Video: Zak Irvin at Spiece Run ‘n Slam Classic

Dylan Burkhardt

Zak Irvin had a strong performance at the Spiece Run ‘n Slam Classic, hitting shots from mid-range out beyond the three point line with relative ease. Here’s footage of Irvin from two games in Fort Wayne with some notes, quotes and updates on Irvin’s recruitment after the jump.

Irvin rattled off a lengthy list of suitors including Indiana, Purdue, Xavier, Miami (FL), Baylor, Illinois, Michigan, Marquette, Butler, Vanderbilt and Michigan State. He holds offers from Indiana, Purdue, Xavier, Miami (FL) and Baylor but reiterates that he’s open to all suitors and has yet to trim his list.

LaVall Jordan is Irvin’s primary recruiter and Zak mentioned that the two discuss anything from “school, to girls, to basketball” and that the two “get along really well”.

When asked what Michigan was telling him in regards to an offer, Irvin quickly responded “June 15th” and indicated that he fully expects a Michigan offer on that date, the first day that the Wolverines will extend offers to the 2013 class.

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  • Section13Row15

    I have a gut feeling that Zak Irvin will be a wolverine someday. I like his game.

  • Ben

    He shot the ball pretty good and has a descent handle. I really liked his passing ability, he had a couple nice dishes in the video. I love the talent JB is recruiting alot of top players.

  • Kev

    He will be a Hoosier

    • Tweeter

      care to elaborate on that? They are already two scholarships over for 2012 and are still recruiting Gary Harris very hard. For 2013 they currently have one spot, but that could be gone depending on Harris. Plus they are going after a number of other players in 2013. Obviously a lot can change prior to 2013, but I’m not sure how you can state so definitely that he will be Hoosier.

  • hoopfan

    Irvin has some great length and seems to be a good athlete. His shot a kind of a low release point on it and appeared to miss many shots. Does he really fit into the system? Belien never has gone after big time athletes. More so kids who can knock down shots and play smart. Not just the best athletes

    • Brian W

      Maybe you’re new to following Michigan recruiting, but Beilein has gone after athletic players. Dom Pointer and Casey Prather definitely qualify. Even Isaiah Sykes was more of an athlete than a shooter.

    • Brian W

      Also, Glenn Robinson III is a big time athlete and is a commit. This whole “he doesn’t go after big time athletes” stuff is garbage.

  • FL Wolve

    Tim Hardaway is no slouch in terms of athleticism either.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Beilein has also harped on improving length and quickness endlessly… A guy like Irvin would help both. He’s also an effective mid-range jumpshooter with range out to three. Seems like a perfect fit to me.

      • Ben


  • Aren’t we just looking to take a PG in 2013?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      We will take a PG in that class but there’s no reason to expect a one man class.

      • Ah yes, I was assuming Beilein was going to try and land Heckmann for that scholly. It’s my impression though that PG and big are the greatest needs, do we need another wing with Stauskas on the roster?