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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Anonymous

      I don’t wish anyone but the worst of people failing heath but I am looking forward to Ed Hightower’s retirement.  Maybe his toupee can continue to get work?

    • KurtD

      One too many dramatic charge calls.

  • guest1

     So Breuing is on A2 right now? Interesting because his coach said he was going back to Germany on sunday.

    • That was a typo, supposed to say Washington as is listed in the title.

  •  Darius Morris up to 23 in latest Draft Express Mock

    • Anonymous

      Sad to hear about M fans hating on him for leaving.  I mean, there’s certainly room to question the decision.  But to question him as a Michigan man?  To hope he fails in the NBA?  That’s low, people.

      Cheers to a great player we all wish had more years in Ann Arbor.  Here’s hoping for the best, D-Mo!

      • sane1

         My opinion is that that is way overblown. Just about everybody questioned whether he was ready for the NBA, and it was discussed ad nauseum on message boards, blogs and mainstream media. No doubt a few took it a step further and were over the top. But that’s the world we live in. I hope Darius isn’t drafted by the Knicks or Sixers if this stuff bothers him. 

      • Bbuck5

        i think he will be great,he is a hard worker.i wich the best for him.i would like to see him come to the pacers .GO BLUE!!!

  • Anonymous

     Ed DeChellis to Navy, supposedly:

    • Waldie Pat

      Totally bizzare about DeChellis but my guess is there is something more to the story.  Possible no future incentives so he moved on before they had a chance to fire him?

  • Mattski

    I know this kid Kyle Singler is a Dukie, but he has such a goofy, contagious style, and this video is inspired madness, if you haven’t already seen: