Video: Steven Haney Jr. at Grand Rapids Storm Classic

Dylan Burkhardt

Another spring AAU recruiting video from our friend, Michigan Prep Stars, this one featuring 2013 Lansing Eastern wing guard Steven Haney Jr. Haney is known as a shooter, which will be clear after watching the video, but also has a great combination of length and skill. Haney lists Michigan, Michigan State, Harvard, Illinois and Nebraska at this point. He suffered an ankle injury in Akron at the King James Classic but expects to play this weekend at the Spiece Classic where he should face a much higher level of competition than you see in this clip.

  • The kid has a sweet stroke. I wasn’t expecting that ease on the dunk. In the mold of Stu Douglas. I know the class of 2013 is loaded, not sure he is at the level of the others in his class.

  • Ben

    Kid can shoot it but lacks the athleticism that we need to compete at the level we want. We should be looking at bigger fish in my opinion.

  • hoopfan

    Kid didn’t look so unathletic to me…considering he had an easy 2 handed dunk. Looked no less athletic than irvin. Also I think I counted 30 pts in this clip just over a minute long. I think JB should go hard after him

    • matt d

      In all seriousness, if you truly believe that kid looked no less athletic than Zack Irvin, I would suggest a trip to Lenscrafters. I understand everyone has their own opinion, and I certainly respect what your view on this particular topic is, but I think it is quite obvious to anybody that has watched both prospects on film that Irvin is a substantially better athlete versus Haney.

      • True

        I saw the clip of Irvin and I saw a 6’5 tweener that cannot shoot. Who cares how athletic Irvin might be if he is 6’5, cant play the 1 and doesnt shoot well? Its funny how people sterotype “athletes”. I wont go there, but what I did see is Haney finish with a big time 2 handed dunk in traffic and in the Irvin video there are no dunks and not one finish anywhere near the rim, but he is WAY more athletic? Why? Based on what you saw? Like I said, I will leave alone the stereotype. Work hard Haney, sports stereotypes are hard to overcome….

  • matt d

    One word – underwhelming. Kid has a nice stroke, but simply doesn’t have the fluidity, ball handling skills, lateral movement, or athleticism to really help the team out at this point. His game is very stiff, I wish him the best of luck, but hopefully somewhere other than Ann Arbor.

  • True

    wow..tough crowd. “Simply doesnt have the ball handling skills, lateral movement, or athleticism to really help the team out AT THIS POINT”….Do you realize he is 15 yrs old?

    The kid is a 6’6″ 15 yr old, obviously there are no 15 yr olds in the country who are going to help out a Big Ten program, AT THIS POINT. Also, I doubt there are too many 15 yr old 6’6″ kids nationally who shoot the ball like that, can handle and pass and are dunking in transition like the kids on this vide. I guess nobody could watch that video and imagine what 3 yrs of weight room and growth would do!

    No, at 15 he cannot help UM right now….great point…you have to wonder who is really writing off clearly talented 6’6” 15yr olds on blogs….gotta love it!

    • matt d

      I do realize he is 15 years old, but I have certainly seen other recruits such as Pointer, Garry Harris, Irvin, etc. that certainly have the above mentioned traits to compete in the Big 10 athletically at the same age. So if we all are in agreement that this team needs an injection of athleticism, and players such as Pointer, Harris, and Irvin are wish list points of reference, and players such as Haney simply don’t have those desired traits, it’s only justifiable that Haney is critiqued accordingly.

      Bottom line, most recruits don’t develop more athleticism(perhaps more strength – but that is different that athleticism) from the ages of 16-18, at that point you are what you are. Simply put, players don’t make significant leaps in terms of lateral quickness, jumping ability, speed once they get on campus. Skill and decision making can certainly improve by a wide margin, but not athleticism,, and that kid has a limited upside because he simply isn’t athletic enough to make the kind of impact that I’d like to see our recruits make, but that is just my opinion.

      • billiam

        2 quick points:

        1.) That skills/strength improve quickness. Skills improve quickness: if you can’t dribble a fast cross-over, you can’t show your true quickness on the ball. Strength improves quickness: if your butt isn’t down on defense (and try doing that all game without conditioning) you’re going to get beat.

        2.) How many 6-6 guys are coordinated at 15? I honestly don’t know, but I bet it’s not a lot. For example, I played Deangelo Chol, a decent player, and the kid was terrible as a freshman, but he’s obviously now going to UCLA.

      • True

        Apparently you are missing the point, which makes me wonder what your motives might be here. Anyway, Gary Harris isnt even a 2013 recruit, so right off the bat you just clearly do not even know what you are talking about. He is a 2012 recruit and 2 full years older than Haney. So why are you comparing Gary Harris to a kid that is not even in the same class? Also, Zak Irvin is smaller than Haney and cannot shoot the ball to save his life, a true brick layer. Apparently you have only seen highlights where guess what? Usually nobody misses… Can he dunk better? Is he a better athlete? Probably….but you are advocating for a 6’5 athlete who cannot play the 1 and cannot hit open 15 foot shots to play at Michigan? Have you watched any games the past three years? Also, Irvin is almost 17 years old and old for his class, again, you do not have your facts even close to being straight in comparing players “the same age”.

        Your last point that kids don’t develop more athleticism from the ages of 16-18 is not worthy of a reply, but I will. Are you joking? Where did you get your physiology degree? Hopefully not Michigan. Perhaps the most development with tall kids..i.e. 6’6″ 15 yr olds, occurs from 15-17. That is when their legs develop and they grow into their bodies. You are entitled to your opinion, but factually most of what you said wasnt even accurate and I seriously question if you have much practical basketball experience to write off any player after a two minute video where he scored 40+ points.

  • Tom_McC

    Easy guys…this kid is a sophomore in HS.

    He actually reminds me very favorably to Klay Thompson at the same age. They both have great perimeter shots and the carry themselves the same way. Haney is built a little better and Klay was bit more wirey/skinny but they have very similar games.

    It will be interesting to see how Haney develops his off the dribble game. If he can become real threat off the bounce, he has a chance to be a very good player and someone UM should most definitely he pursuing.

  • Unreal

    Are some of you out of your minds? This kid’s jumper is UNREAL. There isn’t a 15 year old high school kid in the COUNTRY that can shoot it like this kid does. He is 6’5, going on 6’6 at 15 years old, on a frame that clearly can get taller AND, more importantly, thicker. Every time I have happened upon this kid playing in AAU his shot has been ridiculous. He scores in so many ways it is scary. Those of you knocking him for lack of quickness or lateral movement apparently have not spent much time around growing kids…it is clear that this kid hasn’t grown into his body yet. The simple fact that he is already as athletic as he is showing in this video is impressive in and of itself. Keep in mind that most 15 year old kids are FRESHMAN, not Sophs. In fact, in this day and age, there are 15 year old 8th graders. If he were to re-classify to the 2014 class, which would be age appropriate for elite athletes, he would be off the charts. If UM fans thinks they are too good for this kid…they are being delusional. This kid has more potential than anyone in his class, hands down…and it isn’t even close. Granted, he can improve an awful lot…but many other prospects in his class don’t have the room for growth or the skill set that he has.

  • Coach D

    You know the funny thing is if you wright him off now, you will be sad if he is playing against you in 2014. He is 15 and as “SMART” as any kid in our state, and accross the country. What you don’t understand about Steve, is that he is putting in the work while others are comfortable with their game. I know he will be at this level or better by the end of his high school career. You may sleep on him now but if he puts on the Blue and Yellow, you will be very happy. If you like Stu you will be very excited about Jr trust that. Name a kid other then Josh Konsinski that shoots better then him or even equal to him in Michigan.

    • Ben

      I’m pretty sure most kids his age that have a chance to play D-1 are working on their game constantly……I have watch a lot of videos of kids in the 2013 class and he just doesn’t stack up athletically to the others were recruiting. Yes he can flat out shoot but he’s not the type of player we are in need of right now. We need more athletes and that’s that’s. I’m sure this kid will do fine where ever he ends up but I can’t see him turning in to a dominate player. I’m not trying to tare this kid down but I just feel we can do better and I don’t think I’m wrong feeling this way.

      • real talk

        If you like Stu Douglas and think he is what you need how can you not like him. He will be longer and better then Stu. People are just trying to make a point now this kid fits in coach B system and coach b likes him from my understand and went down to watch him in Lansing a couple of weeks ago. Like him or not you may get him lol have a good night Ben.

        • Ben

          Actually I’m not a fan of Stu…This kid fits the old Beilein system, The new beilein system is going to be much more athletic…ex Glenn Robinson Jr, Stauskas, Burke, Brundidge. Even Beilein himself has said many time this year that they need to get more athletic and faster. During the tournament all the analyse said that Michigan needs to get more athletic to play with the top teams. So that what beilein is doing in recruiting. Beilein may be recruiting but I won’t be suprised if this kid doesn’t get a u of M offer june 15th. Now there is alot of AAU this weekend maybe this kid proves me wrong and shows me something more on the AAU circuit, I guess we will find out on monday..

  • ToBlav

    Anyone who thinks they can judge athletic ability from this tape is kidding themselves. He was athletic enough to make every play shown. How can anyone assume I doesn’t have more in the tank if it was needed. He looked great playing on cruise controll. The great ones (not saying he is, for lack of evidence) make it look easy, and what we see here doesn’t rule that possiblity out.

    • Unreal

      Agreed. He looks athletic enough to me…the dunks, basket cuts, and open floor running seem pretty good for a 15 year old 6’5/6’6 kid. He is already 6’5 for sure, and is as close to a once in a lifetime shooter as I have seen at his age.

      • Ben

        I hope you have seen him play more then just this video to label him “a once in a lifetime shooter” because other videos I’ve seen of him he didn’t shoot this well. This kid is a good shooter with the potential to be a great shooter but “once in a lifetime” come on……

  • Anton

    He’s probably a MAC level talent. A good one to keep an eye on in case he grows to 6’7 or so. He appears to run awkward and his shoes look huge. Might mean he has a chance to get a little taller.

  • MAS

    MAC level recruit what are you smoking? There is a very good chance Haney is going to be the top player in Michigan for 2013 and he is definitely a high major player. The game you are watching he dropped 40. He probably already had 4 or5 games over 30 in AAU ball.

    I know not very has the time or means to watch these kids in person but making a proclamation about what type of player someone is based on a 2 minute video is just silly. You really want to understand what type of player someone is go watch them play a full game.

    Ben, I read your rant up top and while I agree that UofM needs more athletes you mentioning Pointer is laughable. At the same age Pointer couldn’t even make a layup. He was a 6-5 unskilled center that struggled to dribble the ball. No one had him going high major his sophomore year because no one thought he would be able to play wing at the college level. Bad comparison and don’t expect much out of Pointer at St. Johns next season unless he is their defensive specialist.

    • Ben

      I never mention Pointer…..

  • hoopfan

    What did Irvin do in his video that was so spectacularly athletic? I didn’t see one dunk, but saw a lot of flat footed floaters. And haney was on cruise control still scoring at least 30. And obviously the kid can play if espn has in on track to be a top 100 player

  • How bad an athlete can he be, when his dad was a very good D1 player, and his uncle is a top 5 all-time player?

    • Neo

      Good point Bell. His dad to this day is in top 3 in history of Big West Conference in 3pt shooting and if I remember was close to 30 ppg scorer at Lansing Everett HS before a 3 pt shot and….1st Cuz is Magic Johnson. Yea….I’d put the money on the kid. Pretty sure the Dad and cousin (who he is close with I hear) might teach him a trick or two before he gets ready for college…and pretty sure telling him to ignore this stuff and just work.

  • hoopfan

    Hey steve…didn’t you put on your website a while back that haney had like 30 on irvin and that eg all star team?

  • Justin

    Cliffnotes: This is a kid that is good and is still young. He has the potential to be very good. Some posters note accurately that he doesn’t show too much athleticism in this vid but inaccurately write him off. Other posters who might be more involved in the MHSAA ////// AAU scene contrarily state he is for reals