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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Anonymous

    Im really excited for the new Crisler.  This new atrium sounds interesting.   Anyone know what side it is going to be on?  I would assume  it would be right off of Stadium but there does not seem to be a ton of room on that side if they are trying to expand it out. 

    • sane1

       The atrium will be on the east side where the stairs are now. There will be escalators, too.

  •  I believe the combine is on ESPNU/3 now… Darius Morris and PGs playing now.

    • Mike McCarty

      Now that we know there’s no return for DMo, I really hope he gets his stock up and gets that first-round spot. I will definitely have a new favorite player in the NBA next year. (no offense, Manny)

  • gpsimms

    on that trey burke video, it sounded like he got interviewed by sam webb recently.  i looked through the wtka podcasts and didn’t see anything.  anyone have a link to it?  thanks

    •  He was on WTKA the morning after D-Mo entered the draft. Not sure where to find the podcast.

      • gpsimms

         yeah i don’t get why they changed their format, it used to be so easy to find the podcast you want.  now it’s a mess and i can’t find anything.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    Anybody see Fran Fraschilla’s comment about Darius? Ouch.

    • Anonymous

      What did he say?

      • SBell

        From a Knicks message board…

        Big debate about Darius Morris right
        now…Fran Fraschilla saying he hasn’t been able to shoot all year, has a
        broken shot, doesn’t finish well, a little bit above average athlete
        etc. all limitations he’s had his whole life that he can’t possibly fix
        in a couple of weeks..Interesting.. I’m with Fraschilla; I don’t love
        him. Len Elmore and ‘the Chad’ are much higher on him and his upside..

        • gpsimms

          doesn’t finish well might be the most ridiculous complaint ever made about morris.  what was his 2pt fg%? that kid finished more tough shots in ridiculous traffic than i have ever seen just about.

          i really think he’s going to do quite well in the league.  (not that i’m not biased or anything)

          • ZRL

            I’m pretty sure he’s also one of the “analysts” who say before every Michigan game on ESPN that the key will be how opponent X does against the 1-3-1. Dude hasn’t watched Darius play more than 2 times in his life.

        • Mattski

          He can finish; that is numbnutz brazen stoopit. And as far as I know he will not be called upon to “fix” his “broken” shot in a couple of weeks but to become a decent distance shooter over the course of several years’ development. Got to fill the air with noise and the screen with images; that’s what sells the soap.  

  •  Rivals 2013 rankings are out.

    Some notables, in no particular order:
    Derrick Walton 88, Demetrius Jackson 71, Steve Haney 68, Zak Irvin 97, VJ Beachem 43. James Young 34, Jalen James 78, Malcolm Hill 35, Jaylon Tate 77 and EC Matthews 83.

    • Anonymous

      Crazy amount of talent looking at us right now. 

    • Anonymous

       I still say Derrick Walton should be #1 priority, while still heavily recruiting Young, Irvin, Beachem, etc.

    • JBlair52

      Do we have a shot at Walton, Young, or Matthews?  What’s Matthews’ game like?  Seems big for a PG 

      • Anonymous

        From everything I have heard, I would say we have a pretty good shot at landing Walton. I wouldn’t be overly surprised if he committed on June 15.

    • Ace_maker4

       Kaleb Tarczewski is listed as having a Michigan offer, any other info?

  • umfan22

    Wow haney at 68. That’s pretty high…surprised me irvin only at 97…is he maybe not as good as we thought he was? What’s your take dylan?

  • Thomas Bently

    i think we should take a look at the 6’4 guard from flint Kyle Kuzma (2013). hes way under the radar but put together really good showings at michigans AAU states. and also at boo williams. 

    • Thomas Bentley

      Putting together 28 againist detroit the family, and in bracket play 32 againist Baltimore elite.