting to see Vogrich working on his game with Dr. Oppenheimer.  Hopefully his jumpshot is being made nuclear.

    /horrible Manhattan Project joke.