Video: Sean Sheldon at Motown Showdown

Dylan Burkhardt

2012 big man Sean Sheldon doesn’t receive as much exposure in Northern Michigan but he quietly continues to develop into a solid prospect. He played well at the Motown Showdown, leading ACB/Bank Hoops to an upset over the Michigan Mustangs in pool play, and is one to watch this summer. A number of major-conference schools traveled up to see Sheldon play this winter including Michigan, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Iowa, Oklahoma State, Xavier, USC and Penn State but right now he holds offers from Central Michigan, Lehigh, Miami-OH, Toledo, William and Mary, Western Michigan and Wright State.

Kudos to Michigan Prep Stars for providing the film.

  • Bluebufoon

    It will be interesting how hot Sheldon’s recruitment gets this summer, but a kid with the ability to score with either hand around the basket and who can step-out and hit the 15-18 foot jumper– plus this kid is a good athlete. Although I like McGary’s game better, I’d be very happy if Michigan took Sheldon but do we really need Sheldon after signing Bielfeldt and the three other bigs already on the roster ?

  • Tweeter

    Not loving the video. Definitely seems like he is a smaller, slightly quicker, but no more vertically-athletic version of Bielfeldt. But I am also not sure he has the ball skills that Bielfeldt has. Maybe its just this video as this is the first one I have seen of this kid. If there were not five bigs in the two classes ahead of him, perhaps I would be more intrigued. Right now for me to get hyped about a 2012 big, he better blow my doords off.

    • ToBlav

      You have doords? Sorry I couldn’t resist. Actually I find your posts to be among the more worthwhile quite often.

      • Tweeter

        oops. I really should proofread my posts. Thank you for both comments.

        • gpsimms

          well he had doords, but they were blown off by trey burke’s video

          • Tweeter

            i do love me some Trey Burke video

  • mitch

    He reminds of Michael Bramos. Not a highly recruited, but had a really solid college career. Personally, I think we can do better.

  • Brian W

    U-M’s property disposition department is auctioning off the sideline clock tables from Crisler Arena through Ebay. It’s currently at $455 with a little less than 15 hours to go on the auction.

  • Colby

    If Morris’s ship does open up does JB target a big man for 2012? Seems like he is targeting McGary but wouldn’t that create quite a logjam? Probably will take a PG in 13 so does that leave a wing or perhaps a combo 3/4?

    • IIRC, ’13 should be a great class for point guards.

      • MikeSal

        With all of the names like Perry Jones, Zeller, Henson, possibly Barnes staying in school…it’s starting to look like nobody wants to come out early for the draft…does that push DMO’s projected pick up higher? Does it make him think twice about coming out? His decision is getting more intriguing by the day. IMO he still should stay but this info could change what they tell him

  • FL Wolve

    I like the Sheldon video. I would prioritize McGary as well but I wouldn’t be upset with a Sheldon commitment. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Sheldon ended up being just as good as Costello when it’s all said and done.

  • wayman britt

    I hate to stereotype, but I always worry about high school players who come out of small high schools who want to play in the Big Ten. Unless they are in a league with other larger schools or play a majority of class A or B schools, the competition is just not there. They may have gaudy stats and look impressive, but you always need to measure the level of their competition.

    • billiam

      THJ would like to talk to you.

      • Stevie

        How does Hardaway apply to what Wayman said? Timmy went to a big school and played against good competition on a regular basis.

        • FL Wolve

          My recollection is that Hardaway went to a very small private school in Florida and played relatively weak competition which is why some people questioned the gaudy stats he was putting up as a senior.

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            Palmetto, where he attended his soph-senior seasons, is a big public school in Miami. He averaged 31 and 7 or something like that during his senior year and I think people might have questioned the talent level in Miami a bit but he did go to a large school.

            Darius Morris played private school ball and won a state championship (and I think player of the year) at the smallest level of California high school ball. He might be a better example.

  • grandchamp

    Costello would have been so perfect in Michigan’s offense. It’s a shame that he made the wrong choice and will fizzle out like all of the other big men that go to that school.

  • Sood

    Are those pictures all over the walls of that gym? If so, pretty cool.

    • Jay W. Jensen

      Those are actually framed Sports Illustrated covers all over the walls. It was at Joe Dumars’ Fieldhouse at the state fairgrounds in Detroit. Pretty cool.

  • JD

    Cool looking gym, wherever it is.