Housekeeping: Upgraded Commenting

Dylan Burkhardt

disqus2[1]Site upgrades are always well intended but don’t always go as planned. About a year ago, we tried to install Disqus (one of the most popular commenting systems on the internet) and ran into all sorts of problems before reverting to our more standard commenting system. After persistent recommendations from Inside the Hall, we finally decided to make the jump.

Things seem to be working relatively smoothly at this point which means there should be plenty of new features to be tested out. The list includes:

  • Social integration: You can post comments by using your Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Open ID or Disqus accounts. You can also share your comment through your social networking accounts as well.
  • @ replies: Need to address someone directly? You can tag their name in your comment with an @ sign.
  • “Like” functionality: Love a comment? Hit the “Like” button
  • E-mail notifications: You can configure e-mail alerts for replies, mentions or new comments on a particular thread.
  • Unlimited Threaded Comments: Threaded comments can now expand beyond 4 or 5 replies, a limitation of the old system.
  • Attach Images: You can also attach images to your comments.

We want to encourage everyone to register a Disqus account, which can be done through the posting framework, to improve your experience. Registering will allow you to include an avatar with your comments, associate your comments with your account and enable a number of other features.

If you have any problems with the new commenting software, don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail.

Sidebar Tweaks

We also made some small tweaks to the tabbed area at the top of the sidebar. We shuffled the tabs around and more importantly replaced the recent comments section with a links module. Similar to the m.go.licious feature on MGoBlog this is a collection of links that are worthy of sharing. Quite a few of these may end up in links or bullets posts down the road, but this should be a nice place to browse if you need some extra reading material.

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  •  Feel free to test out all of the new features here… 

    • Sam

      @umhoops:disqus  GO BLUE??

      • It looks like you can also use a twitter handle: @umhoops:twitter  

        • Anonymous


          • Anonymous


          • You need to pick it from the drop down. @mgotweeter:twitter  or @MGoTweeter:disqus   

  • This is beautiful, thanks Dylan.

    • Aww man my GIF failed :/ 

      • Anonymous Hater

         Something tells me it would have failed even harder if it would have displayed fully.

  • Anonymous

    Really nice changes, @umhoops:disqus!  Love the site!

  • MaizeNBlueJ

     Good stuff, Dylan. I liked it the last time you tried it, but I understand there were issues. Hopefully this time goes smoothly, because I really like what some of the features add.

  • Kenny

     Good stuff. 

  • Mattski


  • Brian W

    Cool.  Here’s a nice memory from the gold seats at the UM-MSU game.

    • Pretty sure it requires moderation if you add a photo but I’m not even seeing yours. 

      Also, I believe you can associate all of your old posts with your registered account, as long as you use the same e-mail.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm.  Photo doesn’t upload when you post as guest, so I guess I’ll start using a different handle.

    • Anonymous

       Ran out of time earlier, so I’ll try putting a photo up now.  Hardaway dunking in the MSU game.

  • maxwell’s demon

    Maybe it’s just my imagination but this seems to look nicer than last time it was tried.

  • A2JDScott

     It looks pretty solid

  • Anonymous


  • Sheryl

    A link re: Homer Drew trying to get Izzo and Beilein to play them.
    And a picture test. 

  • Anonymous

     Me likey

    • Anonymous


  • Another note, we’re looking for comment moderators… So if you’ve been around a while and are on the site quite a bit, shoot me an e-mail and we can talk about having you moderate comments.

  • Wayman Britt

    Like the changes to the site.  Cannot wait until June 15th when we start handing out scholarships. 

  • Liking the new ability to sign in via Twitter. Great upgrade, Dylan. Looking forward to visiting and commenting more often.

  • Mac

    This is better 

  • Great stuff Dylan.  I’m not usually one to boost but I was the one who told Stu to make his twitter name The_Butterfly_Jr. He told DMo about it and he said it made his day. So i’m pretty much flynig on cloud nine right now lol