Video: Carlton Brundidge at All-Michigan Classic

Dylan Burkhardt

Here’s a short video of Carlton Brundidge at the Under Armour All-Michigan Classic. The event featured almost all of Michigan’s top seniors and Brundidge’s team came away with the victory. Obviously the intensity level in these games isn’t the highest but Carlton showed off a little elevation and also sported a Michigan t-shirt in warmups. Thanks again to Michigan Prep Stars for supplying the video.

  • JD

    It’s a shame they make those kids wear that ugly green.

    • Paul

      right on

  • billiam

    Sparties evil influence at work!

  • ScottGoBlue

    Good court vision, good passing, good ups, knocks down the 3.

    I think we can put him to good use.

  • georgeesq.

    First time I’ve seen him dunk.

  • Stevie

    I hope he gets the number 4 so I can call him CB4.

    • Sam

      I hope he doesn’t get number 4…that would probably mean bad things on another front.

      • Charles

        Yeah I don’t think Stevie thought that one through thoroughly…

        • Stevie

          I don’t get the Big Ten network so I wouldn’t have to worry about it as much. Plus Doyle McPoyle has probably never seen CB4 anyway.

          • Charles

            Stevie….Darius Morris wears number 4 now. So if CB got it, it could only be because D-Mo is no longer a member of the team(i.e went pro)

  • ShockTheWorld

    Looks like a more athletic Sheldon Mack to me…I like that.

    • ShockTheWorld

      Shelvin* Mack

      • billiam

        *bowling ball.

  • Paul

    I’m glad I didn’t spend my time/$$ going to that game. It was pretty much just an offensive game like all all-star games

  • Mattski

    I like the quick pass to #24 at the 51 second mark–is there some English on that thing? I’ll also bet that most of the baby fat will be off him half way through next season; the guy is going to be a B10-ready boulder.

  • AG2

    Is Shurna serious about the NBA Draft? As for Harrison Barnes and Doron Lamb, I think its safe to say UNC and Kentucky are preseason 1-2 now.

    • Beast1530

      UNC is definitely the favorite to be preseason #1. Kentucky is a strong contender for #2 with another stacked recruiting class.

      As of now, my preseason top 10 are:

      1. UNC
      2. Kentucky
      3. Duke
      4. OSU
      5. Louisville
      6. Syracuse
      7. UCLA
      8. UConn
      9. Kansas
      10. Michigan

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        I think you have to have OSU No. 3 and I’m not ready to put Michigan in the top 10 yet.

        • Beast1530

          We’ll see because OSU has no depth behind Sullinger. Lauderdale is a big loss because of his ability to rebound and block shots. Amir Williams is raw.

          Hard to see how teams is going to do because they lose a lot of key players.

  • Erik

    Is it just me, or does his 3pt form look kind of odd? He really leans into it and has a low release point. I hope they can fix that so he doesn’t get blocked at UofM.

  • Justin

    Limited video, but no way he should be ranked higher than Burke.

  • I agree Dylan. Despite the naysayers, CB has gone up against some of the elite players in the Nike League: Marques Teague (Kentucky), Austin Rivers (Duke), Tony Wroten (Washington), Trey Burke (Michigan) and put up big numbers. All of these players coaches after the matchup called CB a “beast”. So all the CB haters on this website, it does not matter what you think or say, the coaches who have witness him take it to their players know that he can play. It strange how someone on the Minnesota website talks about CB being an impact player in the B10, yet people on this website can not see the forest for the Trees. I know for a fact that MSU would take him without question. The kid had so many offers and he chose Michigan despite the horrible record. Trey Burke’s decision to come to Michigan (read Detnews) was because of Brundidge and his respect for his game which he saw during the Nike EYBL league last summer.

    • Mattski

      Haven’t seen anyone hating on Brundidge, Still, but I too am surprised there hasn’t been more enthusiasm. Doesn’t matter, though; soon it will be time to do it on the court.

  • Long Ranger

    Brundidge and Burke will be great together. Burke a natural point that can score like a two guard and Brundidge a natural two that can run the point. They both will relieve pressure from D-Mo and help spread the floor. Burke finished the eybl finals at #6 in scoring. We are in the right direction with our program. Both are underrated.

  • Justin

    I don’t have anything against Brundidge, I just think Trey looks like a small player with elite skills everywhere except size. I don’t see those skills in Brundidge but somebody with a great rep and bigger size.

    It is fun to speculate, that’s all, and my speculation is that next year and over the next four years, Burke will be better. We should do a poll or something because this seems to be a hot topic right now: who’s better?