Wolverines to Host Iowa State Next Season

Dylan Burkhardt

imageMichigan has added another non-conference game to it’s 2011-12 basketball schedule, a home game versus Iowa State. The game is the first leg of a home and home series with the return trip scheduled for 2013.

The Iowa State series should be intriguing as there are some notable ties back to the state of Michigan. Former Michigan State players Chris Allen (eligible this season) and Korie Lucious (not eligible this season) both transfered to Iowa State while Detroit Southeastern big man, and former Michigan recruiting target, Percy Gibson switched his commitment to the Cyclones.

The game might not pack the punch of a truly marquee home game like we’ve seen in recent past – Georgetown, Connecticut and Kansas – but it’s also the kind of game that helps create a balanced strong schedule. It will be interesting to see how Michigan finalizes the non-conference slate. Michigan could add a bigger name to the schedule, but there will also be some guarantee games (we’ve heard Alabama St. is a likely possibility for a low-major opponent).

Michigan will play in the Maui Invitational, a field which includes Duke, Kansas, Memphis, Georgetown, Tennessee, UCLA and Chaminade. The Wolverines will also host Towson and Bradley while traveling to Virginia (Big Ten-ACC Challenge) and Oakland (at the Palace).

All notes on next year’s schedule are maintained here.

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  • Blakerja

    Have you heard anything about UM setting up a home and home with either Dayton or Richmond starting next season?

  • Kenny

    are we going to see Johnny Orr in the game? 

  • Anonymous

    I think ISU could be one of the surprise bubble teams next year, so it’s definitely an interesting matchup.  Beating the former Sparties in this game would be a great segway to conference play.

    Also, hate to nitpick but it should be “2011-12 season”.

  • Not a “sexy” game for the home folks but it’s still a team from a BCS conference and we should have a name opponent or two in Maui.  I’m okay with having Virginia, Oakland and Iowa State as complimentary games.

    I doubt it would ever happen but I think it would be kind of cool to play a home and home with San Diego State.

  • The schedule looks more appetizing.  I am looking to grow into a bigger RPI and strength of schedule in the coming years for our basketball team.  Iowa State was around the .500 mark last year.  They got out to a quick start during the non-conference, then conference play took over and put them in the dweller.  They should be in the middle of the pack in the BIG8 conference which I’m happy to play. I really like Bradley from the Mid major conference Missouri Valley.  That series should be fun to watch!
    JD Scott, I’m all for a San Diego State Home and Home.  I don’t know if the university officials are ready to have Coach Fisher back at Crisler even as an opponent head coach.  Any opinions on this?

    • A2JD

      That’s where I think it ends.  I think there’s a gap between the U of M and Steve Fisher right now.  I’m guessing U of M still thinks that Fisher wronged them and Fisher thinks Michigan wronged him.

      I’d love to have home & home’s with some West coast team, just to gain more exposure to potential recruits.  Any of SDSU, UCLA, USC, Cal, Stanford, Arizona, Oregon would be great.

      • A2jd

        BTW- I have no idea how to sign back on with the profile I set up when we switched to this format.  I had an A2JD profile that had an avatar and all that good stuff.  

        • Anonymous

          Okay, I figured it out.  You can delete these other posts if you want.

  • Steve

    Here is a quick hitter from a facebook post…

    Athletic Evolution Nike SPARQ Training Center
    Phase 1 is over for Evan Smotrycz (U Michigan hoops)…The Results were amazing…13lbs weight gain, 1.5″ increase on his standing vertical jump, 2.5″ on his max touch vertical jump…I am not sure people actually understand how hard it is to increase your weight by that much while at the same, getting that much more explosive…..So excited for phase 2 to start so we can continue to build on these amazing results

    • Brian_W_97

      I wonder if Evan has finished growing height-wise.  The extra weight will help him in the post.  I like watching Evan play.  When he takes a shot or a free throw, it looks effortless.

      • Anonymous

        I recall Coach Bacari Alexander tweeting a while back that Smot was now almost 6’10” so you may be on to something.