2010-11 Season Highlights: Stu Douglass

Dylan Burkhardt

Here’s another great highlight video from Josh Houchin. We’ll have one more player highlight (Evan Smotrycz) and then a wrap-up video recapping the entire season. All of the highlight videos will be archived on this page and you can also read Douglass’s report card here.

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  • ZRL

    One thing this video shows is how much better of a finisher Stu has become. During his first 2 years, I used to cringe when Stu went up for a layup, but he became a pretty solid finisher last year.

  • gpsimms

    awesome video, again.

    man, stu took (and made) more extremely difficult shots than almost anyone on the team.

  • Brian W

    Cool video. His shot near the end of the game at the Breslin still gets me fired up when I see it.

    In case anyone missed it, Gus Johnson has left CBS for Fox, which means he won’t be doing NCAA tournament games. On the bright side, he’ll still be doing basketball games on the Big Ten Network.


  • Gooball

    Hey man sweet highlight videos was a great ride this year. I saw the highlights with tennessee game the picture looks better. i would get a copy of that if it was put up on mgovideo.

  • MaineMfan

    Does anyone know if somebody out there makes a DVD set of some sort of the whole season? I’d really like the whole 2010 season on DVD.

  • Tweeter

    Thanks Josh terrific job as always! Stu may not be the most consistent player but man, when he gets hot, he can fill it up with the best of them.

  • *JD*


  • El Capitan

    I can’t wait for the full season highlight reel!

  • Justin

    I really hope Coach Beilein realizes what Dylan has talked about, that Stu is maybe our best pure shooter, and for him to help us the most we need him curling picks, not handling the ball. There are other players who can split time w/ Burke bringing the ball up who I feel would be better than Stu.

  • ForeverBlue23

    Nice video. I think Stu will be fine with time at PG. He’s got a year of experience with Smotrycz, Morgan and Hardaway now and 3 years in Beilein’s system. He knows his game and he knows the game that Beilein wants and he knows his teammates games. He’ll have a great season.

  • I truly have enjoyed watching Stu grow into a Michigan Wolverine basketball player since his freshman year.  When next season is done, I will stand up for both Zack and Stu with clapping hands.  Stu will be fine with his guard position and team duties as a Senior.  JOB WELL DONE AGAIN JOSH!