Recruiting Bullets: April 20th, 2011

Dylan Burkhardt


  • mountain52

    Ray’s article lists Robinson at 6’8, 205 lbs. Is this accurate?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I think both are high but the important part is that he’s growing.

  • Kenny

    have to credit Beilein and his staff for spotting the potential of that skinny kid a summer ago. Beilein has been right more often than wrong on under the radar recruits.

    • Beast1530

      Don’t forget about Tim Hardaway Jr. He lives in the same area as Miami(FL) and Miami didn’t bother offering him because they didn’t think he has the skills to play in the power 6 conference. I bet they’re kicking themselves for not offering Hardaway which he probably could’ve stayed home. It’s their loss while it’s Michigan’s gain. Good thing he emerged as a legitimate all conference player for next season and a potential all-american candidate.

  • georgeesq.

    Haney barely scored for Eastern last season as a soph. I wondered what the hoopla was about him, altho Eastern did have a very strong squad, including Henton. Maybe AAU ball will tell more.

    • MAS

      Eastern is a very good team but one reason why Haney doesn’t touch the ball that much is Cha Cha loves to dribble.

  • MAS

    Steve Bell, just wanted to answer your Robicaud question. The reason they were 11-8 is because they are one of the worst coached teams. The run nothing that even attempts to look like an offense. It is to bad too because they actually have a good amount of talent on that team.

  • Vigorish

    Saw one of the IL kids play this weekend. That Hill kid has a very nice game. Scored 31 on Chicago MeanStreets and averaged 25 or 26 for the tournament. Looks like he’s a legit 6’5′ with nice handle. Definite 2-guard. Very polite kid too.

  • KJay

    Are we recruiting Chris Jenkins?

    • Dylan Burkhardt
      • KJay

        Thanks Dylan. What I should have said is, given the Stauskas commit, are we still recruiting Chris Jenkins?

        Do you think he’d be a higher priority than a big or even another ballhandler assuming Morris leaves next year and a schollie is available for 2012?