Report: Luke Hancock Considering Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

hancock[1]We’ve discussed German forward Patrick Heckmann as a potential replacement option for Darius Morris. Now another name has popped up on the radar: Luke Hancock. Hancock is a 6-foot-5 swingman that led George Mason in assists last season. He’s considering a transfer and, if he does transfer, is looking at Michigan and Virginia as his primary options, according to this report from SBNation.

Hancock, a 6-foot-5 swingman who led the team in assists and was third in scoring, “is a mature kid and he’s handling it in a mature way,” O’Connor said. There is no timetable on a decision, he added.

Sources told SB Nation that Hancock is considering trying to transfer to Michigan as well as Virginia, the latter of which had previously been reported. Hancock was the Patriots’ third-leading scorer and leading assist man last season as they won the CAA regular-season championship, and his absence due to food poisoning was a key reason the Patriots got routed by Ohio State in the Round of 32 of the 2011 NCAA Tournament.

Hancock averaged 11 points, four rebounds and four assists per game last season with a stellar 114.4 offensive rating. Hancock would have to sit out for a season and then would have two years of eligibility remaining.

(HT: MGoBlog)

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  • Tom_McC

    Pretty intriguing I’d say. It would be nice to get him for 2011, but he could be a nice filler for Novak. But, I guess the same could be said for Heckmann. The only real difference is, Hancock has CBB experience, played in a darn tough league and had a nice game vs Villanova in the NCAA Tourney.

    Tough call.

  • CraigP

    Looks like he graduated Hargrave a year before Colton Christian. Not sure if they overlapped at all. Intriguing, but creates a pretty big logjam as he would be eligibility wise in the same group as Morgan, McLimans, Smotrycz, Hardaway, Horford & Christian.

  • Tweeter

    As I said in the other thread, I just dont think this makes sense for continuity reasons. This would end recruiting for the next two classes and leave the team only one spot for 2013, a year in which we really need another PG and Big. It also means that we have 7 guys leaving after 2013, which is not optimal in terms of class balance (attrition could change a lot of this, but thats hard to predict at this moment). If he could play the next two season, I would be all for this.

    I’m sure Beilein knows a lot more about this whole thing and he obviously has a better understanding of what the impact will be on the team for the future and what he wants the team to look like.

    • mountain52

      could you please explain what is meant by attrition and how it could affect scholarships?

      • Tweeter

        attrition – meaning players leaving the program for whatever reason (transfers, early entries to NBA, kicked off the team, not given a scholly for fifth year, etc.) prior to using up all their eligibility.

        For instance, it appeared that Michigan would have no scholarships left for the upcoming, 2011 class, after Bielfeldt committed. But Morris left early, so that opened up a scholarship. Usually there is some sort of attrition every couple years in all programs.

  • CB2009

    would this mean we’d have to use a scholarship on his next year even though he couldn’t play?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Yes, but that most likely wouldn’t have any effect on the situation considering the timing.

      • CB2009

        so if we got the german guy, he could come in next year and play, or this guy, who would come in and sit? I’d say take the german.

        • Quick Darshan

          Yeah, I’d prefer Heckmann with four years of eligibility. From the little I’ve seen/read about him, he seems to have a lot of upside.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    One notable fact, he can throw alley oops from the stands:

    • JB…

      this would be a great asset in the case that he sits out next season.

      • ScottGoBlue


  • Dford

    D Mo going pro early is paying dividends now. Players seeking the road to the NBA feel that Michigan program and coaching staff can provide that. He a be an experienced piece that is college tested, who when he learns the system can be a possible leader and major contributor in the future, giving T Burke another target on the wing. He is labeled a playmaker so at worse he could be a poor mans THJ, a good insurance plan in case Hardaway decides to go pro next year. I like the prospect of Nick Staukas and Hancock, both 6’5 playmakers and shooters and T Burke another playmaker all on the floor at the same time. Hancock, yes please…

  • Tom, Too

    Love it…….

  • bleedin’ blue

    is he a shooter? sounds like a decent prospect, but with so much talent on the radar do we take hancock? i know coach b is more of a one in hand than two in the bush kinda guy, just not sure he is what we need(unless he can replace thj if he leaves). great point about class balance. all in all its great to see that um is one of his choices. (shift key is a pain on my phone, sorry)

  • Mattski

    Why is he leaving, anyone know? Already graduate? Is there going to be a new wave of such transfers? Sounds a bit dubious, no? How was this guy rated out of high school? Anyone seen enough of his play to say what his potential really is?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      The main reason that he’s looking around is because George Mason has a new coach, Paul Hewitt.

      • Mattski

        Gotcha. Was he a top 50 guy? Did he blow up at G. Mason?

        • Mattski

          Mid-major frosh of the year. Okay, that’s something to go on.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          No he wasn’t a top 50 guy… He wasn’t very highly recruited and then prepped a year at Hargrave before heading to George Mason. He was the CAA freshman of the year and then averaged 11-4-4 as a sophomore, including a huge performance versus Villanova in the NCAA tournament. Featuring this make:

          • Mattski

            Alright, I’m sold!

  • Johnny B Good

    I think I’d pass. Not that the kid isn’t decent, but I’m looking for one of the instate kids.

  • Brian W

    After the LLP transfer from Arizona, I’ve become a little more cautious when it comes to transfers. Some had hyped LLP as the next Rumeal Robinson, which wasn’t the case… A transfer is a lot like someone looking for a job. Why is the player wanting to transfer? To get away from a bad situation or to find a better opportunity? The team has good chemistry, so Hancock needs to have a work ethic and attitude that fits in, as well as the talent to warrant not using the scholarship on a recruit. I’m sure the coaches will do their homework and talk to the Hancock and his past coaches to get a feel for what he’s like if it gets serious.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      A transfer after a coaching change is one of the more harmless sorts of transfers… Don’t know details on his situation but I wouldn’t think that would raise any red flags. I’d say that transfers up a level usually work out pretty well, someone like Joe Trapani that Michigan looked at a few years ago, turned out very well for BC.

      It’s an interesting scenario… In a perfect world we would have taken someone like this last year and they’d be able to play this year and next. A perfect stop gap solution.

      • Brian W

        Yeah, you’re right. Transfers because of a coaching change aren’t unusual. When I saw Paul Hewitt left Georgia Tech, the transfer I was hoping for was Glen Rice Jr. Would be nice if Hancock didn’t have to sit out a year, but a transfer can play in practice which would at least help the team prepare.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Also worth noting that Beilein has generally been a big fan of transfers in the past.

          • Brian W

            Since he’d have to sit out, a year of learning the offensive and defensive sets in practice and the skill development from working with Beilein and the other coaches can be a benefit, which was the case with Jordan Morgan. I’m fine with transfers–just need to make sure the piece fits the puzzle. I trust Beilein and the coaches to make the right decision.

    • Kenny

      LLP was not college proven. Hancock had two very good years at GMU, was mid-major freshman of the year. I think that he is still undecided whether to transfer or not.

  • chris

    im from the Northern Virginia area and have seen this kid play live…he does look like a seasoned college gamer

  • Mitchigan

    Like all of you, I’m not sure how I feel about this with the scholarship situation, but I have a feeling it’ll work out well. One transfer that no one has spoken about was a 6 foot guard out of Pittsford, NY some kid by the name of Lee, CJ Lee. He helped bring Michigan basketball back! We are on the rise these days. Keep the info coming Dylan and Joe!

  • Not sure about this guy, but one thing I am sure about is the quantity and quality of recruits and transfers seriously looking at UM has improved tremendously. Going back a couple of years, UM had a difficult time even getting a mention from quality big time players. Now we get to debate which quality recruit is better or a good fit.

    Nice problem to have.

  • Colby

    What are the chances the ship is banked for the 12 class? Just worried that taking another wing we cause a logjam and feel we could use an athletic 4 man to go with Evan more.

  • rkw


  • Brian W

    Jalen James has been invited to the Under Armour Best of the Best Camp in Atlanta on June 3-5. It also mentions that Michigan is recruiting Nathan Taphorn.,0,4302300.story

    Nicole Elmblad, who decommitted from Wisconsin, will play for Michigan’s women team. She averaged 24.7 points, 10.7 rebounds and 5.1 assists last season and was the Class C player of the year in Michigan.

    Demetrius Jackson’s coach believes that Demetrius is close to getting an offer…

    • Brian W

      Looks like I missed the apostrophe. That would be Michigan’s women’s team. Nothing like sleepy, bad grammar.

  • Bernadin

    I am really liking Demetrius Jackson. I know its only videos,but the more i find out about this kid the more I like him. Heres hoping we can get him in the fold.