Thursday Links: Heckmann to Boston College & Other Notes

Dylan Burkhardt
  • gpsimms

    well, if not heckmann then i’d really prefer we bank the scholarship. adding heckmann made sense because he might have been more “college ready” and a quick fix to darius leaving. taking a transfer who has to sit out for a year doesn’t help in the short term, and causes scholarship number issues in the long term.

  • bornaflyer

    I this point we should most definantly bank the scholarship..minutes are already gonna be tough to come by..any word on whether jordan dumars is look at seein any pt (playing time)..i think there will be another open scolarship due to some put someone has to realize they have a better chance gettin more mins elsewhere..i.e (christian, akunne, mcclimmas)

    • Sam

      I don’t know how many times people have to say it, but Dumars is never going to be a rotation player. He is a walk-on and on the practice squad.

      As for transfers, I hope you realize that no team in the country plays 13-man rotations. Some guys are never going to get a lot of playing time, and it is what it is…I wouldn’t just assume that they will transfer. And just for your information, Eso Akunne is not on scholarship, so even if he did transfer (which he won’t), it wouldn’t free up a scholarship anyway.

      • Mith

        Yeesh, Sam, no need to be a crab.

        • Sam

          Sorry if I sounded like that, it’s just it seems someone asks that question like every two posts. Just trying to clear things up.

  • MiamiWolv

    Lunardi’s projecte is kind of what I figure. This team has a chance to get as high as a 5/6 seed if everything goes right, and is an NIT team if things break wrong. The most likely outcome is a spot in the 7-10 range of the NCAA tournament.

  • um basketball fan

    Also of note, RIP a former Wolverine and great ball player:

    • Here, here. How come no Traylor links?

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        Tweeted about it yesterday. Forgot to include anything in here. He’s also been discussed in the comments of the last four posts.

        • OK. saw the tweet.

  • Casey, CO

    Yeah I do agree that Jordan Dumars will never be in the rotation. He’s not quick, not tall, all he really does is shoot the 3. Eso Akunne is much better than him and I’m not even sure if he’ll crack the rotation. I really like Luke Hancock but I guess the scholarship numbers are too high for 2014, it would be tough to take him even though he’s a really good player.

  • Vigorish

    Wow…sounds like guys are hoping for transfers…whatever happened to hoping these kids who chose Michigan actually stick around (whether they’re getting clock or not) and graduate and go on to make a meaningful contribution to society? You know–those who stay….

  • *JD*

    Time to look for that top Big Man with the scholarship Darius left behind.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Right now I think it’s Hancock in ’11. A superstar, late bloomer in 2012 or bank the scholarship for 13.

      • KRN

        I say bank for 2013. We are in on some serious talent for that class and need all the scholarships we can get to try and reel it in.

        • Colby

          MIght the staff look at any of the Maryland recruits who just got released or big man Erik Copes who was released from George Washington? Thanks

  • mitch

    I say we save the scholarship. The way we have been recruiting, we can get a top notch kid. Love to see James Young # 32 in the 2013 class. We need to grab him along with a top flight PG.

  • Tom, Too

    Grab a proven player….go after Hancock. No doubt.

  • Mattski

    Looks to me like Hancock could help keep this a very solid team two years from now. And at this stage it might be more a matter of gelling than getting a superstar. There just aren’t that many super-athletic 6 9, 6 10 forwards who can play inside and out. I know that Burke is moving to A2 this summer; is Brundidge? I was tickled by the poster who said Burke was enthusiastic about playing with him.

  • Don

    Hancock made some huge plays vs. Villanova. He is a super-skilled, great player. He would be a major asset to the team, way too good to argue about a scholarship crunch. Hancock would be the equivalent of an instant-impact 4* recruit in my book, so it would be foolish to bank the schollie to hope to get someone who is better when in reality the guys who are better are few and far between. Banking schollies is stupid when you have an opportunity to add a player who you know can play really well against high major opposition.

  • Andy MooN

    Hancock’s schollie would be off the books for 14 class and people want to wait until 13 to use a schollie that’s availible now. Essentially leaving your schollies unfilled for two years. That’s not smart and clearly JB operates under the bird in hand mantra.