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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Just watched highlights of Martin Breunig over on…Holy crap, does that kid look great. I’ve gotta think he’d easily be a top 50 player if he was a U.S. product…Dylan, any idea when he’ll be deciding or how hard the staff is going after him?

    • It’s a dead period, which makes things a bit complicated. He’s already visited Washington and I think they were pretty involved the first time around. 

      Here’s the video:

      If he visits, then things might get interesting.

      • Anonymous

        That was a pretty impressive video.  He looks pretty darned athletic and smooth.  Even though he’s a bit light, it looks like he could play anywhere in the front court.
         I missed whether he is someone that could be added to the ’11 class or if he has to sit out a year.

      • YpsiTuckyBoy

        When does the dead period end? Seems kinda dumb to have a dead period for 2011 kids right now since they’ll need to enroll by the end of the summer.

    • Mattski

      Anyone hearing any rumors? Has he visited and gone, or is he in A2 presently? On the strength of that video he would be a huge get.

      • He visited Washington. Not sure if he has other visits besides that planned. 

        • Mattski


    • Kenny

      I am impressed too! I can see him flourish under in Beilein. Hopefully that he has interest too.

  • Adam

    Boy that Anthony Hubbard going to Iowa sure sounds like a class act.

    • Adam

      Hubbard, 25, spent nearly four years in prison after being charged with burglarizing a house and robbing and beating a man as a teenager.

      • Gregjaffe

        Ye who have little faith in this nation’s rehabilitation system. Seriously, comments like this have no place on this board. The kid paid his dues and lets see what he is like before we crucify him.

        • YpsiTuckyBoy

          People have little faith because recidivism rates tend to be around 66%. This nation’s rehabilitation system is awful.

          • Let’s avoid arguments about the nation’s rehabilitation process… But I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to point out that one of Iowa’s incoming players spent four years in jail…

  • lavell99

    Hubbard?  Really?  The “14th ranked Juco transfer” gets a mention over Burke or Brundidge?  Really?  Not that I care about this guy’s opinion, but seems kind of silly.

    On another note, it’s kind of funny to see State have to rely on a transfer to be the savior for a change.  And kind of thankful that we ultimately did not end up with Byrd.

  • Anonymous

    I sent Jason King a comment….

    “Trey Burke is going to make you look silly for not including him in this list.”

  • Anonymous

    I remember hearing about Breunig last week and not thinking much about it, but after watching that video, wow.  I have no idea if the competition was any good, but that kid looks like a very legit player.  I still worry a lot about class balance if they add another 2011 recruit, but unless McGary or Harris wants to commit for 2012, I would definitely add Breunig. 

    I do agree with Dylan though, until we get a visit, the news that we inquired about the guy does not mean much. 

    • Sood

      I’m a little confused. None of those games in the video look like German-league play at any level. Are those camp games, or U.S. high schools? 

  • Colby

    Dylan, is James Young seriously consdiering us? Heard he is an MSU fan. Also do you think EC Matthews size plays a role in him getting an offer compared to other PG prospects Walton and Jackson?

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone scroll to the bottom of the Ed DeChellis article on Inside the Hall?  One of their fans called Penn State basketball a joke, which I don’t fully disagree with, but it’s coming from an IU fan who’s program finished dead last in the Big Ten last year.

    • ScottGoBlue

      Couldn’t agree more.  Many of the comments were incredibly condescending, calling PSU a doormat of B1G basketball.  The pot is calling the kettle black.  IU basketball is both the doormat and joke of B1G basketball, especially because they should be far better than they are.  At least DeChellis and PSU can tout exceeding expectations.  Not so for the Hoosiers.

  • Brian_W_97

    Nice to get some national respect.  U-M’s 2012 recruiting class is ranked 10 in ESPN’s early rankings…

  • Ben3nfz

    There were only seven on the list of incoming B1G players, not ten.

    It doesn’t really matter that our guys were left off this list. Lets just hope that Brundridge or Burke play their way onto the B1G All-Freshman-team selected at the end of the season.

  • Anonymous