Austin Hatch: “Michigan is probably No. 1 right now”

Dylan Burkhardt

bilde[1]The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel published a feature story on Canterbury’s Austin Hatch today. Hatch averaged 23.3 points and 9.3 rebounds per game as a sophomore while guiding Canterbury to at 17-5 record. Reporting his measurables at 6-foot-6 and 214 pounds, Hatch has begun to draw interest from numerous college programs including Michigan, Purdue, Notre Dame, Indiana, Illinois and Virginia. Michigan appears to be the preliminary leader in his recruitment:

“Michigan is probably No. 1 right now,” he said. “They’ve shown the most interest in me, and I’m most interested in them, especially with their academics. Coach Beilein is a great coach, and they have a great group of guys and a great coaching staff.”

For more on Hatch, make sure to read the full News-Sentinel profile.

Michigan won’t extend offers to sophomore prospects until June 15th but Hatch appears to be one of several 2013 wing prospects in that class which could receive an offer. Some of those other wing prospects on the Michigan radar include Zak Irvin, Steven Haney, James Young, Bo Zeigler and EC Matthews.

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  • Maize Rage Grad

    First time posting on here for recruiting, but how is the competition Hatch faces? Those numbers he puts up are insane for a sophomore…

    The player from Troy that we should watch is 2014 wing Maceo Baston. His dad has him on the right track and he’s got great work ethic. He’s been to many Michigan games in the past few years with his dad and from what I heard he’s a big UM fan. Playing alongside Young will get him a LOT of exposure and I hope we can get him when he graduates.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Hatch plays class A ball in Indiana, the smallest division.

      • ToBlav

        But it points out in the article that his team has played bigger schools and he has not had a preformance drop off when they have.

    • Camo

      There is another maceo baston!?!

    • MAS

      I would hope his dad is a big UofM fan.

  • Jay W. Jensen

    Good post and good info about Hatch.

  • MiamiWolv

    Is Hatch a top 100 level prospect?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Probably not right now. Still early though, this summer will be key for 2013s.

  • mitch

    Maceo is going to be a player. He’s only about 6’2 right now but he’s a freshman. He has huge hands and feet so Im thinking he’ll be about 6’8 or 6’9 by the time he finally fills out. James Young is the top player in Michigan for 2013. He’s currently a State fan though.

    • jmblue

      Assuming he has a good relationship with his father, that last part should be rectified.

      • Kenny

        the last part is about Young not Maceo Jr. As much as i would like to see Maceo Jr wearing maize and blue some day, it is too early to know what he turns out to be.

    • MAS

      James Young is a very good player but what makes him the top player? He played by far the weakest comp out of the top 2013 players. If he played in Lansing, Flint Sag area or Detroit his numbers would be cut in half.

  • mitch

    The OAA is not a bad league. He also dominates on the AAU circuit. He just has the size and skills you dont see in a 15 year old.

    • MAS

      Actually it is a bad league unless you are in the conference with the good teams which Troy was not. If he played in the same conference as Southfield his numbers would not be close to what they are. Also last year his AAU teammate EC Mathews was considered the best player on the Family’s 15. Not knocking him as a player but he is not the best 2013 and I’ve haven’t even heard any of the local talent evaluators have him in the top 3.

  • mitch

    Its not just about the numbers he puts up. Im not sure who the local evaluators are (Markowski and the Swami are a joke), but he’s about to blow up even more after this AAU circuit. Really, it doesn’t matter who the top soph or junior is. Its about being at the top after your senior year, and I just think James will be there.

  • Pritchard_natalie26

    let god be with you austin:)