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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Gary

    Dylan – The link explaining guarantee games lead me to pop-up hell with multiple pages that I couldn’t get out of without exiting my browser (Safari).

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Ah sorry. I didn’t get any. It’s nothing too exciting, just an explanation of that NCAA posting site.

  • Mattski

    Am I misreading the situation if I interpret Darius’ recent remarks as suggesting he’s a little more serious than, to now, was commonly assumed? I know it is widely felt there will be a lockout next year, this seen as a reason by many that players should stay in school. But could the reverse be the case–w. kids and families anxious to at least cash in a little now?

    • MHoops1

      How would they cash in if there’s a lockout? Teams won’t sign even first round picks until the new CBA parameters are set, let alone second round picks, and they’ve already announced there will be no summer league? Unless you’re talking about advances from agents to players, I don’t see it.

      That said, I think Darius is serious about the possibility of going this year–IF he gets a first round grade or a team guarantees him that he’ll be picked by that organization in the first round. I don’t think either of those is very likely, which is why I think he’ll be back, but if he’s sure to be a first rounder, I suspect he’ll go, and that would be a very reasonable decision, lockout or no lockout. However, the tenor of his dad’s comments suggests that they too believe that he’s not going to get the assurances necessary to justify the risk of coming out early.

      • Eric

        Sorry to be a pessimist, but I really have an eerie feeling that Darius is going to go pro. I feel like his family, especially his brother, really has it stuck in their mind for some reason. I hope to God I am wrong, but it seems like he is much more serious than we thought about potentially leaving.

        • JB…

          anyone know the deadline for his draft decision? Thanks.

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            April 24th to enter. May 8th to withdraw.

        • MHoops1

          He might well go, but nobody from the family side has yet indicated that he’ll go even if he’s likely a second round pick. It’s also possible he’ll declare, participate in a workout or two before May 8, and make the decision based on those workouts. Overall though, the linked interview with his dad is much more favorable towards staying than the one with his brother three weeks ago, and the fact that the first site to attract the family’s attention––has reclassified him to 2012 is a plus. I wouldn’t bet the first born on him staying, but I think it’s more likely than not.

      • Mattski

        Thanks. Don’t know anything about how NBA contracts work, so that helps clarify. If there were a draft, I assumed, there might be signing bonuses, some guaranteed income, etc. And if it looked like salaries could drop after a long, bitter fight. . .

      • Nick

        I’ve been looking at quite a bit to see where this site has him. They have him as the first pick in the second round in 2012. Hopefully D-Mo checks this site!

        • homeslice jones

          Not only does he check the site, he confirmed (to the DetNews I believe) that it was and is one of the main data points in his final decision. It had him in the second round of the 2011 draft for a few weeks, but has now bumped him back to the 2012 draft; this may be why some people are feeling more confident that he’ll return to Ann Arbor. It certainly makes me feel better.

  • Kevin in GR

    I live about 2 min from the main location of the Grand Rapids Storm Classic…….Can anyone help me out as far as to what players (and the team they play for) to watch for who have some UM interest?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Find schedules here:

      A lot of the big time 13s will be in action.

      Michigan Mustangs 16U (Roster) featuring Derrick Walton and Steve Haney.

      Team Detroit 16U (Roster) featuring Monte Morris, Denzel Watts and Leo Edwards.

      Morris, Walton and Watts are probably the top three PGs in the state for 2013 so definitely worth a watch.

      You also want to check out REACH and the Mustangs 17s as well. I’m not positive if Bank Hoops is there but they have Dontel Highsmith (2013 playing up) and Sean Sheldon as well.

      • ACB/Bank Hoops won’t … they need to rest, or something. Various parts will be playing with ACB or Parallel 45, hopefully Dontel is there … or not, he’s one who could actually use the time off.

      • Kevin in GR

        Great, thanks for the info! I am going to try to make it over there to catch some of it.

        • A couple more 13s, worth checking out in GR, Josh Kozinski with Mustangs and Luke Ryskamp with ACB.

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            Yeah. That was by no means a complete breakdown of the schedule… Just a couple notes after one run through. Thanks for adding.

  • gpsimms

    anyone else see this on mgoblog:

    this is dylan’s next tweet, and i totally agree with it:

    “ACC teams how did you to happen. Painter staying with a hard but saw from scholarship, per AAU tourney!”

    • ZRL

      I got this gem from BA:

      “Huh? HALOL!! I love it. The Randy Wise Automotive Group! Go Blue! Don’t say ouch? Maybe I’m very hard.”

      • Trevor

        Whoa, let’s keep it PG Bacari. #HALOL

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Peedi was named the D-League rookie of the year

    • Kenny

      hope that he will make NBA soon, otherwise he really should go back to play overseas where he can get a real paycheck.

  • Kainkitizen

    Some very interesting info for Tax Day!!! I live in Grand Rapids also, but no time to go see the b-ball expo. Wish i did to give my input for you all. When was the last time we all had this much post-season excitement for the next season?? I have forgotten what it feels like!! Have a great weekend my fellow Michigan Basketball Fans!!!

  • C weezy

    Do you have a link of what Crisler Arena is going to look like ? Not just the practice facility

    • georgeesq.

      I don’t think there is one yet.

  • Brian W

    Here’s a couple of videos of Mark Donnal dunking…

    Here’s a video with Dontel Highsmith. It’s the archived game for Dowagiac vs. Muskegon Heights in the Class B state semifinals. Dontel Highsmith is number 3 in white. He had 14 points in the game.

  • TheYooper

    Does anybody understand this? I mean I love Manny, but this is just random.

    • Sam

      It’s just talking up Manny’s game. Someone needs to make a video for it haha.

  • Mitchigan

    Not that we didn’t know it already, but it really worked out for Michigan having Coach Mike Jackson leave. Not sure if you guys saw this yet, but he resigned a couple of days ago. So excited for next year….Go Blue! Dylan what odds do you have on Darius leaving?

  • Ian

    PLEASE at UNC! I could get tickets!

  • JD

    This may sound weenie, but I’d rather play Wake, Georgia Tech or FSU.

    Something that still sounds like a “name” team but a likely victory for us. UNC is probably going to be the Preseason #1 with Zeller, Henson and maybe even Barnes returning. We’ll have tough enough opponents in Hawaii and I’d rather meet the Tar Heels in the Sweet 16 or something like that.

    Also- I’m guessing the powers that be would choose to match up the schmucknuts with UNC anyway. That would be the marquee match-up with all the big names returning.

  • MiamiWolv

    Wake or Georgia Tech would blow. There is nothing to be gained by playing a horrible ACC team.