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Dylan Burkhardt
  • The Greg Kampe Show: 3/21/11
    You probably don’t want to listen to an hour long podcast about Oakland basketball but there’s one takeaway from Kampe here: “Our schedule is completely blown up. There’s nothing for sure in our schedule right now. Even the Michigan game at the Palace, there are some issues with the date on that. Michigan has the chance to play Texas on the same day.
    Obviously potential opponents’ radio shows aren’t the best source for scheduling information, but this is at least one possibility to keep an eye on. Michigan already travels to Maui (Duke, Georgetown, Kansas, Memphis, Tennessee and UCLA round out that field) and will likely host a Big Ten-ACC Challenge game but John Beilein has mentioned that he wants to add another high profile major-conference game. Texas would fit the bill but I assume there are several other options being floated around as well.
  • Josh Bartelstein, Darius Morris, Zack Novak and Matt Vogrich were all named to Academic All-Big Ten team.
  • Notebook: Junior All-Star roster loaded with top players
    Glenn Robinson III named to the “core” team which features the first six choices by the committee. The Junior team will play the Senior team on June 6th and 8th.
  • Who’s in, who’s out of 2011 draft? (Insider)
    Chad Ford on Morris: “Morris may be the most improved college player in the country. He led the Big 10 in assists this season and has the size, floor vision and inside-outside game that NBA scouts covet in a guard. Morris isn’t an elite athlete and still needs to improve his 3-point stroke, but if he stays in the draft, he’s got a shot at the first round. The question for Morris is — just how much higher could he climb with another season at Michigan? A number of NBA scouts told that he needs to return to school to be a lock for the first round — perhaps even the lottery. Morris has until May 8 to decide whether he’ll stay in the draft.”
  • CROWN: Nick Stauskas interview by Drew Ebanks NPSAA March 19,2011
    Video interview with Stauskas talking Canadian hoops and much more (before his commitment).
  • The hands that guide: Trey Burke could see key minutes next season for the Michigan basketball team
    Mike Rothstein profiles Trey Burke
  • The athletic department has already sold more student tickets this off season than they sold last year.
  • Jalen Rose faces drunken driving charges in Michigan
    Never a good headline.
  • Signing Off
    KJ is officially out of the blogging game. Unfortunate. trey burkeThe hands that guide: Trey Burke could see key minutes next season for the Michigan basketball team

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  • billiam

    Not that stars are really that important, but does anyone know when the new star rankings for the services come out?

  • Tweeter

    interesting read over at Mgoblog. Brian breaks down the expected improvement from this year to next of Morgan, Hardaway and Smotrycz, by looking at former players that had similar freshman years and how their numbers improved/declined.

    He seems to come to the conclusion that Morgan and Hardaway are likely to tread water and put up similar overall numbers. While Smotrycz is the most likely to see a big jump.

    The numbers are interesting but I do not think you can evaluate what jump if any, the team will make based on the numbers of three players. Even if the most likely predictions end up true, the team itself could still be considerably better regardless of the invididual numbers.

    • Azad

      I would think Darius Morris is likely to score/distribute a little bit less on average next year simply because his minutes will be down, but he could certainly play much better. I find it a lot easier to discuss improved skills versus how it translates to the overall numbers.

      1) Will Morgan improve his back to the basket game/get more comfortable finishing with the left hand? Will he be able to stay out of foul trouble with more frequency?

      2) Will Hardaway Jr. become more effective off the dribble? Will he scratch the surface some more defensively (I personally think he had some stretches of solid defense this year)?

      3) Smotrycz is all about foot speed on the offensive and defensive end. Can he use the pump fake and first step to actually get to the basket and finish? Can he slide his feet well enough to stay in front of people and not get called for fouls on the perimeter? Can he provide better rebounding support?

      I don’t think we get these answers based on former players with similar freshman years, personally.

      • Mattski

        He did a good deal of crunching, but came away with very little. The biggest factor not taken into account, as he compared players across the country, was the system they played in. If Michigan were a one- or two-star team as we were in the Manny and DeShawn, you might expect a player like Hardaway to make a bigger leap. As it is, some of the pressure will be off of him on a fairly deep team. If Michigan distributes the ball well, and scores from all spots, most or all those comparisons are wutless. (As a junior, though, I could see Timmy being lights out.)

        What WAS interesting was how darned well the stats showed Morgan and Hardaway played THIS year, as freshmen. And you gotta credit Beilein and staff for that.

  • jmblue

    I’m confused about the NBA Draft deadline. Is May 8 the deadline to initially declare, or the deadline for those who have declared to pull out?

    • Tweeter

      Underclassmen must declare by april 24. May 8 is the date by which they must withdraw in order to maintain college eligibility.

  • srk

    Thanks for the great info, as always!

    I hope to hear more sometime soon on the schedule and scope of work with the Player Development Center and Crisler.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Josh Bartelstein, Darius Morris, Zack Novak and Matt Vogrich are all Academic All-Big Ten.

    • Tweeter

      Great for all of them. Its also pretty funny as I remember reading a post over at mlive (i know god save my soul), where a guy claimed that he knew for certain that Darius was in trouble academically and may be ineligible after this season.

      • Tyler

        Im pretty sure I saw the same thing. Mlive kinda blows now. I enjoy talking with opposing fans but you always seem to run into the naive ones on the both sides there.

    • Gary

      Congrats to Josh, Darius, Matt, and Zack!

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Painter staying at Purdue according to numerous national and local Indiana media.

    • Gary

      Good news for Purdue and for Big 10 fans.

  • Jeff

    I thought Beilein had said that Morris hadn’t even put his name in for the draft. Is Ford saying he has? Obviously, he can still withdraw it.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I think that part of it is based on the earlier Freep report. Posted it more for a report on Morris’ draft standing.

      • Jeff

        Yeah, upon closer inspection, Ford references Morris’ brother (from the Freep article) saying Morris would declare for the draft. It’s obvious Ford has no idea if Morris has declared. I assume, at this point, Morris still hasn’t declared, and what Beilein said earlier (that he’s finding out where he stands) is correct.

  • Beast1530

    Why does anybody notice that Texas is a possible opponent for Michigan? Michigan will have a brutal non-conference schedule next season. Maui invitational, ACC/Big Ten challenge(most likely top 3 ACC team, maybe UNC) and possibly Texas. Good way to boost SOS rankings. I expect the Big 10 to be down compared to this year since a lot of teams will lose a lot of key players. OSU should be the favorite with Michigan as a darkhorse.

  • Kenny

    What will really interesting over this summer is how Beilein implement new ball screening offense with two post. Below are all the reasons to believe that a new offense is coming:
    1. huge success executing pick and roll by Morris and Morgan this season
    2. Lavel Jordan, essential part of Butler’s ball screening offense when it first arrives in college basketball
    3. Beilein mentioning ball screening when talking about Brundidge
    4. The addition of Brundidge and Burke, quick guards who can shoot and go to the rim
    5. Bieltfeld and McLimans working at 4, not typical Beilein 4 but who can shoot and roll.
    6. Beilein being an innovator and a X&O genius

    • Mattski

      Great summary.

    • Azad

      Don’t forget also Tim Hardaway Jr.’s success in the pick and roll with Morgan…

  • Mason

    Here’s some good news: CBS is going back to the Luther Vandross version of “One Shining Moment.” I hope we get more face time this year than Blake Griffin dunking over LLP for a fifth of a second.

    • JimC

      Yeah, DMo’s feed and Stu’s dunk vs TN would be nice.

      • Mason

        “Feel the wind in your face” :-)

  • Brian W

    According to the Detroit News, Trey Burke was named as a second team Parade All-American. It was buried in an article about Amir Williams, which is why I didn’t link it.

    How is Texas as a state for basketball prospects? The last recruits that I can think of Michigan picking up from Texas were Ray Jackson, Jimmy King and Rich McIver. Playing UConn helped raise Michigan’s profile on the East Coast, so I’m guessing that Michigan playing Texas would do the same down there, especially since the football team will be playing in Texas Stadium… Ray Jackson still lives in Texas, so it would be a shorter trip for him to watch U-M play.

    • Mason

      Daniel Horton was from Cedar Hill, too, i think. But you’re right. Some visibility in Texas could be a very good thing.

      • Kenny

        Bobby Crowford, a fab five era player who later transferred to Rice, also from Texas.

        • Brian W

          Thanks Mason and Kenny. I forgot about those two. It will be cool if they end up playing Texas.

    • georgeesq.

      I think that Maceo Baston was also from Texas.

      • Raoul

        Yes–Baston was born in Corsicana, Texas, and played high school ball in Dallas.

        There was also Brandon Smith from Amarillo, Texas, who played three seasons (1997-2000) at Michigan before transferring, ironically enough, to San Diego State (he had been recruited to U-M by Steve Fisher but never played for him).

    • Mattski

      Wouldn’t want to live there, but if we iz take all their playaz. . .

  • Will Wheaton

    The parade all american teams are loaded with high level prospects…I suspect that Trey Burke’s rankings will shoot up once the updates come out. If they don’t, I don’t really care because his skill set is what we need, he wants to play at michigan, he was Mr. Ohio basketball, etc. I’m just happy that this team’s future looks very bright.

  • Kainkitizen

    I was going to add Jerod Ward for Texas recruits but, I took another look on the internet and Jerod was from Clinton, Mississippi. Fab Five Part 2 was mighty alright. To bad Jerod was injured so much. That team was another final 4 Michigan bound team. Travis Conlan was part of the 2nd five with Willie Mitchell, Maceo Baston, and Mo Taylor. Danial Horton was the last recruit from Texas.

    • Kenny

      I wish Jerod were 15 years younger and on this team. Fisher was never able to tap into his talent. But as a more athletic and skilled version of Smotryzs, he could really flourish under Beilein.

      • georgeesq.

        Knee problems robbed Ward of his athleticism, which was not that special anyway. He had a rep as an outstanding three point shooter in high school, but that never really materialized at Michigan. I’d take Smotrycz over Jerod.

  • Paul
    • Tweeter

      not for us. At least I would doubt it. I dont believe that Gibson ever got an offer from Michigan prior to his Dayton commit, so I would be surprised if that changed if he did reopen things. Not to mention we already took a big who is being projected to play the 4 in this class. MSU may go after him, but I have a feeling they are holding out hope for a guy in the 2012 class.

  • mitch

    Gibson is not a high level player. The News had him averaging 21 points a game. I dont know how that is possible, looking at box scores every week when he would be in the low teens or single digits. I think thats some of that PSL stat keeping. He just has good size for a HS player. He would not be a good fit at UM.

    Its kinda funny to hear some of those Texas names from the past. I was trying to remember who that was with his arm around C. Webb in that Fab 5 doc. It was McIver.

    • Joe

      I will say Percy Gibson had a very good year. I saw him in the playoffs against Jalen Reynolds who is going to Xavier. Even though Southeastern also has MSU commit Brandan Kearney, Gibson was the best player on the floor. He dominated in the low block. He was the reason Southeastern won that game.

      • Paul

        Joe – agreed. He blew up in the state HS playoffs, scoring 35 one game and 29 in another with 15+ rebounds if memory serves correct. He’s also 6’9, 240+, plenty big enough to play in the Big 10

    • Johnnyumfan

      Percy Gibson would of been a perfect fit as a backup 5 for Morgan at Michigan. I have seen him play several times. He has good post moves, a soft touch around the basket, a good FT shooter, a good rebounder and decent shot blocker. My only guess UM didn’t offer him was because of grade issues. The Detroit Public School system is a train wreck academically.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        Gibson is a nice productive five man. He committed early before he landed many high major offers. It seems like everytime I see him play he fills up the stat sheet. I think size is the issue there, he’s likely a true five man but definitely isn’t his listed 6-foot-9. Would have been interesting if he was on the open market this season and hadn’t committed early.

  • Steve A

    Coach B is recruiting a different kind of player than Fisher or the others did. He is not that interested in a 1 & done player off to the NBA that may have character issues, (I’m not saying he’d say no to a McDonalds All American). He wants kids of character that will represent both the team & the university well that he still sees talent in. He wants to develop these kids, hes all about “Team…team…team!”…not, “Me…me ….me.” I love what he is doing!, Go Blue!

    • Paul