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Dylan Burkhardt


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  • Stevie

    Sam Cassell jr is listed on that Massachusetts top 10! Too bad we aren’t recruiting him. His dad is my favorite player of alls time!!!!!

  • Casey, CO

    Wow Rivals, Brundidge not in the top 100? Trey Burke wins Mr. Basketball and is barely in the top 150. What a joke! Well let’s hope ESPN’s evaluations are more accurate evaluating our recruits. I think Burke is a really good player.

  • Kenny

    Michigan’s attendance ranks 9th in the league, only ahead of NW and PSU.

  • Kenny

    Dylan, thanks for digging out the article on Heckmann. If I read the bad translation correctly, he is visiting two US universities (SDSU and ?) now and will come back in mid May to visit the third before making his decision.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Pretty sure USD, not SDSU. That’s my red on the visits as well. I am under the impression that the first two (USD and somewhere else) are not to Michigan but the final visit later in May very well could be. That timing would make sense because there will be resolution on Darius’s situation on May 8th.

      • Kenny

        very much the same impression reading the article, makes a lot of sense that Michigan is the third school and the leader at the moment. Let’s see how this goes.

  • JB…

    “Patrick is more of a quiet guy who makes herself a lot. It bubbles not just so out of it.”

    I’m all in. Let’s get this kid!

  • Trevor

    German basketball translations: still more coherent than BTN announcers.

  • Brian W

    The NCAA’s Board of Directors adopted rule changes Thursday that will take effect next season and could have an impact on college basketball and football. Basketball players must decide before the first day of the spring signing period.

  • Alyzen

    That Google translation of the article is rough going at times, but the point comes through clearly enough. Sounds like Heckmann and his mom are really emphasizing the importance of his education and ensuring that he can make a life for himself after basketball. If I’m reading it right, it sounds like one school actually promised that Patrick would be able to finish his degree even if he was injured enough so that he couldn’t play again, and it seems like that made a big impression on them. It also sounds a lot like the Ben Cronin situation — I would venture a guess that Beilein’s the one who made that promise.

    The emphasis on a mid-May decision also seems telling, as Dylan suggests above. Darius’s decision comes on May 8th, and Heckmann’s got a mid-May visit tentatively planned with a decision to be announced shortly thereafter. It sounds to me like Heckmann really wants to come to Michigan, and Beilein has asked him to wait to make a decision until after Darius has made his own. If Darius goes, Heckmann visits in May, gets his offer in person, as Beilein likes to do, and commits on the spot. If Darius stays, the visit gets cancelled and he commits to Maryland — I mean, he’s gotta pick Maryland, right? USD is terrible. although San Diego ain’t bad, I guess.

    • Kenny

      I would assume all student athletes can get a free ride after career ending injury at any NCAA school, right?

      Maryland already has a German player in its 2011 class but I am not sure if they still have a scholarship available. Other school mentioned are Portland, Maine, and Boston College. Don’t know which one he is visiting.

  • mitch

    I don’t agree with those rankings. I can see CB dropping, because he had a better junior year than senior year. I am shocked that Burke didn’t get a 4th star. In the end Im happey with both guys, and hope they prove they can play. I can’t believe Kentucky has 3 out of top 5. I really hate Callipari.

  • UMQuasi

    Re: the rivals rankings: I’ve never been big into star ratings, but I’m shocked by Burke’s rating. What exactly don’t scouts like about him?

  • mike the original

    I’ve read through some of the earlier posts on Heckmann, but I still can get a feel for this guy. How good is he? I know this is a difficult question to answer for a foreign player, but it seems as if the consensus around here is that he would be a big steal for Michigan. What exactly is impressive about him? How would he be used? What current/former players might we compare him to? Seems like Robin Benzig was more of a big deal than this guy?

    • Reports I’ve read have him around 6’6, with good length and above average athleticism for a college wing.

      Also has skills to play the 1, 2 or 3 in college, more of a slasher type game, needs work on his outside shot, good ball handling and passing ability.

      Think he’d compete immediately with Burke for the PG position, and I’m sure Beilein loves his versatility and length. Seems like a pretty good insurance policy should Morris decide to leave, to come in and give us some good competition and depth at the PG spot.

      • bluerev

        I don’t know that he’s a European Jalen Rose and tho he reportedly played 1-3 suggestions are also that he lacked some lateral quickness which he’d need to guard opposing pgs. My guess is, tho he’d potentially get DMo’s spot on the roster, that he’d be a wing for us, but perhaps a guy who can play a point-wing in the offense ala Grant Hurley. To me he sounds more similiar to a smaller Evan Smotryscz with a better wingspan (looks that way in pics too).

        I see Burke and Douglass as our primary pgs (w/o Morris) and Brunridge and possibly Akunne getting some pt there too.

        • Kenny

          I don’t see him playing PG, expect Burke, Brundidge and Stu be our main ball handler and THJr has the ball as shot clock running down.

        • True, but Darius struggled to guard opposing PG’s this past year as well, even in the beginning of games, Stu was by far and away our most effective defender against guys like Lucas and Battle.

          Heckman would bring versatility and depth, and with our 2 guard offense, would pair nicely with any of Stu, Burke or Brundidge. At 6’6, he’s an extra ball handler, and probably draws the easiest perimeter defensive assignment, and if he can’t improve in defensive effort and awareness to the point that he’s at least adequate, then he’s probably not going to be earning any minutes anyway. But it shouldn’t be a question of talent, as he has enough athleticism and length to be a decent defender.

    • Kenny

      there are plenty of You-tube videos on this guy, including some recently ones. My impression is that he is a slasher but not a shooter, a good finisher once near the basket, quite athletic, decent ball handling, passing and rebounding, but not very active on defense. He is definitely no replacement of Morris, but may play some 3 next year. For what it worths, DraftExpress ranks him #17 international player in his age group (born 1992).–92/

  • wooderson

    I call bullshit on Iowa having a greater average attendance than us. There is never anybody there even for conference games.

  • Suavdaddy

    Meh on the German. I would much rather bank the schollie and full court press the Indiana guy – Davis?

  • Mattski

    Sounds like Beilein may have an ace up his sleeve here in Heckmann. Wonder if all of the various teams he has played on give him a leg up on American players at all? Or is the quality of play just not up to snuff in Germany. Funny that he might be “not active on D” since I thought that was one advantage Europlayers might bring to the table.

  • Brian W

    Per WXYT radio, Darius Morris has been invited to the New Jersey Nets workout camp on May 7.

    • Lyn

      Hmm, day before he has to withdraw from the draft if he’s returning to school….

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        The camp actually runs the 7th and 8th and is designed for players testing the waters as well, despite having just a matter of hours to withdraw their names from the draft.

  • rkw

    Barry sanders got the loudest ovation among ex players at nfl draft

  • JD

    IF Morris leaves, I think we’d be better suited saving that scholarship and using it on a big in the 2012 class. If it’s a choice between Mitch McGary (or somebody of that talent level and size) or Heckman, I’d go with Mitch.

    • georgeesq.

      It’s not a choice. McGary is not high on Michigan and appears to be a long shot. We lose Novak and perhaps THJ after next season. Having a 3 (Heckmann) with a year under his belt in 2012-13 might not be a bad idea.

      • JD

        There are still probably a fair amount of talented bigs for 2012 that haven’t committed to a school yet. I’d rather aim high than just add more depth at a position we are already in pretty good shape with.

        I can’t think that there isn’t a big fella that wouldn’t enjoy playing with Hardaway, Burke, Brundidge, GR III & NIk.

        • JD

          Isn’t Jordan Hare still undecided? Focus on him (or somebody like him) if Darius goes. Bring in a shot-blocker!

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Heckmann is in the class of 2011, not 2012.

      • JD

        I know. I was just saying I think we’d be better off banking that scholarship instead of using it this year if Morris stays in the draft.

  • Bluebufoon reported Friday Heckmann visited Boston College earlier this week.

  • FL Wolve

    Wasn’t there a Danish kid that JB was recruiting as well? Whatever happened to him?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      He eventually committed to Arizona State. Heckmann appears to be a more highly regarded prospect.

  • Anton

    Does Conlan help us potentially land this kid?

    • Sam

      Conlan is the head of basketball operations and is not allowed to recruit.

  • FL Wolve

    I would take Heckmann in a heartbeat because he obviously has talent. I’m always concerned with recruiting euros however because it’s too easy for them to pack it up and head back home to play for pay. Heckmann would be kind of an insurance policy however because we currently have Hardaway and we will soon have Stauskas and Robinson to play the 3 so even if Heckmann bolted, I don’t think he would leave a hole in the roster.

  • TheYooper
  • Sam

    And Larry Nance, Jr. commits to Wyoming

  • Dirtgrain

    Wyoming? Surprising.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Mountain West seems like a good fit. Nance was good but mid-major-plus seems like a better fit than HM for him.

      • Dirtgrain

        Yah, I was just thinking location.