Video: Zak Irvin at Shootout

Dylan Burkhardt

Thanks to our friends Alex Bozich and Joe Eberhardt from Inside the Hall for passing along these videos of Zak Irvin at the Shootout. They shared some footage of Irvin in action along with a video interview after the jump.

  • JB…

    Cody Larson, the decommit from Iowa we were interested in, got arrested and suspended from Florida basketball. Sounds like a kid who can’t stay out of trouble. Why didn’t he play this past season?

  • mitch

    Am I the only one who thought that Zak Irvin was going to be white?

  • Bluebufoon

    Larson was red-shirted to get bigger and stronger, Florida was loaded on the frontline this past season. I’m all for giving kids second chances but don’t see how Billy Donovan can keep either of these two players, because this act was premeditated.

  • Jim Sampson

    Zak Irvin has a full offer from Baylor. He got it when he was on Baylor’s campus last Fall. He doesn’t have “interest” from Baylor, but a full offer.