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Dylan Burkhardt


  • miketheoriginal
  • Sam

    If anyone is interested, I know I posted a scouting report of Drake Harris on a message board here over winter break when he was playing in a holiday tournament. I’m not sure if Dylan knows how to bring that back up, but it’s floating around the interwebs somewhere.

  • “A quick check among NBA scouts and agents reveals that virtually all of these players are far enough down the road with agents that it’s impossible they’ll return to school.”

    Dylan, can you clarify this statement, is one of the players they’re refering to Darius, or just some other guys who are in a similar situation to him, but further along with agents at this point?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Morris was on the list that he was referring to. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Morris has been working with an agent in some capacity. However there are ways to do that without compromising eligibility.

  • Chief

    Eric Katenda (former target) picked ND over Wake Forest.

  • Eric

    I honestly think D-Mo is doing everything he can to leave school and enter the draft this year, searching for reason TO enter, not to come back. Pretty much the same things are being said everywhere, that he needs to definitely improve his shooting and also his left hand. There is a decent consensus that he will be around pick 35-40, where money is not guaranteed and a lockout is impending. He can come back and reach that first round tier for sure with another year of improving, but I truly think he wants to go pro as soon as possible. If he doesn’t want to be here, good luck on the bench/D-League your first couple years because that is where he will be.

    • ForeverBlue23

      I tend to agree with your assessment. I suppose there’s a chance he could land with a team that will give him early playing time but there’s a bigger chance that he lands in the D-League. I just don’t think you can be a successful NBA PG if you don’t have a perimeter shot or quicks.

      I’m pretty sure he wants to go and will be convinced by the glass half full crowd of his prospects. And he might be right, despite the many reservations.

  • Tom

    Is Darius’ brother acting as his agent? Or perhaps as a go-between?

    • georgeesq.

      No. He has talked to agent(s), but I believe his dad has, too. And most likely, Darius has. He can talk to an agent; just can’t sign or accept anything from and agent.

  • Anton

    I hate to see a good kid like Darius make a huge mistake. His goal should be to have a career in the NBA, not get drafted. With his shot he is likely playing in Europe in 2 years.

    • Brian W

      I agree with you. In the years since Kevin Garnett went pro, there have been plenty of players who made the jump that weren’t ready. It’s effected the talent level in college and the NBA in a bad way in the last 10 years. Charles Barkley made some dumb statements during the NCAA tournament, but the one thing that I agreed with him on is that the NBA should put in a rule that players can’t declare for the draft until after their junior year. LeBron, Kobe and K.G. are the rarity, not the norm. When Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard and Chris Webber left early, they had NBA skills (not just one skill, but skills). Darius became a good college guard in his second year, but he’s not ready for the NBA. It tells you how bad the talent level for the NBA draft has fallen in the last decade because of the early entries, though, when a player with holes in his game is projected as a late first round pick or second round pick.

      • Wes D.

        DARIUS!!!!!!! Don’t make the same mistake has “MARCUS TAYLOR” MSU

        • Wes D.

          Oops, I mean “as”

  • Alex

    I only want him to come back if he is committed to one more year. It won’t help him or us if he is focused on the NBA like Dmitri Mcamey was this year. I hope he makes the best decision for him.

    • I agree. Team chemistry and play could be affected if he comes back to UM and all that he is thinking about is trying to impress NBA scouts.

  • Stevie

    Illinois wouldn’t have even made the NIT without McCamey. It’s the same with us. We’ll still be alot better with a distracted DMo that we spud be without him.

    • Mattski

      Yes, and the inference that he’s going to play selfishly if he does come back undersells Darius, who we were all busy worshiping two minutes earlier. Easy, fellas!

  • Ben

    It sounds like he wanting to enter……We Michigan fans can’t catch a break, I was so excited for next year and a chance to potentially play for the big ten championship……I don’t understand why all 3 of North Carolina kids who were garaunteed first round picks, 2 of which were lottery locks decided to stay in school. We have one player that is a early second round pick at best and he looks like he is leaving……….WHY??? Darius has to realize that one more year will strengthen his draft stock.

  • Lyn

    He has until May 8th to withdraw. I really hope his family isn’t pressuring him to go….

  • hoops4days

    Sir’ Dominic Pointer hs a twin sister ->


    That was one of the best names I have read in a while. That is up there with La-a. Its not La’a it is LaDasha. The dash ain’t silent.

    • Bird

      That’s good stuff. I might change my name to Birdampersand.

      I feel bad for Zack and Stu if Darius leaves and takes they’re chance at a conference title and perhaps a second weekend in the NCAAs with him. That’s a bit dramatic — I don’t think it’s a doomsday scenario. Sr. Stu would probably handle a good portion of the 1 while Fr. Trey gets indoctrinated into the system, right?

      • Trevor

        I totally read that as “Sir’ Stu” at first. And I agree; however much prep work Trey puts in this offseason, it’s hard to imagine him coming in and handling a majority of the point guard duties.

      • bluerev

        I’d think we’d keep 2 of 3 of Douglass (30), Burke(25) and Brunrdidge (20) on floor at almost all times–for about 75 mpg to try and make up for Morris’ ballhandling. Those guys probably have a better outside shot, but penetration, passing and defense will be hard to account for compared to having DMo back. Come on back FO ONE MO, DMO! (and the kids will be ready in a year–or make it two more and we’ll be deep like heaven).

  • Your right but doubt Stu starts over Trey at the 1 if Darius leaves

    • Beast1530

      if Trey doesn’t pick up the system quick enough, I can see Stu starting over Trey. JB’s system is complicated that it depends on some people on whether they can pick up the system quickly or not.

  • JBs system isnt all that complicated. i mean c’mon where not talking bout duke hear where there are multiple sets. TBs job will be to get the outside shooters the ball by penetraing and kicking and scoring when the open shot is there or whenever the situation calls. with that said i think burke is better in that position than stu (just my honest opinion) burke novak and thj should be the starting guards with stu coming off the bench first

    • Sam

      You think Beilein’s offense consists of one set??? Are you kidding me? Yes, we may have a common four outside/one inside the perimeter base set, but we run so many different actions out of it it’s ridiculous. I don’t think there are many more offenses in the country that are much more complicated than Beilein’s, which makes it so hard to guard. I think we will see Stu at least start the point at the beginning of the season if DMo chooses to leave, but let’s hold this discussion until after May 8.

      • MiamiWolv

        If Stu is our point guard we will be lucky to beat anyone other then Chaminade in Maui. We will see a repeat of the Old Spice classic.