Video: Jalen James at Spiece Run ‘N Slam Classic

Dylan Burkhardt

Jalen James is one of the fastest rising 2013 point guard prospects on the AAU circuit this spring. A 6-foot-3 guard, James has a prototypical frame for a point guard and plays the game unselfishly, consistently looking to setup his teammates.

Jalen played high school ball at Hope, a small charter school in Chicago that plays in the smallest division of Illinois high school basketball. Because of this, his AAU coach Mike Mullins noted, the publicity and recruiting buzz that James’s strong performance this spring has created has been a brand new experience.

James’s coach also pointed out that the transition between levels of basketball has been significant as well. With his high school team, James is often times the tallest player on the floor and the game is played a much different pace on the AAU circuit. Mullins emphasized how well James handled and accepted coaching, noting that the Wolves program is “very hard on it’s point guards and he knows that”.

In an interview posted by the Hoosier Scoop, James passed along several updates on his recruitment.

James plans to visit Michigan on Sunday with his brother, noting that “Michigan doesn’t offer sophomores early and definitely needs him to visit”, and will also try to make it up to Ann Arbor for camp during June. John Beilein was in personally to watch him workout during the live workout period in April and Michigan has been showing interest since November.

He rattled off a list of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Baylor, Cleveland State, Dayton, DePaul, Xavier and Missouri as some of the schools currently interested and noted offers from Baylor and Cleveland State.

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  • billiam

    Who’s #30 on his team? Kid looked like he could shoot!

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      No. 30 is the Taphorn kid that I mentioned in my notebook post earlier today. He’s picked up U-M, Illinois and NW interest recently.

    • Sam

      Ahhh, you beat me to it, for some reason this comment didn’t load before I posted…sorry. I echo your thoughts though haha.

  • Colby

    Dylan, is the big man prospect Andrew Zelis playing in this game? Thanks

  • Sam

    Whoever #30 is needs to get a look, he was by far the most impressive player in that short clip, making all sorts of shots and even displaying a beautiful turnaround mid-ranger jumper. His hair reminded me a little bit of Blake McLimans.

  • Chris

    I hope we take a loooooooooong look at Nathan Taphorn. He looks like maybe a shorter version of Singler for Duke. At 6’6 and in the 2013 class, you’d have to think there’s a possibility he can grow another inch or two.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    I’ll echo those comments about Taphorn. Looks like he has pretty good lateral athleticism for a kid his size, although it wasn’t clear what his leaping ability is. Had a fairly pretty stroke, although one of the shots was a bit herky-jerky and gave me some seriously frightening McLimans flashbacks. I think we should get Taphorn up for the Elite Camp.

    Oh, and James looked alright. Not wowed by any means.

  • Brian W

    Thanks for the video. I hope Jalen has a nice visit.

    A commentary piece in the OSU student newspaper makes for some fun reading, even if it’s not basketball related.

  • I don’t know anything about James and never have seen him play so take this for what it’s worth, but I always get nervous about players who play in the small high school divisions.

    In know in the state of Michigan very few class D players have ever made good upper division Big Ten players.

    • Stevie

      It’s a small school but they play a pretty tough schedule.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        It’s also worth noting that Derrick Walton also plays at a charter school, Chandler Park, just in Detroit. I believe Chandler Park is Class C in Michigan.

        • MAS

          Chandler Park is a class B.