Darius Morris To Enter NBA Draft Without Hiring Agent

Dylan Burkhardt

dariusMorris[1]Darius Morris filed paper work to enter his name in the 2011 NBA Draft without hiring an agent. Here’s the full University of Michigan Release:

University of Michigan sophomore guard Darius Morris (Los Angeles, Calif./Windward HS) has submitted the necessary paperwork to declare for the 2011 National Basketball Association (NBA) Draft, but has opted not to hire an agent at this time.

Morris is eligible to return to Michigan for his junior season if he withdraws his name from draft consideration before the May 8 deadline.

“All my life it has been a goal of mine to play in the NBA and I am blessed to have the opportunity to take this step towards that dream,” said Morris. “I look forward to going through this process with the potential of playing at the next level.”

“This is the next step in gathering as much information as possible to assist Darius in making an educated decision,” said U-M head coach John Beilein. “As Darius considers his options we will continue to support him in every way we can throughout the process.”

Morris, who was an All-Big Ten third team selection by both the coaches and media, helped the Wolverines to a 21-14 record and a trip to the NCAA Tournament third round. He recorded the largest margin of improvement in scoring in the Big Ten, jumping from 4.4 points per game as a freshman to a team-best 15.0 per game this past season.

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  • emmekel

    Man, I hope he comes back.

  • alex

    stay one more season and enter draft with t-hardaway next year

  • maxwell’s demon

    If he does go I’m going to start wondering about Beilein not being able to cater towards players with even the slightest ego.

    • BlimpyBlue

      If he does go and gets drafted, I’d rather point to how Beilein took a borderline top 100 recruit and turned him into an NBA draft pick in two years.

      • maxwell’s demon

        If he goes and goes undrafted I’d be interested why our two best players of the last 5 years left before they should have.

        • Dirtgrain

          I don’t believe Beilein encouraged Manny Harris to leave early, but Harris did well this season. Perhaps he didn’t leave too early. How much money did he make last year? If Morris gets drafted in the first round, how much money will he make? What defines “too early” when the NBA minimum salary is almost half a million. Harris, if he sticks another year, will be slated for $788,000 next year. Not too shabby.

          • maxwell’s demon

            I definitely don’t think Beilein encouraged Manny to go. And I don’t think going undrafted was what Manny was hoping for. Did it work out because a decimated team picked him up over the summer? Yes. I think he must have really wanted to leave to make such a risky move.

            Also, don’t read too much into my comments here. (a) I love Morris and hope he has a real NBA career. (b) I still don’t think he’ll actually leave. (c) I think Beilein is a great coach and talent developer.

            But if Morris were to leave without a first round guarantee, I’d just wonder a little bit if both he and Manny had some head butting going on with JB.

          • Kenny

            Manny was lucky that Cavs picked him up but seriously i think that his long term basketball playing career is not in US, whether or not he staying his senior year. Financially, staying one more year doesn’t make much differences in longer term.

            Morris is a big PG with top notch play making skills, that will likely to give him a long career in NBA. If he moderately improves his outside shooting and his left hand, he will likely be a lottery pick or at least mid first rounder. Although there might be plenty of teams would like to take a chance on him, if he ends up in the development league next year, he gets paid much less than a scholarship worth 50-60K a year and there is still no guarantee that he will make a roster the year after. He is taking a real risk here.

        • Gary

          I am so glad I am not a college hoops coach. You don’t get the one-and-dones – you can’t recruit. You get a decent player, he develops into NBA draft material and leaves early – you can’t keep your players happy. Bottom line is you can’t win with some fans.

          • maxwell’s demon

            JB wins with me. Darius Morris wins with me. I suppose I must never say anything hypothetical or anything short of berry feeding and belly tickling.

          • billiam

            Nice sarcasm. didn’t dude say “don’t read too much into my comments”?

          • gobluetwo

            Berry feeding? What is that? Is that seriously a thing or something you made up?

      • Brian

        yes ,Beilein is great and is pulling in great players .if he keeps it up we will win a nat title in 2 or 3 yrs .if morris come back they will make a run .they play well togather.we have a great PG coming in this yr if morris gose.so good luck morris ,do what you need to do.but if you come back i can see a ring on your hand( Big Ten) .GO BLUE!!!!!!!!

    • Mattski

      I find this statement a bit difficult to translate–do you mean he SHOULD cater to them and is failing to? Almost any way you slice it, you would be reading in a heckuva long way since we know ZERO about each player’s personal circumstances, feelings about school, ZILCH. And Darius is still here.

      P.S. For 99% of people even the guaranteed minimum incomes seem incredibly good. I think Darius has a lot more upside than some, even now, may realize. Going could just be a sign of his confidence in himself. After all, he can come back and finish school at any time. Also, staying in until the last moment gets your name bandied about a little more whether you plan to go or not, probably good from a marketing p.o.v.

    • georgeesq.

      First, I don’t think that we’re talking “slightest ego” here. Second, he’s not running away from Beilein; he’s running towards the NBA.

  • Casey, CO

    I’m worried… Trey Burke better be ready to play. The panic button has been pressed for me.

    • I think the panic button pushing might be a little premature. If he decides to hire an agent then we should all freak out and start wearing tinfoil hats, but for now he is just getting all of the necessary information. I’m a little worried, but if it is genuinely good for this kid to go pro then I wish him the best of luck.

      • Casey, CO

        Ohh I definitely support him in what he decides to do, he’s gonna do what’s best for him and thats no matter what in the end the right decision. I’m just saying for the state of the program i’ll be a little upset.

    • Brian

      he will be ,he is the best PG that michigan has pulled in out of high school in yrs .dont get me wrong morris is great ,but trey has speed on his side and can shoot from anywhere. i think michigan is on the right track to be great.

  • MichBball

    This just means he hasn’t made his mind up yet, so he entered his name without hiring an agent. This gives him more time to decide and receive feedback from scouts. Right? God, I hope I’m right.

    • Anton

      you are correct. Now we wait.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    I might be wrong but I thought we already knew this was going to happen. May 8 has always been the important date.

    • Mith

      Yeah, I don’t see the concern. LIke it was said above, if he hires an agent then we’re screwed. I still think he’ll come back.

      • Brian

        me to .GO BLUE!!!!!!

  • Stevie

    Well that’s a good way to ruin my 3 day weekend.

  • Phil

    So if he does leave, would we sign another best available player for 2012 or use it towards 2013?

    • ScottGoBlue

      Beilein seems inclined to use up all the scholarships he has, so my money would be on 2012. Especially since Hardaway could go pro after next year, too. Not a lock, but not hard to imagine. So you get a 2012 now, another scholarship opens up via THJ, and use that on 2013. That seems to be the most realistic scenario. But who knows, right?

  • Skinzkid

    Still have a Shot, come on back Darius!!!

  • homeslice jones

    he was always going to do this. you want to hear from the actual NBA teams, not third party scouts. i’m no less encouraged than i was yesterday. shamone.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    I like D-Mo’s game a lot, but looking at this as objectively as I can, I think he should stay. He has two glaring short-comings that will be seriously exploited in the NBA – lack of an excellent left hand and a weak outside shot.

    I just think this has Marcus Taylor written all over it if he leaves early.

  • gpsimms

    i blame umhoops.com! he saw his highlight video and thought, “man, i’m sweet.” so he decided to enter his name.

    • MaizeNBlueJ

      LOL. If it will help, I can put together a video of all his mistakes and the missed shot against Duke to motivate him to come back! :-P

      • billiam


        all of UM fandom.

        (I KNOW it was a joke.)

  • Slim

    All i can say it if Darius does choose to leave early i support him all the way and hope he has a all star career, he has the potential. Im focused on Trey Burke as of now. I have faith in the kid.

    • Brian

      aman, he will be a super star just wait and see.

  • Tweeter

    well so much for me being productive at all over the next few weeks, or until a final decision is made. Does Darius realize he is effectively imprisoning me in the interwebs to refresh every basketball related page until I know the final outcome?

    Seriously though, I will be very disappointed if he leaves for my own selfish reasons, but wish him the best of luck at the next level. This is all part of the package when you get really good players on your team and I dont think anyone is complaining about that.

    • wayman britt

      Well said.

      • Brian

        if he dose leave ,i hope he gose to the Pacers .we need a good PG lol

  • snoopblue

    If he does go, is there anyway either of those two players from Detroit that were released from their scholarships from Dayton would be interested? We would have a scholarship available, right?

  • Matt

    Those two players are terrible. I hope not

  • Erik

    He really should stay. This team is going to peak next year with everyone returning plus Burke, Brundidge, etc. They are going to start the season ranked, and get a lot of media attention. Even if Morris duplicates this years numbers, he’ll have a lot more people watching him next year.

  • Kainkitizen

    Oh Great, just when we get good the good starts to go and look for greener pasture. He is a young man that thinks money is the ultimate for success, success is measured in winning. He doesn’t see how great he and his basketball team brothers are going to be next season. The green is blinding him. I bet e.lansing is cheering there little hearts out right now.

  • Jeremy_C

    Support whatever D-Mo’s ultimate decision is!!! Would love to have him back for another year to make a big run next year tho!!! Smart kid not thinking of money just trying to live a dream!!!

  • Casey, CO

    If you haven’t seen this yet its a pretty cool video of Trey Burke puttin’ in work. The journey to Ann Arbor.

  • Bluebufoon

    To cover our bases, it would be interesting to get an update on 6-6, German Patrick Heckmann because it looks like a scholarship has opened at U-M or is in the process of opening up ?

    • Kenny

      Heckmann seems to be a more than decent back-up plan and I hope that the coaches start to push him now. I feel that D-Mo will be gone. I wish him the best luck and hope that some one sees his potential and snap him early in the draft.

  • BigPlayBray

    All he is doing is following the entire evaluation process. Since you can only enter the process once and pull-out, it wouldn’t have made any sense to put his name in initially and then pull-out now. Let him go through the process. If he does well and can be selected in the 1st round, best of luck. Personally I think he will come back and benefit from athird and final year.

  • Trevor

    Work stoppage considerations:
    With so many big name frosh — who were assumed to be one-and-done — coming back, I have to assume that they’re getting advice of a very likely work stoppage. This creates an interesting scenario for guys like Morris who could generally expect to be borderline first round picks in either year.

    On the one hand, an impending stoppage means nobody’s getting paid next year, and staying in school means the opportunity to continue to play on a bright domestic stage.

    On the other hand, there will be an artificially low number of people competing for first round spots this year and an artificially high number next year. I’d have to think that Darius’s chances of getting a guaranteed first-round contract are higher if he leaves this year than next. Granted, there are probably a number of other underclassmen thinking the same thing, so the total number of early entrants might not be down, but there will likely be considerably fewer players that are guaranteed to be picked before Darius (Sullinger, Barnes, Derrick Williams, Perry Jones, etc.).

  • JD

    LIke I’ve said before, I think it makes more sense for him long-term to come back for one more year. There are too many uncertainties about his game and about the NBA’s immediate future to take the leap this spring.

    Obviously, I think his Michigan team will be a lot better with him returning but I don’t think we will be totally screwed if he stays in the draft. From what I see of Burke, he could be a solid starter as a Frosh and I think Brundidge and Stu would do okay backing up the point.

    I think we’d still most likely make the tourney without Darius but I think we’ve got a good shot at making the Sweet 16 or better with him.

    • JD

      Either way, I wish him well.