2010-11 Season Highlights: Jordan Morgan

Dylan Burkhardt

Another highlight video from Josh Houchin. All of the highlight videos will be archived on this page and Morgan’s report card was already posted.

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  • Mitchigan

    What a year from the Big Fella engineering things down low. He’s got three more years left as a leader and to improve. I have high expectations for his career and hopefully whoever our point guard is next year continues to have a great connection with him.
    Go Blue!

  • gpsimms

    great video, again. hopefully darius watches this video and realizes he wants another year watching jordan finish with authori-tay.

  • Bluebufoon

    I’ve always wondered what type of contributition Jordan Morgan would have made as a true freshman if he wouldn’t have gotten hurt ? Apparently Sean Sheldon is off the board, commiting to William & Mary according to Steve Bell’s website,

  • JD

    Another great video!

  • JD

    BTW- after taking April off, Coach Bacari is back at it with a vengeance on Twitter. He must have 50 posts today!

    One thing he mentions is that he hears Horford has bulked up to 246. Keep lifting, Jon!

    • KRN

      Grow Blue!

  • FL Wolve

    Sorry if this was already posted but Dylan is getting some love all over the Internet.


  • Kool Breeze

    Great Video, well done. Jordan Morgan was a very pleasant surprise this year, hopefully he really works on his mid-range game and takes it to the next level.

  • detroitbry

    Nice, love seeing all the people hating on Morgan eating crow.

  • Eric

    HALOL! now we know Bacari and possibly others on the staff read umhoops (:45 second mark) –

    • Giddings

      Great catch, doesn’t surprise me at all!

  • FL Wolve

    Watching this highlight reel just makes me wish even harder that DMo sees the light and comes back for 1 more year. We could have something really special next season as long as Morris returns for 1 more season.

  • JMo exemplifies the “hit or be hit” attitude that coach Bacari talks about. The fire and passion with which this young man plays the game is infectious, and he’s one tough mother.