Video: Chris Jenkins Spring AAU Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Despite the commitments of Glenn Robinson III and Nick Stauskas, Michigan continues to evaluate further options in the class of 2012. A number of instate 2012 prospects have played well this spring, including Javontae Hawkins, Sherron Dorsey-Walker, and Chris Jenkins. Jenkins is lengthy wing from Detroit Jesuit that Joe interviewed back in March. Playing with the REACH Legends, he was named the MVP of the Grand Rapids Storm Classic and Michigan Prep Stars was on the scene to put together a video containing footage from both the Motown Showdown and Storm Classic.

  • georgeesq.

    Can’t see them taking another wing in ’12 unless it’s Harris. Jenkins definitely looked good in those highlights, but I’d like to see him against better competition.

  • Tweeter

    Definitely has got ability. Looks reasonably athletic and can finish with either hand. I actually could see them taking another wing for the simple reason that Stauskas and Robinson may end up playing at other spots. Stauskas has the ball skills to be play either guard spot and really with his overall playmaking ability it may be better for the whole team to have him play there. Robinson needs to put on some weight, but he seems to already be long enough to play the 4.

    The year after next we also could lose everyone on the current roster that plays the 3 (depending on what THJr does).

  • Kenny

    Dylan, any news on Patrick Heckmann, has he made his trip to US yet?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Doing some digging on this. Will let you guys know.

  • Bluebufoon

    Christophe from last week said Heckmann was still considering his options, which includes playing professionally for Bayern Munich and playing collegiately in the US.

  • MAS

    I just can’t see him receiving an offer based on already having commits from 2 wings. His freshmen and sophomore year really thought he might turn out to be really good but for some reason he just doesn’t produce for someone with is size and skill.


    He looks like a good prospect. I like his handle and play ground type game. He seems to shoot pretty well (for the few he took) and you add that with his rack ability put some weight on him and he could be a high major prospect. I’d take him if GR3 was to play the 4 and if we knew what THJ was gone do, no question. Lot of upside if coached right!