Video: Nik Stauskas Easter Workouts

Dylan Burkhardt

2012 Michigan commitment Nik Stauskas was back at home over the holidays and put together a couple videos of him working out. One has been floating around all weekend, with Nik going through an array of ball handling and shooting drills (after the jump), but the latest video might be even more impressive. Nik focuses entirely on shooting the second video and makes 95 threes in 5 minutes and 123 of 141 threes in 6 and a half minutes.

The original workout video is after the jump.

  • Nate the Newt

    When they introduce two-ball play for the 2012 B1G season, this kid is going to be unstoppable.

    • JeremyS

      This is the funniest comment ever.

  • georgeesq.

    I counted 19 misses, LOL.

  • Cner16

    Does the title in the first video imply that he is the best shooter in the US (where he plays high school) or in Canada?

  • Rob

    I can see that hes still wearing Under Armour and Nike products, i guess the Adidas gear must have fit some Windsor-Detroit border security agents pretty well.

  • bones

    kinda boring.

  • Quick Darshan

    Even more impressive is that this was outside. And that second video looked like it was fairly windy.

  • Casey, CO

    It only got boring to watch because he hardly ever misses, this is just ridiculous. I would have been more impressed if he was moving around the 3-point line, I guess that’s a little greedy considering this shooting display though.

  • grandchamp

    Nik is the man. All the kids that we are getting seem to be great people with a lot of work ethic.

  • alan

    the next jimmer ferdette 2.0

    • Trevor

      Wouldn’t that make him 2.1?
      And I see him more as a Keith Van Horn 8.6.

      /all white people look alike

  • Dirtgrain

    This just in: Beilein is scheduling all 2012-13 home games to take place at Stauskas’s home court.

  • Giddings

    Gotta love the power of the internets these days. Pretty nice setup he’s got in that backyard, too. I guess we can assume those are his parents in the video?

  • LLBlueJ

    Good to see a 6’6″ kid working on his ball handling and his outside shot.

  • Tweeter

    Between this, Trey Burke’s workouts vids and Robinson dunking on everyone who has ever played AAU, I think I am all worn out on the recruit-porn. I am really jonesing for a game preview.

    • JimC

      Guys might as well start putting those little trampolines in their driveway and wearing gorilla masks. This, and Novak reciting pi to the 100th decimal or whatever….they’re like good bar tricks.

      • JimC

        And yeah I get this was basketball skills. But there are probably a lot of globetrotter-like videos on youtube in the universe of recruits.

  • KRN

    Someone needs to set up a Vogrich vs. Stauskas three-point contest.

  • ZM

    how firm is his commitment? do we have to worry about losing this kid if he blows up on the circuit?

    • Sam

      Yeah, I was kinda wondering the same thing about this Trey Burke kid. He seems to really have played a good season and may be blowing up. Any chance he’s gonna wait on some bigger offers now??


      • ZM

        TB is class of 2011 — he’s signed his LOI. Stauskas is 2012 and is a verbal commit at this time.

        • Sam

          FYI, /s stand for sarcasm. I know that Burke is already signed and coming to Michigan for sure. What I am trying to say is that it seems like everyone is always so worried that a kid is going to de-commit from Michigan if he gets bigger offers or something. It’s not like that in basketball. Stauskas was about to commit to Michigan early last season, but instead decided to wait and see what other schools showed interest in him. Within a few months he racked up a couple more big offers, including Kansas, and proceeded to commit to Michigan. Do you really think we have to be worried about him de-committing at this point?

  • Will

    I think the reason for not moving around the line was because he was challenged to try to hit 100 3’s in 5 minutes (came up a couple short) but if you’re moving you’ll never get to 100 in 5 minutes.

    • 100 in five minutes: that’s one make every three seconds. Insane goal, but he was pretty close.

  • Will

    and the backyard setup is sweet, but figure the Parents spent 5k on a sport court for the backyard and the kid rewarded them with a free ride to college, pretty god deal for a parent

  • Section13Row15

    That is an amazing investment! My son is being born in June and has a 6’5″ dad and 5’11” mom. Construction on his personal PDC will begin immediately. lol!

  • Will

    I agree, I’ve got a 5yr old and a 3 month old boy with a 6’4″ dad with varsity coaching experience, so if the boys show they want to be the best they can be, there’ll definitely be a sport court in our backyard

    • Trevor

      Does he know their his?


  • Paul F.

    Pretty cool video. I used to shoot like that. Not the makes but, the misses.

    • Will

      not to piss in everyone’s wheaties, but James Voskuil could shoot like this in warmups too

      • Yeah, and if Voskuil had Nik’s ball handling and dribble drive game he would’ve been a much better player.

        No one expects Nik to shoot 86% from 3 in college, but when you combine his shooting skill with his ball handling, above average athleticism, good height for a college SG/wing, and competitiveness you’re looking at a pretty good prospect, especially considering he has another 16 mos to get better before he steps foot on campus.

        Sso you can kindly stop peeing now, it’s not as if people are going overboard with exclamations of greatness or anything.

  • Ballastv has made a great new video collection for nick here

  • Sherwyn Cooper

    nick is amazing