Introducing UM Hoops Mobile

Dylan Burkhardt

photoThe off-season is a great time to make improvements, big and small, to the site to help improve your experience. (We’re also able to use your generous end-of-season donations to add new features.) A couple weeks ago we revamped the commenting system, upgrading to a Disqus system that has received strong positive feedback thus far. Next up is an upgrade to the mobile version of the site.

The look is clean and simple but still allows you to do almost everything you would do from a web browser. All of the most recent posts are easily accessible and you can access the menu to browse through static content, tags and categories. You can post and read comments with a mobile optimized view and also watch all of our videos with the push of a button. We are aware of one feature that’s not working at this point, the recruiting profiles, but we’re actively investigating a solution.

We will continue to make tweaks to the new look but are also looking for your feedback. Fire up your smartphone, give the new mobile look a try and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • MaizeNBlueJ

    Loving the new mobile version. It’s definitely a much needed improvement. I’m actually posting this from my iPhone and things work a lot more smoothly than they did before.

    Nice work, Dylan.

  • Rkw

    thanks dylan! was having problems on my i phone ever since the new setup reading and posting comments.

  • Another note, if you are on an iPhone. You can save the page to your home screen and have UM Hoops just a mouse click away :-)

    • JeffW

      Mouse click? On an iPhone?  That’s quaint :)

  • c_weezy

    I have the Evo, looks like a Wolverine Winner!! Thanks guys…

  • Paul F.

    Like it Dylan. Good work. My I phone thanks you.

  • Brian_W_97

    The APR scores for Michigan men’s basketball team climbed for the fourth consecutive year.  The women’s team got a perfect score of 1000…

    MSU’s Russelll Byrd is going to have surgery on left foot for third time…

  • Anonymous

    Looks good, only thing I would suggest is to somehow add the # of comments for each post to the title screen – I always use this to tell whether it’s worth it to check out any new comments or not.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.  Also, there used to be a tab for comments, which showed you all the recent comments made irrespective of post.  Any way that we can get that back? 

  • Solid work with the mobile integration and the addition of Disqus.